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  • GIS Cloud Advanced Course and new certification opportunities!

    20. Jan 2022

    A new year brings a new round of GIS Cloud Advanced Courses and a new certification opportunity!   Our team of expert consultants and support specialists is always just a message, email, or call away to make sure all your questions are answered, but if you’re looking for an in-depth program that will help you master…

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  • Unique Values in Data Collection Forms – New Feature Release

    19. Jan 2022

      To further ensure the quality of the data you’re collecting in the field, we have added yet another feature to our Mobile Data Collection and Map Editor applications called Unique values!   This feature enables users to avoid any duplicate data from being collected by defining which form items or columns in your table…

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  • Webinar Recording – Turn your QGIS map into a data collection project

    09. Dec 2021

      Last year we released a new QGIS Publisher which turned out to be a game-changer for a lot of our existing customers. But we didn’t stop there. Since then, we had a lot of new version updates that improved the tool significantly and helped users uncover new workflows that they thought were not possible…

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  • Manage Your Geospatial Data Live with GIS Cloud and Desktop Integration

    18. Nov 2021

      Spatial data integrity with WMS and WFS – setting up “Single Source of Truth” environments   Talking to our customers, we found that there’s a whole range of different users that benefit from having an online GIS system in place, but many of them still use a desktop GIS solution, such as QGIS for…

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  • Turn your QGIS map into a data collection project – FREE Webinar

    11. Nov 2021

      Last year we released a new QGIS Publisher which turned out to be a game-changer for a lot of our existing customers. But we didn’t stop there. Since then, we had a lot of new version updates that improved the tool significantly and helped users uncover new workflows that they thought were not possible…

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  • Create a custom dashboard using the GIS Cloud API

    21. Oct 2021

      Author: Marko Polovina, Frontend Developer at GIS Cloud     Spatial planning can be hard without a dashboard application where we can connect our map with filters, graphs and tables. Using GIS Cloud API in the Map Portal application we will show you how to create your custom dashboard and enable better data overview…

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  • Introducing Super-fast High Definition Maps!

    01. Oct 2021

        We are excited to announce a major update on our map engine technology! Maps are now rendered at high quality utilizing every pixel on screen to deliver crisp rendering of geometry and labels.   Besides providing stunning map visuals, this update significantly improves speed in rendering large amounts of map features and provides…

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  • Beekeeping and Reforestation in Response to Climate Change – WeForest (Case Study)

    16. Sep 2021

        In response to climate change, WeForest promotes forest landscape and ecosystem restoration in their projects. As a part of the Katanino Forest Restoration Project, they provided an alternative source of income from forest-friendly activities such as beekeeping and tree nurseries!   With the help of GIS Cloud, they mapped the beekeeping areas and…

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  • Optimizing Operations with Online GIS in Sustainable Forestry (case study)

    02. Sep 2021

      Gozdno gospodarstvo Les from Ljubljana, Slovenia manages over 2000 ha of the estate consisting of forests. It is largely owned privately with few exceptions of company-owned forests. Using online GIS, they have complete IT support for their core business – planning, marking the trees to be felled, harvesting and selling the round wood.   …

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  • Managing Recyclable Waste With Online GIS

    19. Aug 2021

      Our Partners NubiGroup from Greece helped the “GreenPoint – Mob” project collect the data on mobile waste containers in remote areas in different countries and create a spatial database on waste and recycling bins, as well as monitor the status of the “GreenPoint-Mob” containers. This significantly improved waste management, saving the project time and…

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  • GIS Cloud Services

    08. Jul 2021

      To ensure your success while using GIS Cloud platform, we are launching GIS Cloud Services!   Having an abundant portfolio of diverse GIS apps that are easily customizable, as well as a rich API allowing you to integrate or develop your own solutions within GIS Cloud, we decided it is time to put our…

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  • Roadwork Maintenance and Consulting With Online GIS And Power BI Integration – Case Study

    01. Jul 2021

      With Power BI and GIS Cloud Integration InfraTrace follows the everyday success of their Roadworks Maintenance projects and InfraGreen-Biochar projects throughout the years.    They use Recycling Asphalt Binder as a valuable material for road maintenance and they have also developed Biochar, an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. They empowered team communication and…

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  • GIS For Consultants – Become a GIS Cloud Partner!

    08. Jun 2021

        GIS Cloud is one of the leading cloud-based (online) GIS providers in the world!    We work with numerous global companies and organizations coming from different backgrounds and industries. Primarily, those industries base their data on a location component. We dare to say that more than 80% of their data is location-based! Across the globe,…

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  • Using GIS Cloud With External Databases

    20. May 2021

      Author: Jonathan Stanger, Phd Spatial Partners, Australia – GIS Cloud partner     Using GIS Cloud out-of-the-box provides most users with a cloud mapping application that fits all their business needs. While all platforms have limitations to their functionality, GIS Cloud is somewhat unique due to its willingness to offer integration opportunities via REST…

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  • Geomarketing and GIS for Real Estate: Finding Potential New Hotel Locations in Zagreb (Croatia)

    13. May 2021

      Ines Akrap, a Geoinformatics student at the University of Zagreb, created this case study and wrote the accompanying text on creating a geomarketing map using GIS Cloud and QGIS applications.   Location Is The Most Important Thing in Marketing   This interactive map aims to help potential investors analyze and visualize the possible locations…

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  • Online GIS In Road Work Inspections And Maintenance

    06. May 2021

      GIS technology has been enabling the Road Work Industry since the early beginnings. It is proven that the power of location enhances operational efficiency.  Online GIS helps you obtain different data from different systems into a single easy-to-use platform.    You will start using smart custom maps to plan, manage and maintain your road infrastructure to…

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  • Data Management in Viticulture Using Online GIS (Case study – Croatia)

    29. Apr 2021

        Ana Jantoš a Geography – GIS student from the University of Science in Zagreb wrote this case study to show how online GIS can make a crucial improvement in vineyard management. Besides creating an online database for inventory management and decision making, she states that GIS also helps to identify areas that can…

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  • Certified GIS Cloud Advanced Course

    08. Apr 2021

        Advanced Course is designed to offer deep and valuable insight into GIS Cloud workflows for more experienced platform users. Save your seat and become a certified GIS Cloud expert!    The intention is to introduce and demonstrate the diversity of advanced GIS Cloud app features to clients. The course is meant to power…

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  • Disaster Response and Risk Assessment in Vegetation Management – Use Case

    25. Mar 2021

      Recently we held an exciting webinar on Online Solution for Vegetation Management!    We touched upon some critical pain points of everyday vegetation management workflows and had an interesting poll where we found out that some companies still use paper forms or don’t collect their data in any way yet!     GIS Cloud…

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  • New Release – Share & Embed Maps From Your Custom Map Portal

    11. Mar 2021

      Map Portal is a customizable GIS Cloud application that gives you a public overview of your daily mapping efforts and helps you visualize, export and publish geospatial data. To make your map sharing even more convenient, we created a new user functionality to share a specific view of the map you need to convey to…

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  • Webinar Recording – GIS Cloud Solution for Vegetation Management

    04. Mar 2021

    Dear Vegetation Management Specialists, we are happy to announce that the recording of our highly anticipated webinar on Online Solution for Vegetation Management is here! In this webinar, our Growth Department team touched upon some of the critical pain points in everyday vegetation management workflow like: Work scheduling, prioritization and coordination Tree maintenance, disease and…

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  • Mapping Parking Zones, Garages and Free Parking in Zagreb (Croatia)

    24. Feb 2021

      Each year the number of cars in the city grows, causing traffic jams and lengthening the time spent looking for a parking place. That leads to dissatisfaction and stress among drivers.    Marija Milanović, geodesy student at the University of Zagreb, created an interactive Map Portal of parking zones and no fees parking spaces…

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  • New Release: Add Electronic Signature to Your Digital Forms!

    18. Feb 2021

      Our development team has been working on one of the key features for digital forms and delivered the Electronic Signature, an indispensable feature to support users in the field and make GIS Cloud solution for data collection even more powerful.   This form field allows you to capture an electronic signature on your survey…

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  • GIS Cloud Educational Workshop With Indigenous Mapping

    16. Feb 2021

    Introduction to Field Data Collection Empowering the Everday Workflow With Online GIS   We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the Firelight Group for an educational workshop session on their Indigenous Mapping Workshop platform, the largest international geospatial conference for Indigenous Nations and organisations on Indigenous-led geospatial research.     Firelight Group and…

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  • GIS Cloud Solution For Vegetation Management – Free Webinar!

    04. Feb 2021

      GIS Cloud is delighted to announce a free webinar and live demo with Q&A on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.    Join us in a step-by-step guide on the best field and office workflow with live examples, and learn how to organize your vegetation management, crew & job coordination within the GIS Cloud platform.   …

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  • New Year, New GIS Cloud Monthly Crash Courses!

    02. Feb 2021

        We are happy to announce a new series of Crash Courses in February, starting with:      Intro to Mobile Data Collection – February 4, 2021 – 3PM CET.   Intro to Map Editor – February 11, 2021 – 3PM CET.     The intention is to introduce the diversity of GIS Cloud…

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  • Top 10 Most Read Articles And The 2020 Review

    05. Jan 2021

      2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Despite the lockdowns, and earthquakes that affected our region in Southeastern Europe, we have been working diligently, to improve GIS Cloud platform and provide the best services for our users!   Throughout the year, our team has been focused on releasing a lot of…

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  • GIS Day Contest 2020 Winners!

    22. Dec 2020

      First of all, a huge THANKS to all of our 2020 GIS Day Contest participants!    We received many interesting applications and unique project ideas ranging from pollution risk assessments, monitoring reforestation activities, mapping trees to even developing electronic herbarium web mapping service.   This year’s goal was to promote initiatives that deal with vegetation…

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  • Vegetation Management For Electric Utilities

    10. Dec 2020

      Managing vegetation is crucial for the utility industries, especially for the power and electricity sector. Negligence to maintain vegetation results in destructive wildfires, and dangers of tree falling hazards on utility infrastructure. This brings considerable expenses to the budget and economic loss for both power companies and end customers, not to mention liability issues…

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  • GIS Day Contest 2020 – Apply Now

    17. Nov 2020

        While the Geoawareness week is in the full swing, thousands of Geogeeks worldwide focus on the importance of geography and celebrate the International GIS Day!   Like every year we are joining the celebration by launching yet another GIS Day Contest to promote initiatives and project ideas that influence advancement and sustainability in…

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  • Attach Media Files, Documents and Much More to Your Map Data in GIS Cloud

    13. Nov 2020

      GIS Cloud is a versatile platform and allows you to import and attach various files to your collected and imported data easily.   There are 2 ways to add files to your data. The first one is data collection with Mobile Data Collection app where you can add photo and audio files to your…

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  • GIS For Vegetation Management

    05. Nov 2020

      Every year vegetation management companies inspect vast amounts of areas where trees and different types of vegetation require care and trimming to avoid potential utility threats and other hazards, like fires or invasive species.    In some regions of the world, there are strict laws and guidelines that require vegetation maintenance to comply with…

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  • Spatial Visualization with Animated Graphs Using GIS Cloud Map Portal and D3.js

    29. Oct 2020

    Author: Marko Polovina, Frontend Developer at GIS Cloud     GIS Cloud API is, and always was, flexible and open for interaction with other frameworks and libraries. D3.js (Data-Driven Documents JS library) is not an exception. Using D3.js we are able to create interactive graphs and consequently better understand the data we are consuming.   …

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  • GIS Cloud is Launching Monthly Crash Courses! 

    23. Oct 2020

        Educational Crash Courses – Starting November 2020!   GIS Cloud had numerous educational workshops with clients and partners from around the globe. In our efforts to respond to such a huge interest and empower people with GIS knowledge, we are launching Monthly Crash Courses for our most popular apps!    The intention is…

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  • Mapping Water Taps to Ensure WASH Infrastructure and Safe Drinking Water for the Entire Population of Kumba (Cameroon)

    15. Oct 2020

      Ensuring safe and clean water for the people across Africa is one of the greatest problems on the continent. Water sources are often miles from towns and villages, so people are forced to spend hours each day simply finding and transporting potable water back to their homes.   In the city of Kumba (Cameroon),…

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  • Power Your Workflow With Online GIS Apps: From Data Collection To Collaboration And Sharing, Integrated With Desktop Solutions – Webinar Recording!

    30. Sep 2020

      On September 18th 2020 we held a live webinar in collaboration with Geospatial Awareness Hub on the topic of Powering Your Workflow With Online GIS Apps.    Igor Farkaš, our business Development and Partners Manager touched upon significant Desktop GIS challenges and how harnessing the powerful GIS Cloud platform and apps will help empower…

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  • Mapping Public Transportation after the Earthquake in Zagreb (Croatia)

    24. Sep 2020

        Martin Malović, Geography/GIS student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science made an interactive Map Portal with the help of GIS Cloud apps, representing changes in public transportation due to earthquake damages to facilitate daily movements for people in the city.   Maps that are created as a part of this project…

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  • GIS Cloud Online In-Depth Certificate Program – Apply For New Series Of Learning Sessions!

    17. Sep 2020

      We are continuing with the series of GIS Cloud Online Education Programs!   By now, we’ve had numerous educational workshops with our clients and partners from around the globe who have completed the program and received a Certificate for Online GIS Cloud Advanced Learning Program!    With this Certificate, you become a proper GIS…

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  • Power Your Workflow with Online GIS Apps from Data Collection to Collaboration and Sharing, Integrated with Desktop Solutions – Live Geospatial Awareness Webinar

    14. Sep 2020

      GIS Cloud is happy to announce a live and FREE webinar in partnership with GEOSPATIAL AWARENESS HUB on 18th September 2020, 7:30 PM IST (2:00 PM UTC.)   This is an international thriving platform dedicated to promoting geospatial technology through numerous workshops, meetups and education programs.    You can Register for the webinar on…

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  • COVID 19 Surveillance and Community Mapping Project Using a Real-time Web GIS Platform in Philippines

    08. Sep 2020

      COVID 19 is quickly spreading in the Philippines at an alarming rate. At this point, efforts to contain the virus depend on a contact tracing technology. The University of Cordilleras – Research and Innovation Office (UC-RIO) in Baguio City has developed a system powered by GIS that enables real-time reporting, inter-agency data sharing and…

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  • GIS Cloud Launches Learning Center!

    29. Jul 2020

          With the immense effort of our Customer Success and Support team, we have created a new and improved Learning Center that offers everything you need to know about GIS Cloud applications and platform!    There are plenty of new materials that will guide you step by step in creating a unique GIS…

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  • Use WFS and WMS to View and Edit GIS Cloud Data in Other Apps (New Release!)

    23. Jul 2020

      We are excited to announce a new feature release which allows you to consume your GIS Cloud data via Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS) in third-party apps! This will also significantly improve the workflow for anyone who wants to collect data in the field using Mobile Data Collection, and view…

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  • QGIS North America: Collect Field Data Directly into QGIS and Publish Maps Online

    15. Jul 2020

      Last year GIS Cloud was happy to participate in the QGIS North America 2020 virtual conference on July 24th. We presented the  GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS, and its possibility to publish QGIS maps online preserving symbology, and how to use WFS to consume and collect data directly into QGIS via GIS Cloud, in real time!   In our 20…

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  • Virtual Conference “Power-Ops Security Nigeria” presenting a case on: “Fighting Electricity Theft with GIS Cloud”

    14. Jul 2020

      A virtual conference “Power – Ops Security Nigeria” held by Agora Nexus in collaboration with GIS Cloud will be carried out on Wednesday 22nd July 12.00-13.30 (BST) / 13:00-14:30 (UTC) in Lagos. Uche Anyalewechi, Manager of GIS Projects at Enugu Electricity Distribution Plc will be leading a session on “Fighting Electricity Theft with GIS Cloud”. If…

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  • GIS Mapping and Benefits of Online Solutions

    02. Jul 2020

      GIS is a software that helps users create interactive smart maps that visualize spatial information and help make better and wiser business decisions that are important for the organization of work. Sometimes you can’t read your data and visualize it at the same time. GIS is the right solution to help you achieve that…

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  • Mapping Entire Liberia To Bring Clean Water to Everyone – GIS for NGOs (Case Study)

    25. Jun 2020

      Water is one of the Earth’s most valuable resources. Some of us take drinking water for granted, while millions of people across the globe can’t even imagine having everyday access to clean water. This is a success story about a project in Liberia that began in 2015, where nonprofits joined forces to map the…

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  • Connect External ORACLE Database – New GIS Cloud Release!

    09. Jun 2020

      We are happy to announce that our developers have implemented a new feature regarding external connections in our Database Manager. In the GIS Cloud Map Editor web application, it’s now possible to connect and view the data from your external ORACLE database!   So far, it has been possible to connect only the PostGIS database in GIS…

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  • Archive and Restore Maps – New GIS Cloud Release!

    26. May 2020

    We have great news regarding our Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection Portal web applications: From now on you can archive and restore your maps and projects!     Instead of the “Delete Map”, you will find a new “Archive Map” option. The idea is to give users the option and possibility to archive their maps…

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  • GIS Cloud Online In-Depth Certificate Program – Apply for new round of learning sessions!

    13. May 2020

      Last month we launched the first in a series of GIS Cloud online education programs, and we received more than 1300 applications from across the globe!   We thank you for all the kind words and praises about our online education program!    In our efforts to respond to such a huge interest and…

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  • Landslide Prediction Mapping for Safe Housing and Construction Planning Using GIS

    06. May 2020

      Landslides in the Kivu region (DRC, Africa) caused significant socio-economic destruction and have highly impacted the population. BEGE-RDC, a nonprofit organization, integrated its desktop and online workflow and created a heatmap with GIS Cloud apps that would emphasize the hotspots of the landslides and help predict development risks of this region.   How can mapping…

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  • GIS Cloud In-Depth Online Certificate Program: Enroll Now!

    09. Apr 2020

        GIS Cloud is launching a two-day in-depth online education program, starting on the 29th and 30th of April. An opportunity for non-GIS professionals as well as proven GIS practitioners, to extend their knowledge and become certified specialists in GIS Cloud solutions and technology!   As our contribution to the “stay at home” global initiative,…

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  • QGIS Plugin: GIS Cloud Publisher – Why we made it and what can You do with it? (Webinar Recording)

    02. Apr 2020

      Two weeks ago we held a live demo webinar about the QGIS plugin we recently released; the GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS. This plugin allows you to publish and update your QGIS maps online, preserving your symbology.    In this webinar recording (fill in the form below), you will learn how to easily transfer…

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  • STOP Corona! Crowdsourcing App Uses Heatmap Analysis to Predict Coronavirus Outbreaks

    27. Mar 2020

      Together with our partners, volunteers and organizations across the world, we launched the STOP Corona! App, to anonymously collect symptoms from the public! This crowdsourcing application is completely free, using location data and relying on people around the world to report their symptoms. The goal is to detect potential hotspots of the spreading of…

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  • GIS Cloud Offers Technology and Support for Free to Projects Fighting to Contain Coronavirus

    16. Mar 2020

      As we all know, Coronavirus is quickly spreading globally, and organizations and communities need to consume a lot of geospatial data changing from one minute to the other, to understand the patterns of the pandemic, and to plan how to organize staff and contain the virus.   In the last couple of days, some…

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  • QGIS Plugin: GIS Cloud Publisher – Why we made it and what can You do with it? (Webinar)

    12. Mar 2020

      A few weeks ago we released the GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS, a plugin that allows you to publish your QGIS maps online, preserving your symbology. You can continue working on your maps in GIS Cloud, share maps and data with colleagues, and easily update online maps with changes made to your QGIS project…

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  • Digital Transformation of Field Operations in a Water Utility Company Using GIS Cloud (case study)

    26. Feb 2020

      Digitizing the process of field data collection and infrastructure data management utilizing the GIS Cloud platform, Liburnian waters achieved a multilevel collaboration with local governments, increased their data accuracy, and reduced job timeframe by eliminating paper forms. The implementation of field inspection via surveys on mobile phones had the biggest impact on their workflow,…

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  • GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS Released!

    06. Feb 2020

      After extensive testing and listening to your ideas and needs, we are excited to present you with the GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS! This QGIS plugin allows you to transfer maps from QGIS to GIS Cloud in a matter of minutes, preserving your symbology. You can also update all changes to your QGIS maps…

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  • GIS Day Contest 2019 Winners

    16. Jan 2020

    We want to give a huge thank you to all the GIS Day Contest participants. There was an astounding number of fantastic project ideas that we believe can make an impact on local communities. This year, it was all about sustainable projects in the clean water and sanitation sector. We have noticed an immense need for…

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  • Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts In 2019

    14. Jan 2020

      We like to start the new year by revisiting our articles and see what the readers liked most. 2019 was packed with case studies, use cases and interesting student projects, from a couple of guides for using GIS in electric utilities, archeology and water industry to a tutorial on how to turn your map…

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  • Using Crowdsourcing to Restore the Historical City Center of Mantova, Italy (Case Study)

    05. Dec 2019

    The historical city center in Mantova, Italy, has been deteriorating for some time now. The buildings are not being properly maintained, and some of them are abandoned, despite the fact they are a cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. But the Municipality of Mantova is trying to fix things with an urban regeneration project, a coordinated…

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  • Apply for the GIS Day Contest 2019

    13. Nov 2019

    Win the award for the best mapping project idea by entering the GIS Day Contest 2019, open from November 13th to November 27th.     Every year, thousands of Geogeeks worldwide celebrate International GIS Day. We are also joining the celebration by launching another GIS Day Contest to promote initiatives and project ideas that influence…

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  • Webinar recording: GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS – Live Demo – UPDATE!

    03. Oct 2019

      When we posted this, GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS was in beta phase.   You had a chance to participate in a beta live demo where we showcased the Publisher for QGIS, our upcoming plugin. We wanted to show you the easiest way to transfer maps from QGIS to GIS Cloud. The idea is…

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  • Using Mobile Apps for Field Operations in Water and Sewer Utilities (Case Study, Australia)

    19. Sep 2019

      This case study shows how a utility company, Smith Brothers Group, improved the efficiency of inspecting asset conditions and field data collection by 30% with the GIS Cloud mobile apps for water utilities.   The Smith Brothers Group operates in Australia and works on various water and sewer utility projects for local government units. They…

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  • GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS – Live Demo Webinar

    16. Sep 2019

      We have a QGIS plugin coming out soon! And we want to give you a sneak peek before the official release.   The plugin is called GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS. It will allow you to transfer maps from QGIS to GIS Cloud in a matter of minutes. Rich symbology included! The idea is…

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  • Monitoring a Mosquito Infestation with GIS Cloud (Case Study)

    12. Sep 2019

      The Invasive Species Center is trying to mitigate the mosquito infestation plaguing the Istrian peninsula. They are trying to keep the infestation from spreading and stop any new mosquito species from entering the ecosystem. To coordinate the vast amount of fieldwork and to monitor the mosquito sources, they utilized the GIS Cloud platform. Read…

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  • Accessibility Map of Zagreb for Persons in Wheelchairs (Collecting Lines Case Study)

    10. Sep 2019

      The main project goal was to create a map that shows sidewalk accessibility and wheelchair obstacles in the center of Zagreb to help people with disabilities. The case study also shows how mobile apps helped the Department of Geography to transform a paper-based field workflow into a digital one.   People in wheelchairs face…

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  • Mapping the Geothermal Resources of Croatia

    05. Sep 2019

      Geothermal energy is getting traction as a renewable energy source and an alternative to solar and wind farms. To better understand the geothermal potential of a country and to raise awareness, it’s best to present the geothermal resources data with interactive maps.  That’s why Lea Petohleb, a graduate geologist from the University of Zagreb,…

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  • Turn Your Map Into a Cloud-based GIS App

    23. Jul 2019

      In this article, we’ll show you the fastest and easiest way to create an online GIS app with the App Builder. We’ll also weigh in on the benefits of online GIS apps over desktop GIS.   If your company uses maps and field data daily, you probably have a person in charge of the…

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  • Raising Awareness About Geoheritage With a GIS Portal

    10. Jul 2019

      To better understand how the planet Earth has formed and how life on it evolved, it is necessary to take a look at the evidence we have about those processes. The rock records are the evidence. To understand and study those records, it is necessary to raise public awareness to keep the rock records…

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  • Supporting a Swim Marathon With an Interactive Map Portal

    10. Jul 2019

      Our partners Smart Cloud are supporting a swim marathon by tracking activities via an interactive map portal. The marathon is taking place around the archipelago in southern Croatia. Read more about the project and the maps we created.   The marathon is organized by Domagoj Jakopović ‘Ribafish’, known to the public as a gourmand,…

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  • How to Create a Hydrological Map Portal

    02. Jul 2019

      Hydrology databases make it possible to map, track and observe water resources. Monitoring and modelling the data is essential in creating a sustainable system for managing the public water supply. Having to find and track down needed information manually is inefficient and unreliable, especially when taking into consideration that all assessments and analyses are…

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  • Smart City Apps for Utilities

    28. Jun 2019

      Smart city apps are an effective solution for getting data and feedback from your customers (citizens), contractors, or local governments. But, most of the smart city solutions are expensive and take ages to deploy. In this article, we’ll show you that’s not always the case. Keep reading and learn how to create a smart…

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  • GIS for Electric Utilities

    11. Jun 2019

      GIS software has been empowering the electric utility industry for decades. It provides a robust framework for asset and workforce management as well as tools for planning and analysis. Today, the landscape is filled with desktop solutions like those from ESRI, open-source software like QGIS, but also a host of online GIS solutions.  …

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  • Mineral Resources Map of Croatia

    30. May 2019

      Every country wants to make use of its mineral resources in the best way possible – economically, but also environmentally. It is necessary to monitor permits for exploitation, represent potential exploitation fields for new investors and easily keep track of every mineral resource. Their smart management is, therefore, highly important.   That’s why Domagoj…

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  • Mapping Villages in Southern Bangladesh to Improve Healthcare Interventions

    20. May 2019

      The project is a part of a larger initiative that tries to tackle the spread of disease caused by extreme air, water, and soil pollution in Bangladesh. The initiative plans to establish a disease surveillance system and conduct a spatial analysis to determine high-risk areas. This is a pilot project and covers the first…

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  • GIS for Oil & Gas industry: Sharing Oil Field Maps Online (Case Study)

    30. Apr 2019

      We bring you a case study from the oil and gas industry that demonstrates the benefits of GIS for sharing mapping data with clients. Following a short inquiry with CORE Geomatics, we can see how the requirements in the Oil & Gas industry are met with the GIS Cloud solution.   CORE Geomatics is…

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  • Collecting all property data in Zarcero Canton in less than 2 months (Case Study from Costa Rica)

    11. Apr 2019

      The crew from Global Code Technology successfully finished the field data collection of infrastructure, land use and property in less than two months. It was a project for the Zarcero Canton that needed to get their housing census database in order. The housing census enabled the canton to plan infrastructure projects more efficiently, like…

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  • Cutting Administrative Costs With Online Maps for Lewis County (Case Study)

    03. Apr 2019

      Lewis County is a small community located in the State of New York. Its county officials wanted to create an online mapping system so that the public and businesses get easy access to public data (cadastre, tax maps, utilities, zoning, etc.). The idea was to implement an online solution that would be both affordable…

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  • GIS in Archaeology: Mapping Roman and Byzantine Ruins (Case Study)

    26. Mar 2019

    Over the last ten years, using GIS in archaeology has become one of the essential practices. For archaeologists, GIS has changed not only the data collection and visualization but also the perception of space itself. It’s been said that the combination of GIS technologies and archaeology is something like a perfect match – acknowledging that…

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  • How to add items in bulk to a select list in Mobile Data Collection form via JSON

    24. Jan 2019

    Some of our customers wanted to add a large number of items to a Mobile Data Collection select list. It would take them ages to do it manually, adding one item at a time. So we helped them do it all at once by using JSON.     To make things easier for customers in…

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  • New MDC Features: Read-only Fields, Navigate to Feature and Audio Recorder

    17. Jan 2019

      The new Mobile Data Collection app update is up and running. We have upgraded the audio recording, added read-only fields to forms and enabled navigation links on map features. Let’s dive in.   Read-only fields We recently added a new type of form item – a field that is read-only.   This means that…

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  • GIS Day Contest 2018 Winners

    10. Jan 2019

    We want to thank all the GIS Day Contest 2018 participants for sending us their project ideas. We have received 80+ applications, making this the largest GIS Day Contest we ever held!     There were many interesting projects, ranging from wildlife research and agriculture production to waste management and disaster risk reduction. We had…

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  • Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts in 2018

    03. Jan 2019

    At the beginning of every new year, we like to revisit our articles and see what the readers liked most. 2018 was packed with case studies, use cases and interesting student projects, from using GIS Cloud to help fight electricity theft to assisting firefighters of Chile coordinate their fieldwork. In case you missed some of…

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  • GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Fusion Tables

    19. Dec 2018

    You have probably heard the news that Google is shutting down Fusion Tables next December. This simple tool for data visualization will start to see errors in August 2019, as the Fusion Tables Layer in the Maps JavaScript API v3.37 will no longer be supported.   If you have already started looking for Google Fusion…

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  • Pool Service Software for Maintenence Companies

    29. Nov 2018

    Many pool maintenance companies are still tracking their daily jobs, workers in the field and data on pool equipment status on paper.   We are providing an online pool service software which allows fieldworkers to fill out simple survey forms on their mobile phones about the daily tasks on each pool. Managers in the office…

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  • Satellite-based leak detection solution from Utilis powered by GIS Cloud field data collection and overview system

    22. Nov 2018

    (San Diego, Utilis Innovation Summit)   Utilis Ltd, a company founded with a goal to find leaks from space, developed a one-of-a-kind solution using satellite imagery to detect underground water leaks in urban and non-urban water supply systems to reduce water loss.     Recently Utilis partnered with GIS Cloud to power their unique technology…

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  • Malaria Risk Map: Using GIS to Combat Malaria Disease in Nigeria

    15. Nov 2018

      The case study is based on the project “Geospatial modeling of malaria risk areas and vulnerability (severity) using environmental, climatic and socio-economic factors” and it’s an example of using GIS technology as a tool to combat the malaria disease.   The project was created by Ayodele Adeyemo, a geogeek looking for ways to leverage…

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  • Showcasing the GIS Cloud solution for precision agriculture at AgTechDay-Brazil

    12. Nov 2018

      Last year our partners from Brazil, 99GEO, launched the cooperation with Coplacana, one of the largest cooperatives of sugarcane and ethanol producers in the world. The project resulted in a Copla-GIS mapping solution for maintenance of sugar cane plantations. 99GEO will showcase the solution during November 29th and 30th at AgTechDay. In addition, on…

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  • Apply For The GIS Day Contest 2018

    08. Nov 2018

    Win the award for the best project idea contributing to local communities by entering the GIS Day Contest 2018, open from November 8th to November 25th.     Every year, thousands of Geogeeks worldwide celebrate International GIS Day. We are also joining the celebration by launching another GIS Day Contest with the goal to promote…

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  • Mapping handicap parking and other assets to improve the mobility of people with disabilities (Case Study)

    25. Oct 2018

    A group of enthusiastic and engaged geography students wanted to recognize and enable people with disabilities in the City of Zagreb. To achieve this goal, they devised a project ‘Mobility for everyone’, focused on mapping the city infrastructure that helps people with disabilities, resulting in a publicly accessible map portal.     Students Lucija Dreven,…

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  • Firefighters of Chile Used a Dynamic GIS Solution for Strategic Planning and Fieldwork Coordination (Case Study)

    07. Oct 2018

    Firefighters of Chile are an admirable organization, always investing in education and technology to provide the best possible service to their community.   In 2017 they faced massive fires across the country, in many distant locations at the same time. To coordinate teams and respond as quickly as possible, they decided to implement a GIS…

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  • Vegetation Survey of Lake Gaston (Case Study)

    25. Sep 2018

      Citizens of Lake Gaston wanted to take care of the lake ecosystem. The invasive plant species were spreading out of control, so a vegetation survey was required to determine the best way to fight the invasive flora.   This case study is a great example of volunteers working on vegetation management for an entire…

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  • Webinar Recording: Fighting Electricity Theft with GIS Cloud

    19. Sep 2018

    We bring you a success story about fighting electricity theft. Our guest is Uche Anyalewechi, Manager for GIS projects at Enugu Electricity Distribution Company. He explaines how he utilized GIS Cloud to fight electricity theft in Nigeria. Learn all you need to know about GIS and   Watch the webinar recording right now.     The…

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  • First-Hand User Story: Fighting Electricity Theft with GIS Cloud (Webinar)

    05. Sep 2018

    Next Wednesday, tune in and listen to a success story about fighting electricity theft. Our guest is Uche Anyalewechi, Manager for GIS projects at Enugu Electricity Distribution Company. He’ll join us and explain how he utilized GIS Cloud to mitigate electricity theft.   Register for a free webinar and learn how GIS Cloud technology can help mitigate…

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  • Sharing Large Raster Maps and Drone imagery with GIS Cloud

    04. Sep 2018

      We wanted to find out what is the greatest problem geospatial experts face when trying to share raster maps or drone imagery.   So, last year we held a poll for a crowd of GIS power-users. Take a look.   The poll from last year’s webinar about sharing rasters.   More than 50% of…

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  • Tram Station Asset Management in the City of Zagreb (Use Case)

    08. Aug 2018

    When waiting at the tram station, it can be bothersome if you don’t know when the next tram comes. Some tram stations in Zagreb, Croatia have a digital display showing information about arriving trams (their line number, direction and the estimated time of arrival).     Geography student Matija Ostović decided to explore which tram…

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  • Discover the World of Old Zagreb Cinemas via Interactive Map Portal (Use Case)

    02. Aug 2018

    As a cinema and movie enthusiast, GIS student Zrinka Zelenika decided to map the old cinemas in her hometown, City of Zagreb, Croatia, to make this information available to cinephiles and movie-goers.   Read more about her project and explore the interactive Map Portal she created and enriched with additional data and media, search and…

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  • Traffic Maintenance Using GIS Cloud: Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossings Management (Use Case)

    24. Jul 2018

    If you are a company in charge of maintaining traffic signalization, taking care of utility management or simply leading a field data collection project, online GIS solution can be of great help for your workflow.     Learn how to assign your fieldworkers permissions to collect and update data about asset condition, to efficiently maintain…

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  • Improving Crop Inventory And Crop Scouting With GIS Cloud Apps (Use Case)

    12. Jul 2018

    In many parts of the world, farmers are still struggling to improve farming techniques and ensure profitable and efficient crop production. Environmental problems such as pests and diseases, cause significant losses to farmers but are avoidable if using GIS solutions that include crop scouting apps and an easy tool for managing the crop inventory.  …

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  • Webinar recording: Collect Lines & Polygons With Mobile Data Collection

    09. Jul 2018

    Last month you had a chance to participate in our webinar about last Mobile Data Collection update that includes an option requested by our users for quite some time now. The possibility to collect line and polygon features!    Get access to our last live demo webinar and learn how to set up your line and polygon projects, as well as…

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  • Mapping and Planning of Electricity Distribution Network (Use Case)

    21. Jun 2018

    The electricity distribution system is one of the main parts of electric power systems. It’s important to transform existing systems and utilize the latest technologies to overcome issues such as power theft or poor distribution of power supply. Learn how the new line collecting feature in GIS Cloud can be of help in electricity distribution…

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  • How to collect polygon features with Mobile Data Collection app

    12. Jun 2018

      With increasing demand on natural resources, GIS technology can maximize management, planning and decision-making processes for various disciplines such as agriculture, forestry, soil science, hydrology, electricity etc.   With a powerful set of GIS tools and software capabilities, the stakeholders can gain insights into issues and problems to provide a more efficient decision-making process for environmental…

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  • How to collect lines in the field using Mobile Data Collection app

    07. Jun 2018

    We introduced a brand new feature in GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection app – Line  & Polygon collection! In this post we are going to explain how to set up a line collecting project and highlight options and tools that can be useful for your field collection project.     Line collection in the field…

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  • Webinar: Collect Lines & Polygons with Mobile Data Collection (Live Demo)

    30. May 2018

    Our last Mobile Data Collection update includes an option requested by our users for quite some time now, a possibility to collect line and polygon features!   GIS Cloud apps allow you to adjust to any workflow. Join our live demo webinar and learn how to set up your line and polygon projects, as well…

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  • New Release: Collect Lines & Polygons with Mobile Data Collection!

    29. May 2018

    We are happy to inform you that as of today, you can collect lines and polygons, as well as points with your Mobile Data Collection app!   We know this is great news for all of you working in utilities collecting data on electric power lines or water and sewer infrastructure, for urban planners, for…

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  • Webinar Recording: Data Visualization and Classification (Hands-On Tutorial)

    23. May 2018

    Last week you had a chance to join our step-by-step guided hands-on webinar, an excellent occasion for GIS novices as well as for experienced users to get some handy tips for data visualization. In this session, we showed you how to create maps by uploading data, change symbology, classify data by attributes to make quick…

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  • Mapping Land Use With Drones To Help Build A Hospital In Tanzania (Case Study)

    10. May 2018

    One of the largest hospitals in Tanzania needed a land use map to help them build a new hospital extension. To improve medical care in this area and speed up the development of the community, an NGO provided engineers to plan the extension and the drone survey. Yet, their hands were tied on account of…

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  • Data Visualization and Classification (Hands-On Webinar)

    03. May 2018

    Online mapping tools allow you to collect data in the field or to upload datasets directly into GIS web application. At this point, you have to make sense out of large amounts of information, and you need tools to efficiently and quickly visualize and classify your data.   Register for a hands-on webinar scheduled for…

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  • How to Use Mobile Apps for Water Utilities in Inspections and Surveys

    26. Apr 2018

    As a utility provider in the water and sewer industry, you know that effective field operations are the backbone of an accurate asset repository as well as efficient and precise condition inspections. To make your field operations team as efficient as possible, it’s a good idea to equip them with mobile apps designed with the…

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  • Webinar Recording: Mapping Entire Liberia to Bring Clean Water to Every Single Person – NGO User Story

    25. Apr 2018

    If you are leading large data collection and inspection projects, and organizing teams in the field, this webinar recording is a must see!   Darrel Larson, International Director of Sawyer Products water filter company and co-organizer of this fantastic data collection project, explains all the steps in the process of delivering water filters and tracking…

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  • Maintenance of Sugarcane plantations in Agriculture with Copla-GIS mapping solution (Brazil)

    19. Apr 2018

    Coplacana, one of the largest cooperatives of sugarcane and ethanol producers in the world, and 99GEO (GIS Cloud representative in Brazil) started a Copla-GIS project at the 2018 Copla Campo event in the Piracicaba City of São Paulo.   The result of their partnership is a specific GIS technology, a solution that aims to improve the…

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  • Mapping Advertising Assets on Trash Cans (Use Case)

    18. Apr 2018

    Every organization, no matter public or private, should aim to build a precise inventory of all its assets, which includes location, condition, and a photo. Information is all around us and collecting that information is a big challenge, which can be easily overcome by using the right tools. Read a use case about the mapping…

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  • Mapping The Most Popular Exhibits In Museums Across Europe (Use Case)

    12. Apr 2018

    Museums are central institutions for culture, education, and tourism, preserving history and art for generations to come. Interactive online maps can help people discover and navigate to the closest cultural attraction in the area. Scroll down and try an interactive map of 140 most visited museums across Europe, including their famous exhibits.   According to…

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  • How To Use The Mobile Data Collection App For Soil Sampling in Agriculture

    29. Mar 2018

    The Mobile Data Collection app replaces messy field paperwork with easy-to-use mobile forms. After you fill the form at a sampling location, the data immediately appears in Map Editor, where you can edit and analyze the data.     In the past, farmers would spread the fertilizer evenly across the entire field. But with geospatial…

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  • Live User Story: NGO Maps Out Entire Liberia and Brings Clean Water to Every Single Person (Webinar)

    27. Mar 2018

    Join our next webinar, a live user story about an amazing data collection and management project realized in Liberia, Africa, with the initiative and organization of our webinar host Darrel Larson, International director for Sawyer products and founder of the Give Clean Water non-profit organization. Register below for April 12th. Learn how nonprofits joined forces…

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  • Mapping World Kindness with GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing Solution

    21. Mar 2018

    Life Vest Inside, one of the winners of the GIS Day Contest 2016, used GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution to engage people in pledging acts of kindness worldwide   Our Crowdsourcing solution, which allows people to send data on a map in real-time, is used by nonprofit organizations for various purposes. Engaging the community and increasing…

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  • Crowdsourcing for NGOs and Nonprofits: Webinar Recording

    15. Mar 2018

    Watch our webinar and learn how to use map-based Crowdsourcing solution and Map Portal to attract sponsors, support microvolunteering practices and engage communities in various projects.   If you work for a non-profit or NGO organization, gaining visibility for your project, attracting sponsors, engaging volunteers and communities as well as delivering results are probably common…

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  • How To Create A Public GIS Portal – An Example from Lewis County, NY

    08. Mar 2018

      Many NGOs, local governments, smart cities and city agencies have enabled the public to access spatial and nonspatial information through GIS. With the right technology and initiative, sharing information on assets and resources with City Map Portals can improve city management, enable collaboration across city departments, engage citizens and build their trust in city…

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  • Collecting Field Data For A Water Distribution System In California

    07. Mar 2018

    Lack of affordable housing is a growing problem in California. Combined with the severe droughts that have afflicted the state in the last few years, this problem only grows worse for the residents in areas such as Tulare County. To alleviate this problem, organizations such as Self-Help Enterprises (SHE) are continually working together with low-income…

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  • Insights from the First React Meetup in Zagreb

    28. Feb 2018

    Encouraged by the growing importance of the React technology which is now widely used for building scalable and fast web applications, we decided to initiate the first Meetup solely dedicated to React developers in Zagreb.   The first React Zagreb Meetup was held on February 22, gathering more than 50 participants. After a short introduction…

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  • Relevance of Geospatial and Cloud Technology in Reaching Sustainability

    27. Feb 2018

    Spatial information is growing daily in importance and impact, and it is important to use it – in a smart way. So what is the way to go when creating a resilient city? Innovation is the key. During the first Learning Activity of the sociSDG project in Berlin, Jaka Ćosić spoke about exactly that, discussing…

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  • Achieve Higher Precision in the Mobile Data Collection App with External GPS Receivers

    15. Feb 2018

    In industries like utilities and insurance, the project workflow demands both a solution with high precision capabilities as well as a solution for attribute data collection. To get rid of paper forms and keep the high-precision you can combine the Mobile Data Collection app with your high-precision GPS device.   When performing field data collection,…

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  • 7 Ways Online Maps Can Empower Your NGO or Nonprofit

    14. Feb 2018

    Nonprofits and NGOs face many common challenges when trying to promote and achieve sustainability, equality or develop smart solutions for various causes. For example, finding funds for an ambitious project can be demanding, never mind living up to donors’ expectations, or getting the word out about the awesome projects you’ve been working on. Connecting with…

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  • Conquering the South Pole: Davor Rostuhar’s Interactive Map

    08. Feb 2018

    Once we heard that the renowned Croatian adventurer Davor Rostuhar had taken it upon himself to conquer the South Pole on foot, we didn’t hesitate much before deciding to support the adventure by doing what we are best at – mapping the expedition. The expedition was tracked from the Antarctic shores to the South Pole,…

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  • Webinar: Crowdsourcing Solution for NGO and Non-profits

    07. Feb 2018

    Register for a free webinar for nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations on Wednesday, February 21 and learn how to use Crowdsourcing technology for different projects around the world. Crowdsourcing can be a perfect tool for obtaining real-time data and engaging your community in various initiatives at the same time. For example, you can collect data on…

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  • GeoAid: Mapping Humanitarian Solidarity Network in Athens (Case Study)

    01. Feb 2018

    For the last 8 years, Greece has been experiencing a deep recession that has brought immeasurable consequences to the country’s economy. Searching for ways to cope with the pressures local communities were facing, experts from the National Technical University of Athenns, Dr. Labropoulos and Ms. Andrianesi, worked on the GeoAid project, one of the winning…

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  • Map of Business Structure and Activity in City Districts of Zagreb

    25. Jan 2018

    This is a case study about mapping business units in the city district of Dubrava in the City of Zagreb. The project was made by a Geography student, Stipica Šarčević, who also wrote this blog report. He explained the process of data collection, visualization, and publishing, done by using GIS Cloud apps.   Over the…

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  • Meet Boris, New Member of GIS Cloud Frontend Team

    17. Jan 2018

    After Ana, we are proud to introduce yet another addition to the GIS Cloud Frontend Development team – Boris Adamec. Surrounded by computers from an early age, after finishing his education, Boris got into the areas of the business world where he was surrounded by techies of all kind. As he was learning more about…

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  • How GIS in the Cloud Helps Utility Organizations in their Digital Transformation

    11. Jan 2018

    The discussion panel around this topic took place during the Australian Utility Week in November of 2017, where leaders of the energy sector in Australia and New Zealand gave their opinion on the future of data collection and management. If you know anything about Australia and New Zealand’s infrastructure, you are aware of the large…

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  • GeoMeetup Zagreb – Shaping the GEO Community in 2018

    10. Jan 2018

    After a very successful GeoMeetup series in 2017, we’re entering the new year full of optimism and enthusiasm!   With your great support and interest, the GeoMeetup platform is growing in numbers and quality of the program. Our goal for 2018 is to position the platform as a central place for gathering experts, companies, and…

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  • Reader’s Choice – Top 10 GIS Cloud Articles of 2017

    09. Jan 2018

    2017 was undoubtedly a big year for our team, filled with many great stories and milestones. Read all about it in our last blog post. At the beginning of every new year, we like to highlight the most popular GIS Cloud content for the previous year. It reflects both popular topics like Smart City technologies,…

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  • With a Warm Farewell to 2017, GIS Cloud Wishes You Happy Holidays!

    21. Dec 2017

      Dear GIS Cloud community,   We have to admit, 2017 was indeed a great year for us! It was a year full of new global collaborations, partnerships and conferences, and most definitely a year of new solutions, great projects, webinars, and workshops! With a short recap of our activities throughout the year, we have…

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  • Webinar Recording: Crowdsourcing for Utilities

    20. Dec 2017

    Which problems can be solved by crowdsourcing spatial data from your clients and co-workers?   If you missed our latest webinar from December 12th, now you have a chance to find the answer to this and many other questions that will allow you to take advantage of the Crowdsourcing solution in the utilities industry. The…

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  • Meet Ana, a New Member of GIS Cloud Frontend Team

    19. Dec 2017

      The end of the year has brought many outstanding people to the GIS Cloud Team, the most recent being Mario and Armin, who joined our Backend Development. Meanwhile, our Frontend Development team also got a new member whom we are thrilled to introduce – Ana Babić. Ana doesn’t recall the exact point in time…

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  • Fighting electricity theft in Nigeria with GIS technology (Case Study)

    15. Dec 2017

      Electric utility companies across Nigeria struggle with electricity theft. The illegal connections to the power grid generate huge losses and are a hazard for locals. GIS technology can help mitigate the problem by enabling real-time insights and proper electric network visualization.   Learn how Enugu Electricity Distribution Company utilized GIS technology to tackle electricity…

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  • Innovate to Educate – GIS Cloud Workshop for Geography Students

    13. Dec 2017

    There is no better way to raise awareness of geo-technologies today than by celebrating the International GIS Day on November 15th with geography students at the University of Zagreb.   During Geography Awareness Week, we had yet another opportunity to work with geography students and welcome them into the world of geo-technologies. For a GIS…

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  • GIS Cloud Pop-up Workshop in Whangarei, New Zealand, on December 15

    11. Dec 2017

    As a response to a growing interest for GIS Cloud solutions from our community in New Zealand, you are invited to join us for yet another free workshop, held in Whangarei this Friday, as a bonus pop-up event.   Except for our local community there, the workshop in Whangarei is also a good opportunity for…

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  • Free GIS Cloud Workshop for Local Governments in Greece

    07. Dec 2017

    GIS Cloud partners from Greece, NubiGroup, will hold a free GIS Cloud workshop in Athens, Greece, on December 15 (9.30 am – 15.30 pm).   The workshop,  “GIS Cloud Solutions for the Public Sector – Learn How to Integrate Spatial Data Into the Workflow of your Organization”, will be held at the INFOREST company premises…

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  • GIS Day Contest 2017 Winners

    06. Dec 2017

      We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! We received several dozen applications from over 20 countries all around the world. Once again you proved that with a great idea and the support of geo-technologies, you have a huge opportunity to…

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  • Webinar: Crowdsourcing for Utilities

    05. Dec 2017

    On Tuesday, December 12, we will hold a free webinar demonstrating how to effectively use GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution for organizations in the Utilities Industry.   One of the key challenges for electric, water, gas, telecommunications and other utilities is in collecting data, not only on the large and complex infrastructure on which they run,…

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  • New GeoMeetup Zagreb in December

    04. Dec 2017

    With December upon us, we’re looking forward to hosting the last (but not least!) GeoMeetup Zagreb of the year, on December 13th at 6 PM CET the Faculty of Geodesy. The event is sponsored by Oikon d.o.o., the Institute for Applied Ecology. Register for the event here.   Big thanks to everyone who attended GeoMeetup…

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  • Introducing New Team Member to GIS Cloud Backend Development: Welcome Armin

    29. Nov 2017

      Recently, the GIS Cloud team was enriched by new champions in the development team – Mario and Armin. As we have already introduced Mario, now it is time to present Armin Vrević, a new Backend Developer who joined GIS Cloud this fall. After finishing a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, he also continued expanding…

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  • Join Data Collection Game at Australian Utility Week

    24. Nov 2017

    If you are attending Australian Utility Week, don’t miss your chance on November 30 to collect points using the Mobile Data Collection app and win GIS Cloud prizes.   As strategic sponsors of the Australian Utility Week, taking place from November 29 to November 30 in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, GIS…

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  • Free GIS Cloud Workshops in New Zealand

    15. Nov 2017

    As a part of the GIS Cloud Australia and New Zealand tour, the GIS Cloud team will organize a number of workshops in Australia and New Zealand in collaboration with our partners from Spatial Vision.    New Zealand workshops will be held in: Wellington (December 7) – Copthorne Hotel Wellington, Oriental Bay 100 Oriental Parade Wellington 6141 Auckland…

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  • Apply for the GIS Day Contest 2017

    09. Nov 2017

    Win the award for the best project idea contributing to local communities by entering the GIS Day Contest 2017, open from November 9th to November 20th.   Every year, thousands of Geogeeks worldwide celebrate International GIS Day. We are also joining the celebration with various activities during Geo Awareness Week (November 13 to 19).  …

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  • Learn about GIS Cloud Non-profit Use Cases at AidEx in Brussels (15-16 November)

    09. Nov 2017

    Darrel Larson, one of GIS Cloud’s clients who is doing an exquisite job within his non-profit organization Give Clean Water (where he is the founder and chairman) and The Last Well, another non-profit he is working with in Liberia, will be showcasing his projects at the AidEx event in Brussels in November.   AidEx (Aid Expo) is the leading platform for professionals…

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  • Restoring Mediterranean Dry Stone and Educating Public About Its Heritage Through Interactive Maps (Case Study)

    09. Nov 2017

    We had the pleasure to work with 4 GRADA DRAGODID, an NGO working on restoring and preserving the dry stone in Croatia. We got to know them during the GIS Day Contest 2016 where they won the special award, GIS Cloud solution for field data collection, map editing and a public map portal.   GIS…

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  • Attend Free GIS Cloud Workshops in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane)

    08. Nov 2017

    This November, as a part of the GIS Cloud Australia and New Zealand tour, the GIS Cloud team will take part in various activities, including the exhibition at Australian Utility Week and meetings with clients and users all around the continent. We will also organize a number of workshops in Australia and New Zealand in collaboration…

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  • GIS Cloud Solutions for Electric Utilities: Webinar Recording

    06. Nov 2017

    Learn how to harness the power of real-time insight into your electricity network infrastructure, distribution lines, and daily maintenance and management.   On October 26th, we held a webinar on how to create a more efficient workflow, make better decisions, and save time and money using GIS Cloud solutions for electric utilities. To access the…

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  • New GeoMeetup Zagreb in November

    02. Nov 2017

    After a successful GeoMeetup event in October, GIS Cloud is organizing another GeoMeetup in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 8th at the Faculty of Geodesy. The event is sponsored by IGEA, an IT company from Varaždin. In order to attend the event in November, you will have to register.    GeoMeetup Zagreb, which took place in…

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  • Introducing UrbanGIS, GIS Cloud’s Partner for Denmark

    02. Nov 2017

    Since 2015, UrbanGIS, a company based in Denmark, has been working closely with us to introduce GIS Cloud solutions to the Danish market, as a GIS Cloud official partner and reseller in the country.   UrbanGIS provides consulting and support for GIS Cloud users, with technical support available in the Danish language. In the words…

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  • UrbanGIS Presenting GIS Cloud Solutions at Kortdage Conference in Denmark

    31. Oct 2017

    GIS Cloud solutions will be showcased at Kortdage 2017 Conference in Aalborg, Denmark  (November 8 to November 10).   Kortdage, or “Map Days” 2017 is the annual national GIS Conference in Denmark, organized by Geoforum Danmark. The event gathers up to 700 attendees, discussing the latest developments and research as well as national strategic use of…

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  • INTERGEO 2017: Cutting Edge Technologies Fueling the Growth of Geospatial Industry

    26. Oct 2017

    This year’s INTERGEO in Berlin, which took place at the HINTE Messe from 26 to 28 September 2017, was very successful for our team exhibiting at Booth B5.027. Aside from the fair, we also held a free workshop in Berlin.   With the motto “Knowledge and action for planet Earth”, the event gathered more than…

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  • GIS Cloud Exhibiting at the Australian Utility Week in Melbourne in November

    19. Oct 2017

    We are happy to announce our upcoming exhibition at the Australian Utility Week, taking place in Melbourne, Australia (29-30 November) at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.   Our participation and exhibition at the Australian Utility Week is a part of GIS Cloud’s Australia and New Zealand tour in November. We consider this a great…

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  • Register for a New Webinar: GIS Cloud For Electric Utilities

    16. Oct 2017

    On Thursday, October 26, we will host a free webinar where you will learn how to create a more efficient workflow, make better decisions, and save time and money using GIS Cloud solutions for electric utilities.   Maintaining complex distribution lines on a daily basis can be a costly and time-consuming task, especially if the…

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  • Teramaps Presenting GIS Cloud Solutions at the Expo Seguridad in Chile

    10. Oct 2017

    GIS Cloud solutions will be showcased at the Expo Seguridad in Santiago de Chile (October 23 to October 25).   Expo Seguridad is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions for suppliers that offer products, technology, equipment and services for Civil Security, Security for Emergencies and Disasters, and Labor Security in Chile. The expo is organized…

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  • Learn about GIS Cloud Solutions at Geoespacial Chile 2017

    05. Oct 2017

    GIS Cloud will be showcased at the conference Geoespacial Chile 2017 that will be held in Santiago de Chile, October 12 to October 13, 2017.   Teramaps, GIS Cloud’s official partner for Chile, Colombia, and Peru, will present GIS Cloud solutions at the conference exhibition as well as in a talk by the Teramaps Country…

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  • Webinar Recording: Turn Your Maps into Apps with App Builder

    28. Sep 2017

    On September 20th, we held a webinar on how to build an entire geo application in a form of an interactive map portal, without writing a single line of code. To access the webinar recording, please fill in the form below.   “Don’t Code, Configure: Turn Your Maps into Apps” webinar recording includes an introduction…

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  • Join Us For a GeoMeetup in Zagreb on October 4th

    26. Sep 2017

    On October 4th, we are organizing GeoMeetup Zagreb, with a goal to bring together Croatian geo-community in order to meet and exchange ideas on a regular basis.   We are excited to kick off a new series of monthly geo meetups in Zagreb with the idea of getting together, hang out, share ideas & knowledge,…

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  • GIS Cloud Will be Showcased at Geomapplica in Greece

    25. Sep 2017

    GIS Cloud solutions will be showcased on the Geomapplica Workshops | Drones & UAVs – Scientific applications & social implications event in Piraeus, Greece. The event will be held from September 29th to October 1st.   Geomapplica is an event organized by the Laboratory of Computer Science Applications in Spatial Planning, that is a part…

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  • New Member Joins GIS Cloud Team: Welcome Mario

    18. Sep 2017

    We are happy to announce that a new team member, Mario Brkić, has joined GIS Cloud.   Mario has been excited about computers and technology since childhood, working in BASIC on an old Schneider CPC 464 while he was still in elementary school. Mario’s passion for computers and software development followed him throughout his education,…

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  • Introducing Teramaps, an official GIS Cloud Reseller in Colombia, Chile, and Perú

    14. Sep 2017

    We are happy to announce that our partnership with Teramaps, a company based in Santiago, Chile is expanding to include the markets of Colombia and Peru, where Teramaps will distribute and promote GIS Cloud solutions to clients from various industries.   In the words of Igor Farkaš, a Business Development and Partners Manager at GIS…

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  • Successful Workshops Across US East Coast and FOSS4G as a Growing Platform for GIS Community

    07. Sep 2017

    As you already know, this year at GIS Cloud we are focusing all our resources on reinventing our platform and making all our solutions even more intuitive, as well as adding some new features that will make a huge impact on different workflows around maps.   That is why we decided to spend a significant…

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  • Free GIS Cloud Workshop in Berlin, Germany on September 28th

    07. Sep 2017

    Following our participation and exhibition at INTERGEO 2017 in Berlin, we will hold a comprehensive GIS Cloud workshop in Berlin.   The workshop will take place at Rent24 coworking space, Potsdamer Strasse 182 Berlin on 28 September, from 10 am – 3 pm (CET). The number of seats is limited, so make sure to register…

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  • Webinar: Turn Your Maps into Apps with App Builder

    06. Sep 2017

    Given the excellent feedback that followed our presentation “Don’t Code, Configure – Turn Your Maps into Apps” at FOSS4G 2017 in Boston, we decided to host a webinar on 20 September,  and give you, our community, the opportunity to participate in an online version of the presentation and ask us any questions you might have….

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  • GIS Cloud Exhibiting at the INTERGEO 2017 in Berlin

    28. Aug 2017

    We are happy to announce that we will be exhibiting at the INTERGEO 2017, taking place in Berlin, Germany from 26 to 28 of September 2017.   INTERGEO is one of the world’s leading conference trade fairs for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, with more than 17, 000 professional visitors from more than 107 countries….

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  • Important update – New Free GIS Cloud Workshop in Albany, NY on 22nd, Syracuse Workshop moved to 24th

    16. Aug 2017

    We previously announced one Workshop in Syracuse, NY, but due to a big interest in our solutions, we decided to organize two workshops, one in Albany and the other in Syracuse! The first workshop will be held on 22nd of August in Albany at 10 am (not in Syracuse as previously announced), at 10B Airline…

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  • GIS Cloud Workshop in Syracuse, New York on 22nd of August

    07. Aug 2017

    As a part of our East Coast US Tour, we will hold a GIS Cloud Workshop in Syracuse, New York, on Tuesday, 22nd of August at 10.00 am. The workshop entrance is free for the first 25 registrants, so make sure to fill in the registration form as soon as possible.   Attendees will get a…

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  • GIS Cloud Training Sessions On August 15th in Boston

    03. Aug 2017

    GIS Cloud is organizing a co-located Training Event alongside the FOSS4G 2017 Conference. Attendance is free, even for non FOSS4G visitors. It will be held on Tuesday, August 15th in Boston, MA at the Seaport Hotel and Trade Center (Harborview 3) from 9 am – 3 pm.  You can register for the event below the schedule. Learn first hand about cutting-edge mapping…

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  • Webinar Recording: Extend Crowdsourcing Solution with a Custom Workflow

    25. Jul 2017

    Last week, we held a webinar showing how to make the best of your crowdsourced data using GIS Cloud. You can access the webinar recording by filling in the form below.   In the webinar, you will hear a short overview of the GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution shown in the previous webinar, a demo of…

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  • GIS Cloud Expanding to Brazil

    18. Jul 2017

    This May, GIS Cloud team sponsored and participated at the MundoGEO#Connect Latin America conference in São Paulo, Brazil.  We were extremely busy at our booth in the exhibition space, where a lot of attendees from different industries have shown interest in collaborative mapping. As a result of the MundoGEO#Connect conference, 99GEO, a company specialized in…

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  • Attend GIS Cloud Workshop at FOSS4G 2017 in Boston

    11. Jul 2017

    Recently, we announced our participation and sponsorship at FOSS4G 2017, the largest annual geospatial open source event in the world. Among other activities such as conference presentation and exhibiting, we will also take part in the workshop program.   Dino, our CEO, will hold a workshop “Real-time Collaborative Mapping with GIS Cloud,” scheduled for Monday,…

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  • Webinar: Extend Crowdsourcing Solution With a Custom Workflow

    06. Jul 2017

    After we presented the demo of our Crowdsourcing solution on June 27th, our next webinar scheduled for July 19th will extend this topic further, showing you how to set up your unique workflow using the GIS Cloud platform.   The main part of the webinar will be dedicated to a live demo of GIS Cloud…

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  • Introducing new GIS Cloud feature – Get WMS Feature Info tool

    05. Jul 2017

    Although sharing data using Web Map Services (WMS) is not new in GIS Cloud platform, in most of the project cases it is extremely important to have an insight in WMS layer attribute data. This is now possible with the WMS Feature Info tool available in any GIS software with WMS functionality.   How does…

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  • The added dimension of location – this is where it gets interesting: An Interview with our Mobile Apps Architect

    04. Jul 2017

    We talked to Nenad Filipović, our Senior Frontend Developer, and Mobile Apps Architect. He shared some insight into his daily work routine and shared advice to young developers who want to dive into the world of GIS and mapping apps.   1. Can you describe your regular working day and responsibilities in working with GIS…

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  • Cool maps by GIS Cloud Users

    29. Jun 2017

    In GIS Cloud Map Editor, you can often stumble upon interesting public maps created by our users who utilize GIS Cloud apps for a wide variety of purposes. So, we made a selection of a few cool maps that caught our eye. There will be more interesting maps to come – don’t hesitate to drop…

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  • GIS Cloud at FOSS4G 2017 and East Coast in August

    27. Jun 2017

    In August, we will be in the US on the East Coast in New York and Boston. We will be sponsoring the FOSS4G 2017 conference in Boston, participating in the program, workshops and other activities. Our visit to the East Coast is an excellent opportunity to schedule a meeting with our team and learn about…

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  • GIS Cloud as a Solution for Urban Tree Management

    26. Jun 2017

      Urban tree management and maintenance can be very useful for increasing the quality of life in urban areas. For example, optimal tree density and distribution is an essential part of every modern urban planning strategy as trees have various benefits on humans and the environment.   Arborists create the urban tree management plan and…

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  • GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing Webinar Reminder

    26. Jun 2017

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, We want to remind you that “GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing Live Demo” webinar will be held tomorrow (June 27th). Webinar Time and Date: Tuesday, June 27th at: 8 am PST   11 am EST   5 pm CET REGISTER HERE   These Topics Will be Covered: The key benefits and value propositions of the…

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  • Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Mining in Chile Through Interactive Maps

    21. Jun 2017

      The mining industry in Chile produces more than one-third of government income by exporting Copper. Other important mining products include gold, silver, molybdenum, iron, and coal, while most of the mining products are located in the Atacama Region. At this mining region small and medium-sized mining operations make a significant part of the mining…

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  • Engaging Citizens with the GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing App

    14. Jun 2017

    Every organization needs to gather and manage data, especially location-based data which can be represented visually on a map. Crowdsourcing apps are used to collect data from a large number of users using a single app on their mobile devices. Administrators control the information and decide whether it will be accepted and visible publicly, in a crowdsourced…

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  • Watch the Sharing Large Raster Data with GIS Cloud Webinar Recording

    09. Jun 2017

    On Thursday, 1st of June, we held a webinar showcasing the benefits and a demo on the topic of sharing large raster data with clients, stakeholders and organizations using GIS Cloud.   Topics covered in the webinar were: The cloud benefits for remote sensing and sharing drone data with clients Success stories from GIS Cloud users…

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  • Webinar Announcement: GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing Live Demo

    08. Jun 2017

    Following the official launch of GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing, we decided to prepare a webinar with a live demo showcasing the solution, scheduled for June 27th, 2017.   Many local governments and organizations around the world have one thing in common – they want to find an easy and effective way to reach their communities and…

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  • GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing Solution Released

    07. Jun 2017

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution has been officially released. The Crowdsourcing solution will enable cities, local governments, and other organizations to easily and quickly get anonymous feedback and problem reports from their citizens.   The application will be fully branded and personalized, which means that you will…

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  • WeForest – Improving the Forest Restoration Process in Zambia with GIS Cloud

    29. May 2017

      In the Copperbelt, Zambia’s most densely populated region, forests have been disappearing rapidly. The WeForest team, who strives to restore forests, has identified that making the indigenous forest economically viable was a major problem in one of the districts, Luanshya.   We talked to Matthias De Beenhouwer, a project manager at WeForest who is…

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  • Attend GIS Cloud Workshop at GEO Business Show on May 24th

    23. May 2017

    GIS Cloud team is currently at the GEO Business Show in London, the annual geospatial event that takes place at the Business Design Centre from May 23rd to May 24th. Tomorrow, on May 24th at 9,30 am, our team will hold a workshop demonstrating GIS Cloud collaborative mapping solutions in the Facility No. 5. This…

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  • Webinar: Sharing Large Raster Data with GIS Cloud

    18. May 2017

    On Thursday, 1st of June, we will hold a webinar about easily sharing large raster data with clients, stakeholders and organizations using GIS Cloud.   A lot of industries utilize large raster data, usually obtained by aerial photography/drone mapping and satellite imagery. After the imagery is processed, the biggest challenge with large raster files becomes…

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  • GIS Cloud Visualization in Planning of the New Administrative Boundaries for the Zadar County

    17. May 2017

    This project was done by a geography student Branimir Bilandžić, who collected and visualized data with a goal to make a proposal on the topic how to rationalize local government structure in Croatia. As a result, map portal was created, showing a proposal for the new municipality structure. This project was done using the example…

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  • Paid Student Internship at the Geo Business Show in London

    15. May 2017

     We are looking for Geography/GIS students for an internship at the Geo Business Show in London, UK, from 23rd to 24th of May, 2017.   Paid internship includes communication with the visitors and coordinating with GIS Cloud team at the event on May 23 and 24 (8-hour shifts). Interns will need to learn the basics…

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  • GIS Cloud Presentation at MundoGEO#Connect Latin America

    11. May 2017

      Today, 12th of May 2017, GIS Cloud team will give a talk and show a demo at MundoGEO#Connect 2017  about “Building Intelligent Cities by Engaging Citizens Through Collaborative Solutions” at 15h, Auditorium A.   During the conference, you can visit GIS Cloud stand (No. 072) in the exhibition space, try our solutions or request…

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  • Watch the Tree Maintenance Made Easy Webinar Recording

    04. May 2017

    On Monday, 24th of April, we held a webinar “Tree Maintenance Made Easy” focused on presenting GIS Cloud solutions for Tree Management. Thanks to all of you who attended the webinar. In case you missed it, we have prepared a recording which you can access by filling in the form below.   The central part…

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  • Case Study: Using GIS Cloud for Efficient Inspection of Hydroelectric Reservoirs in Brazil

    27. Apr 2017

      This use case features Socioambiental Consultores Associados, a company located in Florianópolis, Brazil. They use GIS Cloud for inspecting and overseeing the Permanent Protection Areas of the Hydroelectric Power Plants reservoirs located on the Uruguay River.   The reservoir inspection project The Socioambiental Consultores Associados provide solutions for planning, utilizing and protecting natural resources…

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  • Visit GIS Cloud Booth and Attend Collaborative Mapping Workshop at GEO Business Show 2017 in London

    20. Apr 2017

    In May, GIS Cloud team will exhibit and hold a workshop at the GEO Business Show in London.   GEO Business Show is the annual geospatial business show with over 3000  visitors from more than 50 countries that will take place at the Business Design Centre in London, from 23rd to 24th of May. This…

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  • GIS Cloud at the MundoGEO#Connect Latin America 2017

    13. Apr 2017

    This year, we are proud to sponsor the MundoGEO#connect Latin America conference, taking place in São Paulo, Brazil, from 9 to 11 of May 2017.     The seventh edition of the conference hosted by MundoGEO will be held at the Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca in São Paulo, bringing together more than 3, 200…

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  • Webinar Announcement: Tree Maintenance Made Easy

    10. Apr 2017

    On Monday, 24th of April, we will hold a webinar focused on presenting GIS Cloud solutions for Tree Management.   In the GIS Cloud for Tree Inventory and Inspection webinar, we discussed uses of GIS for arborists and forestry workers. The webinar included use cases, benefits as well as the live demo of GIS Cloud…

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  • GIS Cloud and Jal Technology at the Oman Geospatial Forum (April 10-11)

    05. Apr 2017

    GIS Cloud Partners for Oman, Jal Technology, will be showcasing GIS Cloud at the Booth No. 18. at the Oman Geospatial Forum. The event will be held in the Oman Convention Centre in Muscat from 10 to 11th of April 2017.   The fourth edition of the Oman Geospatial Forum is organized by Geospatial Media…

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  • Support GIS Cloud Proposals at FOSS4G 2017

    04. Apr 2017

      Dear GIS Cloud Community, We are very excited to sponsor this year’s FOSS4G Conference that will take place in Boston, from 14th to 19th of August 2017. FOSS4G is OSGeo‘s annual global event focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. Each year, the conference brings together a wide variety of participants and…

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  • Mapping the Italian Heritage – A Story about GIS Cloud Implementation for the Proditerr@ Project

    30. Mar 2017

    Maria Laura Scaduto and Andrea de Tommasi told us about how they set up the Proditerr@ project, dedicated to creating a cooperative web platform for promoting the typical local food products of the Belìce river Valley in the Western part of the Sicily.   The “Proditerr@ Project – Products, Identity and Territory” started in September…

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  • Webinar Recording: GIS for Tree Inventory and Inspection

    29. Mar 2017

    We are pleased to share the recording of the “GIS Cloud for Tree Inventory and Inspection” webinar. In case you missed the webinar, or you want to rewatch it and share with your team, fill in the form at the end of this post and access the recording.     The main topics that were…

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  • GIS Cloud Showcased at the Locate 17 in Australia

    28. Mar 2017

      Spatial Vision, GIS Cloud Partners for Australia and New Zealand, will showcase GIS Cloud at the Locate 17 conference in Australia. The Conference will be held from 3rd to 6th of April 2017 at the new International Conference Centre Sydney. This year, the conference is joined with the 10th International Symposium on Digital Earth….

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  • Increase Efficiency In Tree Inventory And Inspection With GIS Cloud

    22. Mar 2017

    We bring you a 5-step workflow that can help you improve your tree inventory and increase tree inspection efficiency.   Tree Inventory and Inspection is one of the most important tasks in the workflows of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry workers. While Arborists are more focused on the care of individual trees, those who work in…

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  • Improving Tree Inspections With Mobile Apps for Arborists (Case Study)

    15. Mar 2017

    Taking care of several trees differs from more extensive projects, which include carrying out a tree inventory, tree inspection and subsequent tree care plans. Managing the care of individual plants and trees on a larger scale demands a lot of administration and field paperwork.   This case study outlines tools and workflows, as well as…

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  • Webinar: GIS Cloud for Tree Inventory and Inspection

    09. Mar 2017

    On Thursday, 23rd of March, we will hold a webinar focused on presenting GIS Cloud solutions for Tree Inspection and Inventory.   GIS in the cloud is one of the most useful tools in tree inventory and inspection for arborists and forestry workers. It helps municipalities, contractors, management and field staff to plan, organize, coordinate,…

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  • FAQ: GIS Cloud for Watershed and Water Resources Management

    03. Mar 2017

    During the GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management webinar, there were many questions regarding GIS Cloud options and solutions. As there was no time to address them all in one webinar session, and our users often ask some of these questions, we decided to cover the most frequent ones in this blog post.     Is…

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  • GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management (Webinar Recording)

    01. Mar 2017

    This webinar recording is dedicated to GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management. If you didn’t get a chance to attend or you want to rewatch it, just fill in the form below to access the recording.     The recording contains a presentation as well as a discussion that includes some of the questions…

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  • Mapping Illegal Landfills in the City of Zagreb (Use Case)

    28. Feb 2017

    This use case describes the project done by a GIS student Morana Labović, who collected data on the illegal landfills in Zagreb to create an interactive map for raising citizen environmental awareness.   Due to the increasing quantity and its harmful effects on the environment, waste is one of the most significant environmental problems of…

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  • Combating Homelessness with GIS In St. Louis

    21. Feb 2017

    The City of St. Louis Point-in-Time committee collects data about the homeless population as a part of the Point-in-Time Count project. They survey the entire city to establish a continuity of care for people experiencing homelessness. The field survey is a great deal of work so the committee wanted to improve day to day field…

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  • Watershed Management with Cloud GIS

    16. Feb 2017

    Watershed management is one of those topics that come up in the public discourse usually in case of natural occurrences and disasters such as floods, droughts, problems with a water supply or the infrastructure.     Recent problems with the Oroville Dam in California, where the heavy rain was a cause for concern in case…

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  • Webinar: GIS For Water Resource and Watershed Management

    09. Feb 2017

    On Thursday, 23rd of February, we will hold a webinar focused on presenting GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management.   GIS became one of the essential tools for managing natural resources and solving various environmental problems, used by environmental experts, policy advisors, and the general public. Today, it is being applied as a part…

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  • Monitoring Rainfall In Orange County, California with GIS Cloud (Case Study)

    07. Feb 2017

      Rainfall and watersheds monitoring can be quite demanding. It includes various tasks and challenges, from having updated information on the amounts of water at any given time, to organizing teams acquiring the data and integrating new online GIS solutions with existing desktop GIS tools.   Read a case study on how Orange County transformed…

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  • Webinar Recording: Why Become GIS Cloud Partner?

    02. Feb 2017

    Last week, we held “Why Become GIS Cloud Partner?” webinar, with a goal to offer insights into the benefits of the GIS Cloud Partners program.   The webinar recording is now available online, accessible via the form below. So, if you are interested in learning more about GIS Cloud Partners program, this is a perfect…

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  • Using GIS in Tourism – Tourist Map of Šolta

    31. Jan 2017

    We bring you a case study about creating a Tourist Map of the Island Šolta, a project done by a Geography student Ana Mihojević, who is also the author of this article. Over the last few decades, tourism as an industry has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, according to…

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  • The Benefits of Becoming GIS Cloud Partner

    18. Jan 2017

    Next week, on January 25th, we will host a webinar “Why Become GIS Cloud Partner”, highlighting the benefits of becoming GIS Cloud partner. Our Partners network includes numerous companies interested in extending the capabilities of their clients, offering existing or customized GIS solutions. As we are continually looking into targeting new market segments and local…

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  • How Secure Is Your Data In The Cloud And Other Safety Tips

    17. Jan 2017

      It is important to know the basic facts about cloud security. That is why we decided to let you know the answers to common questions on the safety of your data in the cloud and the difference between public and private cloud servers.     Is It Safe To Store Personal Or Business Data…

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  • Webinar: Why become GIS Cloud Partner?

    12. Jan 2017

    Across the globe, from Australia to Argentina, companies and individuals who are dedicated to spreading the word and offer to their clients intuitive cloud GIS solutions, with cutting-edge mapping technology, work with us.   As the need for modern and user-friendly cloud GIS is growing, we are looking for partners worldwide to share our vision…

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  • Crime Risk Map – Carabineros de Chile (Case Study)

    11. Jan 2017

    Police departments around the world are increasingly using online GIS for a variety of tasks, including emergency response, analyzing and predicting crime rates, tactical planning and daily coordination, to name a few.   Read about Police of Chile (Carabineros de Chile) who choose GIS Cloud to create crime risk maps with real-time information. Police departments…

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  • Hello to 2017, The Year of Collaboration!

    10. Jan 2017

    2016 has been a great year for GIS Cloud and an amazing experience for our team, working with many users and partners from different parts of the world, backgrounds and industries. We thank our community for sharing and believing in our vision, for your constant feedback that we are always looking forward to hearing. From…

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  • Top 10 Most-Read Posts of 2016

    04. Jan 2017

    2016 was eventful: many great new projects and releases were introduced. We also explored utilizing GIS in different industries such as drone mapping, utilities, road infrastructure and others. The content that attracted most visits and interest in 2016 were our posts dedicated to GIS in drone mapping, GIS Day Contest competition and projects, use cases,…

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  • GIS Cloud wishes you Joyful Holidays

    22. Dec 2016

      Dear Mapping Community, As we are wrapping up another busy and hard working year, we are excited for everything we achieved during the last twelve months, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been ‘cooking under the hood’. 2017 will be full of surprises for our community and we can promise some…

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  • Webinar Recording: GIS in the Railroad Industry

    19. Dec 2016

    What are the uses of GIS in the Railroad Industry? The answer to this and many more questions can be found in a recording of last week’s webinar, held by Tomy Brown, the owner of Geomobiliti Inc. Tomy Brown, who has worked with numerous clients from the Railroad and Real Estate Industry, presented a several…

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  • GIS Day Contest 2016 Winners

    29. Nov 2016

    We are excited to announce that the winners of the GIS Day Contest 2016 have been chosen. This is the second time that GIS Cloud awards the best project idea during Geo Awareness Week, and we are very happy with the response. With applications from 18 different countries around the globe, we witnessed the huge…

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  • Webinar Announcement: Using GIS in the Railroad Industry

    22. Nov 2016

    On  December 7th, GIS Cloud will host a webinar dedicated to exploring the applications of GIS Cloud in the Railroad Industry. Tomy Brown, the owner of Geomobiliti Inc., a Florida-based company specialized in GIS for short-lined railroads and offering GIS services to other industries, will showcase an example of using GIS Cloud in the Railroad…

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  • Celebrating GIS Day Worldwide

    17. Nov 2016

    This year, we had many exciting events during the Geo Awareness Week and GIS Day. These events were also an opportunity to launch another GIS Day Contest, awarding best mapping projects that use geo technology in an innovative way and make an impact on local communities all around the world. There is still time left…

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  • GIS Day Contest Project Challenge 2016

    10. Nov 2016

    Last year, during Geo Awareness Week, we launched the first GIS Day Contest project challenge, which resulted in awesome mapping projects, with applications from more than 20 different countries. For the Geo Awareness Week in 2016 (November 13-19), GIS Cloud will introduce another GIS Day Contest and a few educational events by our team and…

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  • GIS Cloud 3D Exclusive Demo – Webinar Recording

    09. Nov 2016

    On November 3rd, 2016, we held the webinar that was dedicated to exploring the 3D visualization support within GIS Cloud environment. Watch the exclusive preview and check out some of the questions listed below, that were answered after the presentation. The possibility to explore 3D integration with GIS Cloud will be available to users who…

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  • Using GIS in Disaster Management in Jakarta

    08. Nov 2016

      As we are approaching this year’s Geo Awareness week, we wanted to look back at an amazing project from one of the GIS Day 2015 project winners.   We already covered a story about Malaria Risk Map project as well as Mapping Tribal Burial Grounds in New Zealand (Te Orewai Wahi Tapu), and now…

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  • GIS Cloud 3D Early Preview

    20. Oct 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Our team is currently exploring the possibility of enabling 3D map visualization in the cloud. That’s why we are very excited to announce GIS Cloud 3D webinar, scheduled for November 3rd, 2016. The exclusive preview will give you a chance to explore the 3D functionality in an early preview and to share…

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  • Introducing Australian Based Servers for Storing GIS Cloud Data

    19. Oct 2016

    Regulations in Australia and New Zealand – such as The Australian National Privacy Act of 1988, which regulates how organizations collect, use, keep, secure, and disclose personal information – can make it difficult for organizations to move sensitive information to cloud-providers that store data outside of Australia and New Zealand. Responding to these requirements of…

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  • MetaSUB Use Case: Building Healthier and Smarter Cities with the Help of GIS

    06. Oct 2016

    One of the cloud-based GIS applications in creating a smart city and a more responsive and sustainable environment is in public health. Increasing urbanization and a significant growth of international transport of people and goods creates unique challenges for the disease control and prevention in urban areas. These challenges are not new, nor are the…

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  • FIDA &CO. Studios presenting GIS Cloud at the Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference

    28. Sep 2016

    GIS Cloud’s partners, FIDA & CO. Studios (F&CS) are exhibiting and promoting GIS Cloud solutions at the leading smart and sustainable cities event in Egypt – Intelligent Cities Exhibition and Conference (ICEC 2016). The event is taking place at Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, 28 – 29 of September, 2016. The two day exhibition…

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  • Geospatial Technology for Building Smarter Cities

    08. Sep 2016

    What is the role of geospatial technologies in building smarter cities? The concept of smart cities became one of the most frequently mentioned buzzwords in the terms of building and designing sustainable urban environments in the 21st century. But, this does not necessarily mean that we all understand what exactly a smart city is, and…

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  • Cemetery Map: Creating Online Burial Records of Maori Tribe (New Zealand)

    06. Sep 2016

    In the digital age, many cultural practices important for local communities are facing the threat of being forgotten. One of our most inspiring user stories, demonstrating the great potential of GIS Cloud mapping technologies, comes from Pipiwai, Northland (New Zealand).   Delaraine Armstrong, Betty Cherrington, and  Margaret Tipene, who won the 2nd prize in the…

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  • FOSS4G 2016: Three days of great talks and cool hangouts

    01. Sep 2016

    The 2016 FOSS4G was a very successful and eventful gathering, which completely justified the ‘Building bridges’ theme, chosen for this year. Even though there was an extensive list of technical talks, as well as talks about Open Data, Remote Sensing for Earth Observation, Land information and Disaster management, numerous social events and hangouts (such as…

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  • Offline Maps for Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer Released

    31. Aug 2016

      We have released latest versions of our mobile applications, Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer, with one big addition: access to Offline Maps feature that is now available to all GIS Cloud users. When collecting data in the field, there is always a risk that you will have a spotty Internet connection in some…

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  • Offline Maps Available For Early Access

    12. Aug 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud community, We are excited to announce that Offline Maps for our mobile applications (Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer) are now available for early access!  The latest version of MDC and Map Viewer comes with offline maps feature for all those who subscribed for an early access. These users will be notified…

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  • Meet Us At FOSS4G 2016 In Bonn!

    27. Jul 2016

    As we announced in February, we will be sponsoring this year’s FOSS4G Conference in Bonn, Germany (August 24-26th). We will have a booth at the exhibition space where you can meet our core team in person and check out first glimpses of our new platform that we are preparing to launch later this year. Also, Dino, our CEO…

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  • Mapping Your Workflow – GIS for Roadworks Live Demo

    22. Jul 2016

    On July 14th, we held a GIS Cloud live demo “GIS For Roadworks – See How it Works.” Thanks to all who attended and participated in a discussion. Your feedback means a lot to us.   This demo recording will be useful to all our users and those who are interested in GIS Cloud apps…

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  • Discover the world of Geo-Marketing: FiDA & Co. Studios

    21. Jul 2016

    Geo-marketing is one of those cloud/web mapping applications utilized by businesses all across the digital sphere, usually by marketing managers and staff in organizations of all sizes and profiles. If you are doing anything marketing related, you know that knowing a perfect location for placing a billboard, pitching your tent or opening a new shop or…

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  • GIS for Roadworks – See How It Works: Live Demo

    06. Jul 2016

    Driven by a huge interest for our Roadwork Solutions webinar last month and in response to a lot of requests for a more comprehensive demo of GIS Cloud, we decided to schedule another webinar demonstrating full potential of our platform.   On Thursday, 14th of July, we will host a 35-minute demo-based webinar “GIS for…

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  • Introducing New Features in Mobile Data Collection

    05. Jul 2016

    GIS Cloud team is constantly working on improving the quality and functionality of our apps. Therefore, we would like to present a few of our new features available in Mobile Data Collection app since our latest overview. Having a copy of an original document is always an important part in preparation process of any business….

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  • Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance

    30. Jun 2016

    On June 20th, we held a webinar “Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance.” Thanks to all of our attendees who have shown a great interest and participated in a discussion.   For those who weren’t able to attend last week’s webinar, we have prepared a recording, accessible upon request through the form below.    …

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  • Mapping Pathogens in Public Transit Systems Worldwide with GIS Cloud

    21. Jun 2016

    Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world use public transit systems without noticing a complex microbiome that is invisible to the naked eye. In more than 50 cities around the world, scientists are working on building a molecular and genetic atlas of these transportation systems in order to establish a worldwide “DNA…

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  • Falas Português? Languages of GIS Cloud

    16. Jun 2016

    We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud apps have been translated to Portuguese!   We are looking forward to making our products closer to Portuguese speaking countries. Except for Portuguese, GIS Cloud platform is constantly updated with new languages and we are very excited to make it available for more and more people from…

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  • Webinar: Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance

    13. Jun 2016

    Next Monday (June 20th) we will host a short 30-minute webinar showing an effective way to collect, manage and visualize data for road administration and maintenance.     When we talk about road maintenance, field data collection is one of the essential parts of road management. The most important data collected for road maintenance purposes…

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  • Collect Your Data Without Internet Connection or GPS Signal – Offline Maps

    10. Jun 2016

        Numerous field collection and maintenance workflows seek offline conditions. Whether there is no internet connection or the GPS signal around the area is low, bringing all of the mapping data offline is a huge advantage in different environments.    Offline maps feature helps you to deal with unexpected situations by providing you to access…

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  • ‘Beyond Fieldwork’ Webinar Recording Available Online

    02. Jun 2016

    Last week we held Beyond Fieldwork: What’s Next After Data is Collected? webinar, focused on adding extra value to field data through GIS Cloud apps. A recording demonstrates how to efficiently analyse, update and communicate using collected data. A recording also includes use cases and a live demo showing how to easily manipulate data in…

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  • GIS for Water Utilities: Efficiently Mapping Water and Sanitary Infrastructure

    31. May 2016

      Online GIS is of great value in terms of planning, managing, and maintenance of utility infrastructures such as water resources and services. Efficient and smart use of high-quality spatial data becomes imperative in a competitive economy for many electrical, gas and water utilities. Locating facilities, tracking jobs, planning operations in utilities relies on having…

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  • Sign up for Early Access To Offline Maps!

    18. May 2016

      We are preparing new, exciting Map Viewer and Mobile Data Collection capability for smartphones and tablets – Offline Maps!   Sign up for early access to the GIS Cloud Offline Maps   If you are doing field work in offline conditions, take all of your mapping data offline and explore the benefits of GIS…

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  • Cloud GIS is a Key to Efficiency in Data Sharing and Collaboration

    17. May 2016

    One of the greatest advantages of cloud based GIS solution is its unmatched data sharing and collaboration potential for a wide variety of businesses, especially data and service providers. When it comes to industries such as oil and gas, where maps are usually rich with land, infrastructure, wells and distribution data, cloud GIS solution is…

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  • Beyond Fieldwork: What’s Next After Data is Collected?

    12. May 2016

    You eased your paper-based data collection workflow with the help of Mobile Data Collection app. All the relevant information is in place and although your data collection process is now much more efficient, there is still a lot of work to be done. So, what’s next? Following the last month’s webinar dedicated to the benefits…

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  • Paving Company Efficiently Managing Operations Using Online GIS in Construction Industry

    10. May 2016

    “In operations, we’re always looking for ways to take a process and make it better and faster. For me, GIS has helped to speed up the job tracking process that would normally require massive amounts of paperwork and organization.” Geospatial intelligence plays an important role in construction industry.  In the words of Brad Rouse, the…

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  • Video: Collect, Inspect and Visualize Data with Minimal Effort

    05. May 2016

    On April 28th we held a webinar focused on exploring the benefits of Mobile Data Collection for organizations and businesses of different profiles, including the live demo. Watch it here: Find out about different types of fieldwork and data collection environments, how to transform your daily workflow and what are the real-life examples of using…

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  • Mapping the Disease: Using GIS for Improving Malaria Interventions in Nigeria

    27. Apr 2016

    25th of April was World Malaria Day, an international observance commemorated every year. This year, the main theme is “End Malaria For Good”, building on the progress made in the last 15 years, with malaria mortality rates decreased by 60%. Despite the successes made in defeating malaria, there is still a lot to work on…

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  • What is New in Mobile Data Collection?

    21. Apr 2016

    Mobile Data Collection 1.5.9 is now available on the Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS devices. What’s changed? Auto sync is a new feature implemented in Mobile Data Collection. It prevents data collection within the current form in MDC if the form is changed or deleted before or during data collection process….

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  • Reinvent your Workflow: How to Collect, Inspect and Visualize Data with Minimal Effort

    14. Apr 2016

    On Thursday, April 28th, we will host a webinar dedicated to benefits of Mobile Data Collection for organizations and businesses of different profiles. Field data collection is a part of workflows in various organizations and businesses. Whether you work on infrastructure maintenance, non-government projects, retail, forestry, roadworks or park maintenance and management, collecting and updating…

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  • Meet the People of GIS Cloud: An Interview with Antonija Netolicki, Sales Manager at GIS Cloud

    13. Apr 2016

    GIS Cloud Sales team takes care of our user accounts and does an irreplaceable job of consulting and advising organizations and individuals in making the most of our solutions. Therefore, following an interview with Tatjana Urvan, Head of Support and Quality Assurance Department, we decided to talk with Antonija Netolicki, a Senior Sales Manager. Tell…

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  • How to Transform Your City Public Works in a Few Simple Steps?

    07. Apr 2016

    Last week (March 31st) we held a webinar “How to Transform your City Public Works in a Few Simple Steps?” This webinar was a part of GIS Cloud Smart Cities series, with a focus on Public Works, Infrastructure and Roadworks Departments in local governments as well as different organizations and businesses dealing with infrastructure maintenance…

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  • Spatial Vision Showcasing GIS Cloud At Locate 16 Conference

    06. Apr 2016

    GIS Cloud partners for Australia and New Zealand, Spatial Vision, announced that they will be supporting the Locate 16 Conference in Melbourne. The conference will be held from 12-14 April 2016 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Locate Conference (Locate16) is the national conference of the spatial and surveying industries of Australia and New…

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  • Support GIS Cloud proposals at FOSS4G 2016

    29. Mar 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, We are very happy to attend this year’s FOSS4G Conference in Bonn (August 24-26)! FOSS4G is OSGeo‘s annual global event focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. Each year, the conference brings together a wide variety of participants and organizations forming a community for sharing ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm…

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  • Webinar: How to Transform your City Public Works in a Few Simple Steps?

    24. Mar 2016

    How to increase effectiveness of Public Works and City Infrastructure and Maintenance Departments? How to save time and money in Roadworks using GIS? What are the steps necessary to improve internal workflows in order to make an organization smart? Making your city smart doesn’t mean only increasing public engagement. To create a smart community and…

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  • GIS is Radically Transforming Non-Profit Interventions Around The World

    23. Mar 2016

    An Interview with Darrel Larson (Give Clean Water Initiative)   Darrel Larson, as a chairman and founder of Give Clean Water Initiative, shared his experiences and daily challenges working with a non-profit initiative. Read about his insights on the game-changing role of GIS in his area of work and how technology is becoming more and…

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  • Importance of Open Data for Local Governments

    08. Mar 2016

    How can local and federal governments contribute to the digital transformation, citizen engagement and information transparency? Some of these questions were in focus last weekend (4.-6. of March), when CodeAcross and OpenDataDay events were held in Zagreb. Events included different panels focusing on information science curriculums and the importance of open data for governments and…

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  • GIS Cloud Team on the Past, Present and Future: Why is Speed Important?

    03. Mar 2016

    Last Thursday (February 25th), GIS Cloud hosted a webinar discussion covering many exciting topics. The spotlight of the discussion was on The Fastest Map Engine project, which brought up many interesting details from GIS Cloud’s past, present and future. The story of building the fastest map engine and technical challenges its creators have encountered was…

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  • GIS Cloud on CodeAcross and OpenDataDay in Zagreb

    01. Mar 2016

    We are happy to sponsor CodeAcross and OpenDataDay events in Zagreb this weekend (4.-6. of March). A week of civic innovations encourages citizens, software developers, designers and activists to work towards strengthening transparency in local governments and communities across the world. Saturday, March 5th is the International Open Data Day which is gathering citizens all over the world…

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  • The Fastest Map Engine Challenge

    23. Feb 2016

    Dear GIS Community! Encouraged by results of our map engine comparison project – The Fastest Map Engine (fastestmapengine.com) we decided to create The Fastest Map Engine Challenge and engage the world of GIS in a discussion about fastest mapping solutions on the market.   The Challenge We invite you to test existing cloud GIS service…

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  • A Webinar Recording : GIS Cloud Smart Cities – City Portal

    18. Feb 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! Last week you had an opportunity to attend our webinar “GIS Cloud Smart Cities – City Portal”, the first one from a series of Smart City short webinars we plan to host in the future. For those of you who couldn’t attend we prepared a video recording: City Portal is a…

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  • Webinar Announcement: GIS Cloud – The Fastest Map Engine

    16. Feb 2016

    We often talk about GIS Cloud as a provider of the fastest vector map engine. But, what that really means? The answer includes both technical and user’s point of view. In the light of the Fastest Map Engine project release, we decided to follow it up by a webinar discussion. On Thursday, February 25th, 2016,…

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  • GIS Cloud Map Viewer for Mobile Released

    11. Feb 2016

    Take your maps and projects with you wherever you go! We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud Map Viewer has been released. Map Viewer for Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices on GooglePlay and App Store. Application offers an easy way to access private, shared or public maps and data from your mobile…

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  • A reminder: City Portal Webinar on Thursday, February 11th

    10. Feb 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, we want to remind you that “Smart Cities – City Portal” webinar is scheduled for tomorrow. Webinar time and date: Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 8:00am PST    11:00am EST    5:00 PM CET REGISTER HERE. For more information about the webinar topic, click here.  

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  • Webinar Announcement: GIS Cloud Smart Cities – City Portal

    04. Feb 2016

    Encouraged by a great interest for “GIS Solutions for Smart Cities of the 21st Century” webinar, we decided to start with a series of Smart City short webinars, designed specifically for one segment of possible GIS applications for a Smart City. First webinar in the series is titled GIS Cloud Smart Cities : City Portal,…

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  • Introducing GIS Solutions for Smart Cities Webinar Recording

    04. Feb 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, we are happy to present “GIS Solutions for Smart Cities of the 21st Century” webinar recording. A response for the webinar last Thursday (January 28) was great. We want thank to those who attended. For those who have missed an opportunity to attend, we prepared a recording. Also, some of our…

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  • Meet the People of GIS Cloud: An Interview with Tatjana Urvan, Head of Support and Quality Assurance

    03. Feb 2016

    One of the first encounters with members of GIS Cloud team is in a chat with our Support team. We take a lot of pride in their great work, claimed to be one of the best parts of GIS Cloud user experience, according to many comments shared by our community. If you ever wondered who…

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  • Fighting The Snow With A Fleet Management Solution in the Cloud (Case Study)

    02. Feb 2016

        For city winter services, speed and efficiency are crucial when snow plowing an entire city. A more advanced planning system is necessary so the fleet management solution for managing snow plow trucks is a requirement!   We bring you an example of how to make city snow plowing more efficient with simple online GIS-based software,…

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  • GIS Cloud at FOSS4G in Bonn

    01. Feb 2016

    We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud will be sponsoring FOSS4G 2016 conference in Bonn (August 24-26). FOSS4G is OSGeo‘s annual global event focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. A FOSS4G includes talks, code sprints, bird-of-a-feather sessions, workshops, social events and lots of other attractive smaller and larger happenings. This year,…

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  • Google Maps Engine API Shuts Down Today (January 29, 2016)

    29. Jan 2016

    As of today, January 29, 2016, Google Maps Engine API is deprecated. This means that the product support and the API will no longer be available.   Google Maps Engine was mainly a platform which provided businesses cloud based services for editing and storing their geographic data built on Google basemap. Google basemap remained a…

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  • A Reminder: ‘Smart Cities’ Webinar is Today

    27. Jan 2016

    We are pleased to announce that more than 300 people have already registered for the “GIS Solutions for Smart Cities of the 21st Century” webinar. We want to remind our attendees and those who are interested in attending, but haven’t registered yet , that the webinar is scheduled for today:   Thursday, January 28th, at 8:00am PST…

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  • Introducing Learning Thursday: How to use a Buffer Analysis Tool?

    21. Jan 2016

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! Today, we are introducing “Learning Thursday” feature posts on our blog. The idea is to post educational texts, videos, tips and tricks, webinars and similar useful materials for our users on Thursdays, at least once a month. The first issue of GIS Cloud’s Learning Thursday is “How to use a Buffer…

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  • Looking Forward to 2016!

    20. Jan 2016

    We at GIS Cloud had an amazing year behind us. We nearly doubled our team and our user base has grown to 70,000 users worldwide. Our cloud platform is hosting 1 million map layers which can easily be shared among users. Also, GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection solution has helped field workers to collect more than…

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  • Important Browser Security News

    19. Jan 2016

    So far, GIS Cloud has supported internet browsers up to and including 3 versions back. In case of Internet Explorer that meant versions 9, 10 and 11. We will continue supporting all those and all your apps will work fine. However, there has been a change in Microsoft’s support policy. Microsoft has announced that, starting…

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  • Webinar Announcement: GIS Solutions for Smart Cities of the 21st Century

    14. Jan 2016

    How to become a smart city and what are the next steps? On Thursday, January 28th, we will be hosting a webinar titled “GIS Solutions for Smart Cities of the 21st century” What is a smart city? How to make the technology work for you in the context of your city’s digital transformation? How to…

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  • “Sharing Drone Data: Next Step – Collaboration” Video is Now Available Online

    14. Jan 2016

      We have prepared a video presentation covering the topic of “Sharing Drone Data: Next Step – Collaboration” webinar, hosted on December 10th, 2015. This video is a separate recording that was created after the original presentation. Following topics were covered: Reasons for a rapid expansion of a drone market Using Drone Data – a regular…

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  • 4 Main Reasons Why Governments Choose Cloud Based GIS

    12. Jan 2016

    One of recent trends in the process of digitalization within local governments infrastructure such as city councils, governmental agencies and departments is a growing use of cloud-based software solutions which are  improving their functionality in many segments. Since most of the paperwork, statistic and public data is now digitized and more easily accessible by both…

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  • Risk Management in Agriculture (Use Case)

    11. Jan 2016

      Combining Remote Sensing & Online GIS Technology is the Future of Risk Management in Agribusiness   According to FAO, the growth rates of global agricultural production and crop yields have slowed in the last couple of years, raising fears that the world may not be able to grow enough food and other commodities to…

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  • The Challenges of Drone Mapping

    06. Jan 2016

    Utilizing Drone Imagery – From Spatial Data to Spatial Knowledge   Contemporary mapping landscape is changing rapidly. Over the last few decades, most of the surveyors worked with total stations and GPS receivers for point to point data collection on a day-to-day basis. A usual workflow would end with using collected data for generating 2D…

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  • Arrival of the 2016 Shown on a Map

    31. Dec 2015

    Wonder where the New Year 2016 will be celebrated first? We have prepared a map showing you where 2016 starts first (#1), and where it will be celebrated last (#40). GIS Cloud team wishes you happy and successful New Year 2016!   Want to create your own cool maps? Try Map Editor for free. Check…

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  • Our Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2015

    31. Dec 2015

    In 2015, most-read content on GIS Cloud’s blog consisted of our initiatives, updates and news, together with use cases from various industries. In a way, it is also an overview of a very successful year for our team with many great stories and novelties. We are proud that 1st place on our list goes to…

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  • Happy Holidays!

    25. Dec 2015


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  • Using GIS to strategically treat contaminated water and prevent disease outbreaks (Chennai, India)

    23. Dec 2015

      In 2015 the Chennai district in India experienced severe flooding. To quickly eliminate the threat of disease outbreaks from contaminated water across the district, volunteers decided to use online GIS and strategically apply a sanitation agent.We talked to one of the volunteers included in the Chennai Silver Lining – A Sanitation Drive project. Read a…

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  • Landfill Maintenance and Management: A Remediation Project Case Study

    21. Dec 2015

    Maintenance and management of solid waste disposal sites includes various tasks such as landfill inspection, reporting, planning and monitoring. Recent advancements in contemporary mapping technology enabled easier management of these activities, as we can see in various landfill management projects. One example is drone mapping which is used for capturing high-quality and up-to-date spatial data…

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  • Hiring Front End Engineers!

    04. Dec 2015

    GIS Cloud, a global leader in cloud-based geospatial technologies, is hiring front end engineers. The company has a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide and has developed its own cloud platform, world’s fastest vector-based map engine, and a variety of platform modules and end-user products. We invite engineers to join our team in Zagreb…

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  • Webinar Announcement: Sharing Drone Data – Collaboration

    03. Dec 2015

    Next Thursday (December 10th, 2015) we will be hosting a webinar about sharing data collected with drones, thus introducing the next stage in drone mapping process – sharing and collaboration. We will present you use cases with examples of working on drone mapping projects which include various stakeholders such as local government, consulting companies and…

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  • Create User Groups and Share Bulk Permissions

    01. Dec 2015

    If you have many users in your organization, the best thing you can do is organize them into User Groups to simplify your everyday workflow.    Having a lot of users can be complicated and hard to follow, so to illustrate how easy it is to create users, organise them into groups and share bulk…

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  • Visualizing Customer and Census Data for Telecommunication Providers (Consulting Case Study)

    26. Nov 2015

      GIS Cloud lets us offer our clients a new and exciting visualization tool to better understand the data they report. Technologies Management Inc.   Technologies Management, Inc. (TMI), a leading provider of Form 477 support services for telecommunication US clients nationwide, offers a service that displays the 477 results – text files with information…

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  • GIS Day Contest Winners

    20. Nov 2015

    We are happy to announce winners of our GIS Day Contest! Out of 54 contest applications from more than 20 countries all around the world, we have chosen to award 3 best project ideas. Additional 3 project ideas will be awarded with GIS Cloud licenses through our partners Spatial Vision (Australia & New Zealand) and…

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  • GIS Day Stories

    19. Nov 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, we hope that you seized the opportunities of GIS Day happenings in your areas. This year, we decided to celebrate GIS Day by launching GIS Day Contest. 52 applicants from more than 20 countries applied with a project idea. The contest results will be published tomorrow on our blog. Following yesterday’s…

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  • New Feature Brings Easier Data Sharing

    19. Nov 2015

    We have released a new feature, available in GIS Cloud. User Groups feature is used for simplifying the process of creating, managing and editing custom user groups for the purpose of assigning a set of permissions to all of the group members at once. In cases when there are many users on a project, using…

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  • Mapping the GIS Day Contest

    18. Nov 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! Happy GIS Day to all. Following this occasion, we bring you an overview of GIS Day Contest applications on a map. We are very happy for the fact that many of you have applied for our GIS Day contest! GIS Day events reports from GIS Cloud and partners will be available on…

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  • Geography Awareness Week

    16. Nov 2015

    In 2015., we celebrate Geography Awareness Week in the week of November 15 – 21. This manifestation started as a program organized by National Geographic Education Programs (NGEP) and has spread throughout the world in the last two decades. Each year on every third week of November, thousands of teachers, students, community activists and geographers…

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  • GIS Day Contest

    11. Nov 2015

    We have prepared a surprise for incoming Geo Awareness week (15. – 21. November): a GIS Day contest! The idea is to stimulate enthusiasm for geography & GIS by creating an opportunity for anyone who wants to use maps for doing meaningful work in their local community or society in general. We will select the…

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  • Webinar Recording Available Online

    10. Nov 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! A video recording of our last week’s webinar “GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine” is now available online. The presentation was followed by a discussion. We are happy that many of you have shown interest for our webinar and platform. Stay tuned for more GIS Cloud updates on…

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  • A reminder: GIS Cloud’s Webinar Tomorrow

    04. Nov 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, We remind you that our “GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine” webinar is tomorrow (November 5th) at 8:00am PST    11:00am EST    5:00 PM CET You can register for webinar here: REGISTER    

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  • Reinvent your workflow: GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine

    03. Nov 2015

    It’s old news that Google Maps Engine will shut down its services on January 29, 2016. Soon after the announcement, a question about the alternatives was set in motion within and beyond the GIS community. Google Maps Engine was mainly a platform which provided businesses cloud based services for editing and storing their geographic data…

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  • One Day Left to Claim Map Portal Special Offer

    30. Oct 2015

    A reminder: GIS Cloud’s Map Portal Special Offer is valid until October 31st. Special offer includes 1x Map Portal subscription + 1x Map Editor Premium subscription + 1,000,000 features for the price of Map Portal subscription ($95 per month)       If you want to learn more about Map Portal, you can: watch Map Portal webinar recording read…

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  • Webinar Announcement: GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine

    29. Oct 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! In November, we will host a webinar about benefits of using GIS Cloud platform in the context of Google Maps Engine shutdown (scheduled for January 29, 2016). In first part of the webinar, we will  talk about GIS Cloud’s platform and reasons for choosing GIS Cloud as an alternative to Google…

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  • Sharing the 3D Drone Mapping Imagery With Clients: A Report from South Africa

    22. Oct 2015

      Drone technology has revolutionized the contemporary mapping landscape. It reinforced the use of evolving 3D mapping photogrammetry technologies, but also brought some new challenges to master. Luke Wijnberg from 3DroneMapping sums up the key changes drone technology brought to aerial mapping concluding that costs of the projects are now 20 times cheaper, with the…

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  • Map Portal Special Offer Extended

    21. Oct 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Due to a great number of your special offer claims, we have decided to extend our special offer until the end of October. You can get Map Portal, Map Editor + 1,000,000 features for only $95/month until October 31st, 2015.       If you want to learn more about Map…

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  • A Reminder: Map Portal Special Offer Expires Soon

    19. Oct 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, We remind you that our Map Portal special offer expires on October 21, 2015. If you have decided to claim the offer, you can submit your data below:    

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  • “Everything You Need to Know About Map Portal” Webinar Available Online

    13. Oct 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! A video recording of our last week’s webinar is now available online. Igor Farkaš talked about reasons for using Map Portal, its applications, possibilities, and benefits. A talk was followed by a discussion. For those who have missed the webinar and have a question for GIS Cloud’s team, you can send us…

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  • Key Benefits of Using Map Portal

    07. Oct 2015

    Here are some of the benefits of using GIS Cloud’s Map Portal, in words of our users: Marcelo Alejandro Portela, a consulting specialist, recommends using GIS Cloud’s applications for governments because: “the user interface is easy to use even for the non-GIS experts (commonly represented in the governmental staff), at the same time offering the…

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  • Engaging The Citizens In District Heating Management (Case Study)

    06. Oct 2015

      The City of Cluj and other parts of Romania face severe challenges because, in the last decade, more than 50,000 apartments have disconnected from the district heating system and switched to micro-heating units. That’s why Mihai Iepure from the Faculty of Geography at the University of Cluj-Napoca wanted to modernise the district heating network…

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  • Webinar: Everything You Need to Know about Map Portal (explained in 30 minutes)

    01. Oct 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! In the “Map Portal month”, following our special offer we have prepared for you a special webinar about using GIS Cloud’s Map Portal for data publishing purposes. Igor Farkaš will talk about reasons for using Map Portal, its applications, possibilities and benefits. A special focus will be on using Map Portal…

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  • Exploring the City of Darwin Map Portal

    30. Sep 2015

    Geographic information system tools increased popularity in local government projects toward its citizens demonstrates this premise, and City of Darwin took advantage of this insight creating an admirable City Portal for its residents.

    City of Darwin map portal, powered by GIS Cloud, was conceived as a web map on which City of Darwin citizens could find the information on city infrastructure and facilities.

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  • Mobile Data Collection 1.5.7 for Android Released

    25. Sep 2015

      We have released a new version of Mobile Data Collection app. MDC version 1.5.7 for Android devices is upgraded with an option to add audio/voice recordings in duration up to 5 minutes. Previous MDC versions limited audio recordings to 30 seconds length. Also, issues caused by photo file naming in certain Android devices have been resolved….

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  • Map Portal Month: A Special Offer

    21. Sep 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community! This fall, we give you a special Map Portal offer –  starting September 21. The offer expires October 21, 2015. Note: this offer is valid for all users who claim it in aforementioned period (regardless of the industry). Claim your offer: Special offer includes 1x Map Portal subscription + 1x Map Editor Premium subscription…

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  • Environmental Consulting Case Study: Watching Over Natural Hazards with the help of GIS

    16. Sep 2015

    A lot of environmental issues are regularly addressed and solved by environmental consulting companies. Their scope of influence spreads within the range of environmental management, assessment, dealing with environmental crisis and strategic planning for both governments and commercial clients. Air, land and water contamination and assessment are in their area of expertise, and this is…

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  • University in the Clouds: GIS For Academic and Educational Purposes (Part II.)

    07. Sep 2015

    Why use cloud-based applications in your institutional workflows? We opened the first part of the discussion on GIS for Academic Purposes with an overview of basic usages of geospatial technologies at institutions primarily engaged in education and research. The merit of interdisciplinary research projects at universities and research centers is a successful collaboration between departments…

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  • GIS Solutions for Government – Data Publishing Case Study

    25. Aug 2015

    Many governmental departments just recently started to discover how to benefit fully from geospatial technologies.   This particularly affects the planning, public works, and services departments that need to have adequate tools for data visualization.    Having all of that on a custom map in real time might be a game-changer in terms of creating…

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  • University in the Clouds: GIS For Academic and Educational Purposes (Part I.)

    20. Aug 2015

    How to research, collaborate, educate and optimize institutional workflows with the help of mapping technology? Interdisciplinarity is a common word in the world of contemporary education. At the institutional level, it highlights one of the most important facets of increased flow of information and ideas – collaboration. Literally, interdisciplinarity signifies working between diverse academic disciplines,…

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  • Land Administration And Parcel Management in the State of New York (Case Study)

    13. Aug 2015

    Data visualization makes our lives easy and simple. It is not a new thing, but the way we do it improves and upgrades daily. Just recently we were still drawing maps, filling forms manually and collecting GPS locations as a single point, with no media associated.     With the boom of free data that…

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  • Benchmark (Surveying) Case Study: Monument Inventory in Orange County, CA

    31. Jul 2015

    We did an interview with the Orange County Public Works about their Monument Inventory project. Their Geodetic Unit is responsible for maintenance of the Horizontal and Vertical control networks. Responsibilities include updating, revising and distributing the most accurate and current data available. Background GC: Can you tell us some basic information about the project you…

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  • Using Drones and Online GIS for Precision Agriculture in Greece – Case Study

    28. Jul 2015

        NubiGroup is our partner and a company that creates a new generation of geo-services, research, and products by exploiting geospatial information and cloud computing.    Their focus is on real-time, informed collaboration between clients and their customers.   In this particular pilot project, they dealt with precision agriculture and farming in Greece.  More…

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  • Cloud Solutions for your Local Government GIS

    07. Jul 2015

    Using GIS in Governments, whether it is Local, State or Federal has become a necessity. It helps departments work together much faster, it improves decision making process, it engages community and improves day to day operations and long term planning. Local Government incorporates a lot of different departments, that all use GIS in a different…

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  • Connecting GIS Cloud with SFTP Clients

    06. Jul 2015

    In this video we show you how to upload and export your data by connecting to GIS Cloud with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) clients.

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  • Getting Started with Mobile Data Collection

    16. Jun 2015

    In this video we show you 3 basic steps on how to start using mobile data collection. From creating a custom form in MDC Portal, sharing your project with your coworkers and collecting data using your mobile device. GIS Cloud solution for the field data collection makes your workflow in sync across all the devices…

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  • Pick a Select Feature Color

    15. Jun 2015

    We just implemented an option for defining selected features color. If you have a specific color you would like your maps to have features selected in, follow the steps below. All you need to do is: Go to Map Properties Click on Map Options Add HIGHLIGHT_COLOR as an option name and a preferred color hex…

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  • Getting Started with Map Editor

    10. Jun 2015

      We present you a short video that contains all the needed info and steps on how to get started with GIS Cloud. Check out the 4 basic steps to start your GIS Cloud mapping adventure: Create a map Upload (drag and drop) your data Style your data (classify, change colors, set your transparency) Share…

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  • Arborist Case Study: Using GIS Cloud in Tree Maintenance and Management

    03. Jun 2015

      We did an interview with Sean Grant with the Vivaldi Arborists from Sweden that have been using GIS Cloud apps in their workflow. Background GC: Can you give us some basic information about projects you are doing and why was there a need for a cloud based solution? SG: I find GIS Cloud useful…

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  • Introducing MDC Multiple Selection (Checkboxes)

    28. May 2015

    We have released MDC checkbox feature which now enables you to have a multiple selection at the same time. The feature is available in the newest MDC version for both android and iOS devices so be sure to update your MDC app. To see how the feature works in MDC Portal and on your smartphone…

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  • Geotagging Photos in GIS Cloud

    26. May 2015

    GIS Cloud has implemented the possibility of adding geotagged photos to your point data, where the latitude and longitude attributes (metadata) automatically create a point and zoom into the location of the photos taken. We invite you to take advantage of this cool feature and create many awesome and interesting maps filled with images and…

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  • Archaeology Case Study: Using GIS Cloud for ‘Line Walking’ Survey and Field Data Collection

    21. May 2015

    We did an interview with Dr. Gugl from the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture in Austria. They have been using GIS Cloud in their research of Roman Military Camp – Municipium – Late Antique and Byzantine Fortification. Background GC: Can you tell us some basic information about the project you are doing and…

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  • Maplim + MDC + MDC Portal Working Together

    19. May 2015

    In this video we will show you how to combine Maplim in field data collection projects using MDC mobile app and MDC Portal. If you were wondering wether you can attach documents, a member of your team sends you via Maplim, the answer is in this video so click below to watch.

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  • Supporting raster data in .ECW, .IMG, .SID, .JP2 formats

    11. May 2015

    Rasters are getting to be equally important as vectors. So naturally we strive to support as many raster formats and constantly work on getting that list bigger and wider. Another important part about both vector and raster data is the map performance when dealing with large data sets and large data volume. We are covering…

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  • Rasters With No Black Edge?

    07. May 2015

    Let’s talk raster. GIS Cloud has been doing some crazy good upgrades for rasters, from widening the list of formats we support, to implementing tricks for getting rid of those annoying black edges, to supporting large, very large raster data sets. We will start with the black edge removal. You will need literally 5 clicks…

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  • Video Blog: Attaching documents through Maplim

    05. May 2015

    In this video we will show you how the real time collaboration stream works in Maplim along with how to attach relevant documents to your workflow.

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  • Video Blog: Getting Started With Maplim

    30. Apr 2015

    In this video we will show you how to get started with the Maplim application. From creating your project, setting it up with additional layers, organizing it with cards and sharing with other users you want to collaborate with.

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  • GIS For Real Estate – Display Your PostGIS Database In GIS Cloud

    29. Apr 2015

      Over the years, GIS rapidly changed the Real Estate Industry with advanced and accurate information of assets.   Real estate companies are aware that successful problem solving is connected with a detailed understanding of their spatial information.   GIS provides an accurate and visual representation of properties that real estate professionals or clients wish…

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  • Introducing Maplim Webinar Recording

    29. Apr 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud and Maplim Community, We happily announced the release of the newest addition to our app family: Maplim – an application that delivers the fastest and most intuitive real-time collaboration on a map using any device. In this webinar we are showing you the app possibilities in a live demo as well as…

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  • Geomobiliti Inc. Interview – Using GIS Cloud in Railroad Industry

    24. Apr 2015

    We did an interview about Railroad GIS with Tomy Brown, owner of Geomobiliti Inc. and a Railroad GIS expert. What are the trends in the Railroad Industry from the GIS perspective, and his experience in using GIS Cloud are all covered in this interview. GC: Tomy, can you tell us a bit about yourself and…

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  • Introducing Maplim free Webinar

    21. Apr 2015

    With the release of the newest addition to our app family: Maplim – an application that delivers the fastest and most intuitive real-time collaboration on a map using any device, we want to show you everything this app can do. Register for our free webinar where we will show you the app possibilities in a…

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  • GIS Cloud Releases Maplim

    21. Apr 2015

    We are happy to announce the release of the newest addition to our app family: Maplim – an application that delivers the fastest and most intuitive real-time collaboration on a map using any device. We invite you to sign-up for free and get an early access to Maplim. Activate Maplim What is Maplim? While Maplim…

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  • GIS Cloud Geocoder

    16. Apr 2015

    In this video we give you instructions on how to prepare your data table prior to geocoding and steps to follow for your geocoding process. With only couple of clicks your geocoded addresses are up and ready on a map. Download your data or continue using it in Map Editor. Be sure to try out…

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  • Getting Ready For The Field Season With GIS Cloud Webinar

    10. Apr 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Thank you for attending our webinar on the topic of ‘Getting Ready For The Field Season’, your participation, questions and feedback. You can access the webinar recording in the video below and for all of your questions, more info, material please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Video Blog: Adding WMTS To Your Maps and Projects

    09. Apr 2015

    A Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) is a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered georeferenced map tiles over the internet or in other words WMTS provides a standard based solution to serve digital maps using predefined image tiles. In the video below we are showing you steps on how to add WMTS to your maps in…

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  • Orange County Interview – Fighting Droughts and Watershed Monitoring

    07. Apr 2015

    With the recent severe drought happening in California, we wanted to do an interview with one of our users from the area, Grant Sharp, Environmental Monitoring Section Manager with the OC Watersheds Division of OC Public Works in Orange County, California. We wanted to get his thoughts on the matter and find out what is…

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  • Free Webinar: Getting Ready For The Field Season with GIS Cloud

    01. Apr 2015

    With the field season coming up for many, we would like you to enjoy the advantages of our apps even in the field. By using GIS Cloud apps it has never been easier to create projects and collect data. You are simply creating custom forms to follow your industry, company and project needs but are…

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  • Video Blog: Adding WFS To Your Maps and Projects

    31. Mar 2015

    What is WFS? The Open Geospatial Consortium Web Feature Service Interface Standard (WFS) provides an interface allowing requests for geographical features (points, lines, and polygons) across the web using platform-independent calls. As we are covering how to use the OGC standards in GIS Cloud, in this video we are showing you how to add a…

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  • Why Go GIS Cloud Webinar Available Online

    20. Mar 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Thank you for attending our webinar on the topic of ‘Why GO GIS Cloud’, your participation, questions and feedback. You can access the webinar recording in the video below and the GIS Cloud User Success Stories by clicking the Success button below. For all of your questions, more info, material please…

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  • Video Blog: 8 GC User Success Stories

    20. Mar 2015

    GIS Cloud presents you a short mash up of 8 GIS Cloud user success stories coming from different locations and industries. The idea was to show you the variety of industries our users use GC apps on a daily basis, but also how worldwide is GIS Cloud present. These are only some of them so…

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  • Video Blog: Adding WMS To Your Projects

    18. Mar 2015

    In the next couple of weeks we will show you the simple steps on adding Open Geospatial Consortium standards to your projects in Map Editor app. We start with adding the Web Map Service, whether the need is to show aerial photos, temperature, precipitation and so on… you can add it all by following these…

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  • Oil and Gas Case Study: Providing Client Mapping Data Online

    16. Mar 2015

    With the upcoming webinar, where we will show you some of the GIS Cloud user success stories, we wanted to present you a Consulting success story from the Oil and Gas industry. We did a short interview with CORE Geomatics, asking them to describe what their projects are about and how has GIS Cloud helped…

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  • Free Webinar: Why Go GIS Cloud?

    10. Mar 2015

    Now that you have learned all the alternatives for Google Maps Engine, we wanted to present you reasons why GIS Cloud is not alternative but simply a better solution, where we adapt to you and your needs. And the best way to demonstrate that is to show you real scenarios from our user success stories….

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  • Video Blog: Introducing MDC Dependent Fields

    09. Mar 2015

    The new Mobile Data Collection version introduces Dependent Fields, available for android and iOS devices. Once you are in MDC Portal, you can set up your custom forms with the brand new Dependency menu. To get more information on how to use Dependent Fields, click here or watch the video below.

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  • Why Go GIS Cloud? Alternative for GME or Simply a Better Solution?

    07. Mar 2015

    Instead of saying what GIS Cloud can do for you as an alternative or how it can replace ‘certain players’, ones that shall not be named :), let’s focus on what GIS Cloud does as GIS Cloud, and does it better. Better Map Performance Better Pricing Structure Better Collaboration and Functionality Better Integration Better Platform…

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  • Revolutionary Label Management

    05. Mar 2015

    GIS Cloud presents you mind blowing labels or should we say, eye moving labels. Ever wanted to move your map and that your labels move along with your map. In other words, labels now have the possibility to change their location automatically and adapt on their own by the placement change of your map. Want…

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  • Video Blog: Create A Project In MDC Portal

    04. Mar 2015

    In this video we wanted to cover basic steps for creating a project in MDC Portal: how to create a project in MDCP how to add different fields in your custom form difference between required and persistent fields how to create groups in select lists hands on demo within the Mobile Data Collection app In…

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  • Video Blog: Assigning MDC licenses

    26. Feb 2015

    In this video we wanted to cover some helpful steps regarding the field data collection projects: how to acquire MDC licenses assigning MDC licenses to your username sharing your maps and projects giving different privileges to your data collection team In the next video we will cover creating of projects in MDC Portal and interoperability…

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  • GIS Cloud New User Interface

    09. Feb 2015

    As always, GIS Cloud team has been working on new things, upgrading and adding new features, tools and options to make your workflows even better. With the new year we wanted to do something special for all of our existing and new users and present you GIS Cloud with a brand new User Interface. The…

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  • Become a GIS Cloud Partner Webinar Available Online

    22. Jan 2015

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Thank you for attending our webinar on the topic of ‘Become a GIS Cloud Partner’, your participation, questions and great feedback. You can access the webinar recording in the video below, and the partner program application process by clicking the Apply button below. For all of your questions, more info, material…

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  • Why should you partner with GIS Cloud?

    16. Jan 2015

    Let’s simplify the concept of GIS: relating any kind of informational data to a location. So think about what that means for your business. Location can be everything from a delivery route, addresses, management territory, service boundaries, administrative units and so on. From the business perspective, knowing the spatial relationship between you and your clients…

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  • 2015: The Year of Making GIS Simple

    12. Jan 2015

    Maps are being used more than ever in history. Consumer mapping solutions like Google Maps have commoditized Geographic Information Systems and taken maps into daily lives of millions of people. On the professional side, many companies are still suffering from poor workflows weighted down by legacy solutions and having their data locked in silos. Even…

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  • Free Webinar: Become a GIS Cloud Partner

    07. Jan 2015

    GIS Cloud is looking for partners worldwide! If you are interested in partnering with us, working together on developing new and custom geospatial solutions by using the fastest geo location platform available today and extend and enrich the capabilities of your users you should: Attend our webinar Contact us to get more info Become an…

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  • Public and Private Access?

    29. Dec 2014

    Public or private maps? Which way to go? Why not both? If you have a need to have either public or private maps we’ve got you covered. The possibilities that GIS Cloud’s permission and role management offers you are endless. Here are some of the frequent questions our users ask us about what having private…

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  • Improving Road Infrastructure in Australia with Online GIS (Case Study)

    22. Dec 2014

    The District Council of Mallala is located in the Australian state of South Australia about 58 kilometers north of the state capital of Adelaide.   The name is thought to be derived from the Kaurna word madlala or madlola, meaning “place of the ground frog”. Though a small community with a population of around 800 people…

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  • Lewis County Case Study: Small Community Cloud Solution

    17. Dec 2014

    With the ongoing discussion on the topic of cloud computing phenomena and what it means for the GIS industry, we wanted to give an overview of just how wide the spectra of cloud dimensions is. The big players are well endowed in the Cloud and cloud solutions, but what about the small players and small…

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  • Measure Tools That Will Wow You!

    11. Dec 2014

    Measure tools now have even more possibilities: Point By clicking on your point locations you get the information on latitude and longitude Distance Measure the distance of your line files or between them Available now in meters, feet, yards and miles Area Measure the area of your polygon features Available in meters, feet, acres and…

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  • Using Maps to Identify Homeless Population in Milwaukee (Case Study)

    09. Dec 2014

      Over 100 million people around the world have no shelter whatsoever. With the turbulence in the global economy, homelessness is becoming an increasing problem all over the world. The growing rate of the homeless population especially concerns American society. One of the ways to begin resolving this problem is to create a specifically designed…

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  • Why Extend To The Cloud Available Online

    05. Dec 2014

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Thank you for attending our webinar on the topic of Why Extend To The Cloud, your questions and great feedback. We will be having more webinars in the near future on different topics so stay tuned. If you have suggestions on a preferred topic you would like us to cover in…

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  • How To Use Both Desktop And Cloud?

    03. Dec 2014

    With the ‘don’t replace just extend’ concept which we will be discussing on our free Webinar this Thursday (there is still time to sign up for it) we wanted to give you a simple yet very effective example. For an example, how to use both your existing data and new data, without the need of…

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  • Save 50% – Great Black Friday Deal

    27. Nov 2014

    Special offer is valid for monthly, six months and annual subscriptions for all the GIS Cloud apps. Please note that this is a limited time offer and will end on Monday, December 1st at midnight PST. Contact us for more info or if you have questions.

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  • Free Webinar: Why Extend To The Cloud?

    20. Nov 2014

    All the perks of extending your current GIS solution to the Cloud as well as benefits of doing it with GIS Cloud will be discussed in our free Webinar. Key words that will be discussed are integration, real time collaboration, high performance and accuracy, no hidden cost… Webinar time and date: December, 4th at 1:00…

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  • GIS Cloud Users…Making A Difference

    19. Nov 2014

    Its GIS day everyone…15th to be more exact. GIS Day provides an international forum for users of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in our society. When we read real-world applications that make a difference…cool idea came to mind instantly. We wanted to show you how our…

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  • Fastest Mapping Technology Today – Big Data Performance

    13. Nov 2014

    What makes a map or a project good? If you ever asked yourself this question, you probably have an answer to it that is applicable to the audience you make projects/maps for. The more you create projects the more you realize that you have to think as an end user rather than the map creator….

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  • Hiring Senior Backend Engineers!

    11. Nov 2014

    Looking to add new outstanding developers to our existing team! We’re a product company, passionate about technology and using it in the best way possible for turning our ideas into an evolving cloud platform that our users love. We’re looking for new team members for position of senior backend engineers. The ideal candidate is hungry…

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  • How to use GIS Cloud Platform for your Success…in 5 simple steps

    06. Nov 2014

    Follow these simple steps to get exactly what you need out of our platform for your needs, workflow and ultimate success. Step 1: Define your industry As we mentioned, GIS Cloud Apps are tailored for you so you can get exactly what you need custom to your Industry. Weather you are in Consulting, Water Management,…

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  • The Future of Your GIS Workflow

    30. Oct 2014

    Then… Not so long time ago, we were still manually drawing maps, populating survey forms in the field with a pen and inputting collected data manually in Excel as a part of an extensive paper based workflow. And what about if ‘heavens forbid’ we had to review the data…off we go back to the field…

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  • GIS Cloud Learning Center and Support

    17. Oct 2014

      Every successful GIS story begins with great GIS tools! Our mission is to make your GIS journey user friendly as much as possible by helping and assisting GIS Cloud users every step of the way. We believe that learning and exploring new applications and products shouldn’t be tiring and hard but exciting and fun….

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  • Cloud Mapping (Rev)Solutions continue…

    01. Oct 2014

    At GIS Cloud, we were always inspired to push online mapping to the next level, beyond its borders. There is a reason why there is the Cloud in GIS Cloud…the Cloud is said to make your life easier, and then…so can GIS Cloud. Benefits that Cloud offers are growing more and more, and Cloud related…

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  • GIS Cloud at INTERGEO Conference

    30. Sep 2014

    We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud is attending INTERGEO conference in Berlin from 7th to 9th of October. NTERGEO is the world’s leading conference trade fair for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management. With over half a million event website users and over 16,000 visitors from 92 countries at INTERGEO itself, it is one…

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  • Where is the Cloud in GIS for Watershed Management?

    17. Sep 2014

    With the recent increase in frequency of flooding events (followed by the usual ‘I haven’t seen this in the past hundred years’ comment), a GIS-related observation came to mind. It is highly unlikely that we will ever be 100% sure in terms of preventing ‘Mother Nature’s rage’, but we do have tools to help with…

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  • Ask what GIS Cloud Apps can do for You

    04. Sep 2014

    What is the difference between Map Editor, Map Viewer and Map Portal? Let’s explain it through a project example and divide it in 3 parts so that each app corresponds to a specific part of your project. Creating: Map Editor Your project requires tools for creating and editing the maps that will display your data…

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  • Measure for Measure

    04. Sep 2014

    Well, this is not an intro to a Shakespeare play but an intro to your even more precise projects. For everyone who wants to get even more precision when drawing new features or when measuring existing features, GIS Cloud has a special treat for. When editing in addition to snapping you can now activate measuring…

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  • Why Mobile Data Collection Portal?

    27. Aug 2014

    For everyone who wants to take their field data collection to the next level, here are some interesting facts about Mobile Data Collection Portal. Creating forms, accessing the form/project in MDC app and making edits within the app from anywhere, anytime on any device Key values: Free sign in/use your existing username Create and edit…

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  • It’s the season of New!

    06. Aug 2014

    GIS Cloud brings you a bunch of new and exciting updates/features/releases that we have been working on even during the summer period. As we are gradually updating our new GIS Cloud webpage (lot of new material coming up), new look has been released for our apps as well. From now on, new layers panel along…

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  • Offline Maps are out!

    22. Jul 2014

    Offline Maps are now available in Mobile Data Collection app for both iOS and Android devices. The Offline Maps option makes a map available when there is no Internet connection available for a defined area. You can define your area of interest while being online by choosing the area to download and panning/zooming to the…

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  • Introducing GIS Cloud Solutions – Data Hosting

    16. Jul 2014

    Hello GIS Cloud Community, We would like to present you a solution for sharing private maps and data directly with your clients anywhere anytime. Data Hosting Solution enables you to set up your organization by administering roles and permissions of your co workers and users at the same time. Bring in your vector and raster…

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  • GIS Cloud Webinar for Consultants Available Online

    30. Jun 2014

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Thank you for attending our webinar and your great feedback. We will be having more webinars in the near future on different topics. The link to our recorded webinar can be accessed here: GIS Cloud Webinar for Consultants It would be great to hear your ideas, so please leave us a…

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  • Free Webinar for Consultants – Vol 2

    18. Jun 2014

    As promised, due to your outstanding responsiveness, we are holding another free webinar where we will be covering the topic of GIS Solutions for Consultants one more time. Webinar time and date: June, 26th at 1:00 p.m. EST/10:00 a.m. PDT/ 7:00 p.m. CET Can’t make it? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do…

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  • How to consult in 4 steps with GIS Cloud

    16. Jun 2014

    We always like to point out that it is our goal to make your everyday workflow easier and more effective. As consultants, you need a solution that will combine your projects to be fast in performance and a custom yet user friendly way for your clients to access these projects. Chances are you already have…

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  • GIS Cloud – Create your custom collaborative approach – Vol 3

    11. Jun 2014

    So far we have covered three topics on our solution for consultants: Introduction Collaborative approach for internal use Collaborative approach between you and your clients The last topic on consultants we wanted to cover is if you already have an exact workflow for collaboration between you and your clients. You simply need a custom tool…

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  • Special Offer for Consultants

    05. Jun 2014

    For an entire month, you will have a possibility of using our apps without any commitments for free: Map Editor premium license 2 Map Viewer premium licenses Mobile Data Collection license White Label Customization Ever wanted to serve data through your own custom app? Step 1. Upload your data, create a map and share it…

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  • Mobile Data Collection Update Release

    04. Jun 2014

    We have updated the Mobile Data Collection app with a bunch of cool things that are now available for iOS and Android devices. What’s new with this release: High quality photos – collect high resolution photos Log in with Google, Twitter, Facebook or Salesforce Improved queue management Feature ID visible within the app Switch projects…

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  • GIS Cloud – Collaborative approach between you and your clients

    30. May 2014

    Last week we covered Collaborative approach for internal use, while this week we continue with a second part of the GIS Cloud solution for consultants. Let’s say you are a consultant that works with different clients. For an optimal success there needs to be an ongoing communication and collaboration between you and your clients, preferably…

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  • Snapping feature is out!

    21. May 2014

    Hi GIS Cloud community, We are happy to announce that from now on you are able to use edit with snapping in your everyday workflow. Snapping tool enables adding vertices without topology conflict with other features inside the map. In that way, invested time in editing and creating of the data is reduced, while accuracy…

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  • GIS Cloud – Collaborative approach for internal use

    21. May 2014

    It all starts with a project, defining its stages and time a project will last for. There are 2 most common challenges consultants encounter when dealing with projects every day: How to include everyone relevant in the project in and outside the office to collaborate and come up with the best results? Every project needs…

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  • Consulting Solution: Environmental Management Case Study

    20. May 2014

    Tracking changes over time has become a necessity in various fields in environmental management. By keeping track of data records, different patterns can be distinguished which can be relevant for decision making. For instance by displaying annual data for fire activity on a map, patterns can be observed as to which locations are more distressed,…

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  • GIS Cloud Webinar for Consultants

    20. May 2014

    Sign up now for our free GIS Cloud Webinar on the topic of GIS Solutions for Consultants. The idea is to show you how to utilize GIS Cloud Solutions for collaborating and sharing inside and outside your organization. With this 60 minute Webinar you will know all the needed steps to implement our solutions and…

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  • Easy Information Sharing And Data Collaboration Through Entire Organization

    07. May 2014

      Managers and decision-makers always have collaboration challenges on projects within numerous company departments. Presenting and exchanging the data collection and information between operatives is crucial for achieving business goals!   Since the beginning, we’ve introduced a single GIS platform for data collection, management, and access that helped thousands of users exploit the advantages of…

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  • GIS Cloud Manager

    05. May 2014

    Hi GIS Cloud community, With the complexity all around us in our everyday lives, GIS Cloud Team wanted to create an app – Your App that makes your life a bit more simple and easy. Specified for managing your organization, clients, licenses, customizing apps, making payments and many more, GIS Cloud Manager is a quickstart…

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  • Mobile Data Collection – Orange County Interview

    28. Apr 2014

    With the focus on the Mobile Data Collection this month, we decided to ask our Users about MDC app, its features and how it has helped them in their every day workflow. We interviewed Grant Sharp, Environmental Monitoring Section Manager with the OC Watersheds Division of OC Public Works in Orange County, California. As the…

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  • Watersheds “Virtual” outfall monitoring: Orange County Case Study

    25. Apr 2014

    Watersheds “Virtual” outfall monitoring is a program that requires observations, physical information, and water quality samples to be collected and analyzed at storm drain outfalls (pipes) during dry weather, in order to detect if there are any sources of pollution in the tributary drainage area that need to be addressed. Collected photos with Mobile Data…

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  • Using GIS In Pest Control And Management – Tulare County CA (Case Study)

    23. Apr 2014

          Online GIS is becoming an essential platform for pest control and management worldwide.   Collecting data, creating maps, and conducting geospatial analysis on a large scale helps prevent the spread of pest disease. It is used to interpret and analyze patterns to understand spatial interaction between pests, soil, and vegetation affected by…

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  • Review and Update Your Data – Special Offer 1+1 = 3

    14. Apr 2014

    Hey GIS Cloud Community, Last week we covered how easy it is to create a project and start your field collection with GIS Cloud apps. This week we are going a bit further and will show you how to review and update your formerly collected data. Also, as promised, check out our MDC Special Offer…

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  • Roadworks Solution: Damage and Maintenance Reports for the City of Amsterdam

    09. Apr 2014

    The city of Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city in the Netherlands. It is considered to be an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) study group. With ranking 3rd in innovation by 2thinknow in the Innovation Cities Index in 2009, search for cloud computing solutions took its momentum in…

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  • Road Infrastructure and Maintenance Solution: Odsherred Kommune Case Study

    07. Apr 2014

    Odsherred is a peninsula in the north-western part of the island Zealand (Sjælland) in Denmark, stretching from the Sjællands Odde in the north-west to the now drained fjord Lammefjord in the south. It covers an area with a wide range of the most typical Danish landscapes such as long sandy beaches, small rolling hills and…

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  • Collect data in only 5 steps!

    31. Mar 2014

    Hey GIS Cloud Community, As Spring has just started and with the field season coming up for many, it is time to focus on what GIS Cloud can do better for you while being outside the office. This month we would like you to start enjoying the advantages of our apps in the field, create…

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  • Volunteer Watershed Cleanup Events: Orange County CA Case Study

    31. Mar 2014

    Orange County California is comprised of eleven watersheds which drain to 42 miles of sparkling blue coastline and sensitive wetlands such as Upper Newport Bay and Bolsa Chica. There is a lot of interest in protecting and preserving the health of these resources and volunteer cleanup events have become an important part of this effort….

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  • Traffic Management Solution: City of Amsterdam Case Study

    19. Mar 2014

      The City of Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly large cities in the world and is a center of bicycle culture with a good cyclist infrastructure. Therefore there is a pressing need for a quality maintenance of bike lanes, racks, poles and different types of bike infrastructure on regular basis. Learn how they…

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  • Map Export: High Resolution Maps

    10. Mar 2014

    Export map function has been upgraded and improved! Maps are one of the most informative ways to share the information about how our world works. Let’s say you want to share your map for a project with your colleges, prepare a map for your upcoming monthly report, or you need your maps ready for printing…

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  • Map Portal Special Offer

    17. Feb 2014

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Due to your positive responsiveness and special offer claims, we are extending our special offer for another week. With this Special Offer you get: One Map Portal ($95) + 400 000 Vector Features (free) + 2 GB Raster storage (free) Claim it while it’s hot! By acquiring a single Map Portal,…

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  • Data Publishing Solution Case Study: Municipality of Ede

    14. Feb 2014

    Ede is a municipality and a town in Netherlands with a population over 110.000 people. Its proximity to major highways and railways offers fast connections to the port city of Rotterdam, the airport of Schiphol and the Ruhr Area in Germany makes Ede an economically propulsive area. A pressing need occurred for a more innovative…

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  • Learn to publish your data in less than half an hour!

    06. Feb 2014

    Challenge: Create an interactive mapping solution, easily accessible to your customers/public/stakeholders…within an hour time span. The Dare: Make it happen in only 30 minutes!!! Solution: GIS Cloud Data Publishing solution Upload your data or publish a map from ArcMap using ArcMap Publisher Extension (compatible now with any ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x) to the cloud. estimate:…

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  • Updated ArcMap Publisher Extension released!

    03. Feb 2014

    Hey GIS Cloud Community, As we like to say, our solutions are the reflection of our user needs and feedback. So, to kick off this season, we are releasing a new and updated edition of ArcMap Publisher extension for ArcGIS. The extension has been made highly compatible and works with any ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x….

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  • Data Publishing Solution Case Study: City of Canton

    29. Jan 2014

    City of Canton is the county seat of Cherokee County, Georgia in Unites States. With the increasing population and development of the city, the need for fast, efficient and affordable GIS solutions have emerged. The majority of spatial data City of Canton has is in the form of ESRI shapefiles, so the idea was to…

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  • Data Publishing Solution

    29. Jan 2014

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Do you want to unlock your data from your desktop environment? Set your data free and allow your viewers to search, visualize and explore media enriched data with just one click. We would like to present you a solution for publishing your data from the desktop to the cloud. Data publishing…

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  • Mobile Data Collection Update Tool

    08. Jan 2014

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, The long – awaited moment has finally arrived! We are proudly announcing that the Mobile Data Collection Update Tool has been released. With the new update tool you are able to change attributes and location of any point taken (or even delete it). By simply clicking on your collected point location,…

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  • GIS Cloud – Holiday Discount

    18. Dec 2013

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Holiday season is upon us, so we have great news for our users and users to be. GIS Cloud is launching a new free application: Mobile Data Collection Portal, announcing a new ‘update feature’ for our Mobile application as well as publishing a new use case. On top of all that,…

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  • Mapping Dangerous Pathogens in New York City (Case Study)

    18. Dec 2013

      There are many challenges when doing field work in a dynamic environment of epidemiological research and health services. Our recent collaboration with The Mason Lab at Weill Cornell Medical College proved to be a good demonstration of how cloud solutions can provide a workable and efficient platform for solving any field data collection or…

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  • Earthquake-Spatial selection

    06. Dec 2013

    An earthquake is a process that occurs due to the movement of tectonic plates and results in tremors of the Earth’s crust due to sudden release of energy. Global tectonic plates are closely related to the earthquakes as many of them occur near subduction zones. There are two measures that describe the earthquake magnitude and…

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  • Build Your Personalized – White Label GIS Application

    04. Dec 2013

      A white label application is a branded digital product or service you can use as an in-house user solution or a product targeted for end-clients. There are many different benefits to adding a custom branded GIS application to your core business.   Some of the benefits of custom white label GIS apps are enormous opportunities…

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  • Presenting: Field Service Inspector

    18. Nov 2013

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, Greetings from San Francisco! We are proud to announce that we have successfully launched our first app on the Salesforce.com AppExchange: Field Service Inspector. What is Field Service Inspector? Field Service Inspector is the newest GIS Cloud app that enables you to collect and manage field data from any location on…

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  • Map Portal facts

    04. Nov 2013

    GIS Cloud Map Portal is a customizable cloud based tool for visualizing, exporting and publishing geospatial data. It is a simple and easy application that gives you an overview of your mapping effort, and is a friendly way of displaying data to the public. Map portal is an affordable solution as it reduces time, effort,…

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  • Orange County, CA Adopts GIS Cloud

    28. Oct 2013

    Orange County, California (OC) with the population of over 3 million people, is the third most populous county in California, behind only Los Angeles and San Diego counties. The County is famous for its attractions such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, its beautiful beaches along more than 40 miles (64 km) of coastline, and…

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  • GIS Cloud at Dreamforce Conference!

    21. Oct 2013

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, As our departure day slowly approaches, we would like to focus a bit more on one our highlights of the trip, the Dreamforce conference by Salesforce.com. GIS Cloud is proud to announce that we will be launching new applications on the Salesforce Platform. Our attendance at Dreamforce will be a perfect…

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  • Meet us in California!

    16. Oct 2013

    Dear GIS Cloud Community, We have exciting news upon us: GIS Cloud core team is going for a month long tour in the United States (November 6th – December 9th) with base locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We would officially like to invite all of our users, partners and friends to join us in…

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  • Volcano locations are closely linked to Tectonic plates

    11. Oct 2013

    As the world’s population grows, more and more people settle in potentially dangerous volcanic areas. Volcanic eruptions continue, as throughout the most of geologic time, posing threats to life and property. Our map shows locations of 1 572 volcanos, complete with info on the volcano name, region where it is located, type, status, etc. Generally,…

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  • Special Offer – Mobile Data Collection Facts

    07. Oct 2013

    Mobile Data Collection is a tool for iOS and Android devices which allows you to collect data from the field in real time, populate custom forms and work even in offline mode. This app gives you the possibility of collecting accurate and timely information which increases productivity and reduces response time.   Mobile Data Collection…

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  • GIS Cloud Publisher for ArcMap

    30. Sep 2013

    A single click solution to get your maps from ArcMap to the Cloud! Exciting times are happening in GIS Cloud, as we get more and more feedback from our users. Your feedback is what makes our team develop faster and even better solutions for you. As our GIS culture is based on a very open…

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  • Nighttime Lights USA

    27. Sep 2013

    Who would think that we would be seeing ‘flaming flowers’ from the Satellite imagery.

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  • Special Offer Videoblog

    25. Sep 2013

    Special offer for GIS Cloud Bundle includes 1 Map Editor, 3 Map Viewer, 1 Map Portal and 2 Mobile Data Collection subscriptions, with real value of $235, at just $95 per month without any additional or hidden costs.

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  • Special Offer – Map Editor facts

    23. Sep 2013

    Did you know that Map Editor allows you to: Create as many maps as you need supports multiple vector and raster formats (.shp, .kml, .gpx, .tif, .sid, …) customizable symbology – thematic map wizards and powerful label management adding and editing features Manage your data data interoperability supports different services like WMS, TMS, WFS, WMTS…

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  • Fun side of cartography – United States Motto Map

    20. Sep 2013

    United States has a well known motto, but have you ever wondered if the 50 states have their own motto too?! The answer is yes, and they are very diverse. From the North, to the South, each and every one of them is unique and special. Some of them are originally in Latin, some of…

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  • Free GIS Cloud Webinar!

    16. Sep 2013

    Sign up now for our free GIS Cloud Webinar and learn more about how to increase efficiency in your organization and get more value out of your data with GIS Cloud applications. It’s easy to get started and with this 45 minute Webinar you’ll know more than enough to see how you could easily utilize GIS…

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  • Map as a lifesaving tool: Map of Cholera by John Snow

    13. Sep 2013

    In the 19th century, a severe outbreak of cholera occurred in London in the area of Broad Street (now Broadwick Street). There were over 500 fatal attacks of cholera in 10 days within the 250 yards (0,2 kilometers) from the spot. British doctor John Snow couldn’t convince other doctors and scientists that cholera, a deadly…

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  • Export Map: New Features

    11. Sep 2013

    Export map function has a new layout and few under the hood changes. Now export map boundaries are no more defined by corner coordinates, but only with central coordinate of the map view and the zoom value which provides easier defining of desired view. Both the central coordinate and zoom level can be defined manually…

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  • Mapping the Emerald Ash Borer infestation in Maple grove (Case Study)

    10. Sep 2013

      The City of Maple Grove had a serious problem with an Emerald Ash Borer infestation. The first project the City undertook was to measure the condition of the public trees to identify the pest threat that has been severely affecting the trees in that area. Before the city could start the emerald ash borer…

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  • New Map Editor Home tab

    28. Aug 2013

    We are proud to inform you that we have released a new home tab for the Map Editor app.

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  • Creating maps has become more user friendly than ever before!

    26. Aug 2013

    We have improved the create new map feature and now it’s offering faster project creation…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Web Map Service (WMS)

    31. Jul 2013

    Consume WMS URL of your maps in various third party software such as: QGIS, Google Earth, ArcMap and many more…

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  • Mobile Data Collection: Create Custom Forms

    10. Jul 2013

    Before you start collecting data you need to create a map, a point layer where you will send your data from the field and create a custom form according to your needs.

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  • Mobile Data Collection: City Infrastructure Research Case Study

    03. Jul 2013

    To illustrate the capability of GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection application, we’ve released a short case study about the infrastructure maintenance and management with the real example of park infrastructure in the City of Koprivnica, Croatia. Click here to view the map and review photos. There are many departments responsible for city’s infrastructure such as…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Collaboration

    12. Jun 2013

    Applications that are available at any time from anywhere on any form factor..

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  • GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection App Released!

    28. May 2013

    GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection is a tool for today’s mobile devices which enables you to collect data and conduct field surveys faster and easier than ever before…

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  • GIS Cloud Preview: GIS Cloud Applications on Tablets

    09. May 2013

    In this preview you can see the true power of our proprietary and optimized vector…

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  • New Map Editor Feature: Export Attribute Data Tool

    03. May 2013

    Here you can define how many features do you want to…

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  • New Map Editor Feature: Data Filtering

    25. Apr 2013

    In today’s video we would like to show you an another data filtering tool that allows you to filter, find and visualize features by it’s attributes easier and faster than before. Explore the map. Make sure to shoot us an email and leave us a comment on our twitter and facebook pages.

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  • New Map Editor Feature: Media Integration

    10. Apr 2013

    Map Editor allows you to import and view various photos, images and videos; listen to…

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  • New Map Editor Feature: Near Analysis tool!

    26. Mar 2013

    Today we would like to introduce you to the Map Editor’s new analysis feature called Near tool. Make sure to shoot us an email and leave us a comment on our twitter and facebook pages.

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Map Embeds

    05. Mar 2013

    Choosing the embed tab on the Share and Publish panel allows you to easily extract the code of your map necessary for embedding it into the website…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Heatmap Analysis

    28. Feb 2013

    In Map Editor all spatial data included in a project can be analyzed by using various analysis tools such as…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Create New Map

    19. Feb 2013

    There are two types of settings available in the new map form – main map information and Advanced settings…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Select by Attributes

    14. Feb 2013

    A lot of you mentioned that you need some kind of a tool for querying and filtering features by it’s attribute values.

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Selecting Features

    13. Feb 2013

    As you might have already discovered, Map Editor application allows you to select any feature on a map.
    This option is crucial for performing any operations…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Editing and Deleting features

    07. Feb 2013

    After you click the Edit feature tool which can be found under the Edit tab, the system will prompt you to select the feature you want to edit and the edit session will begin. Another way of starting editing is to…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Creating layers & Adding features

    05. Feb 2013

    In the create layer form enter the name of your new data layer, select the geometry type, define the projection by choosing a new one or selecting the one that’s being used in the active map and enter desired…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Layer export and permissions

    29. Jan 2013

    The Export layer tool can be found under the Layer tab if you’re working with the Map Editor app or under the Map tab if you’re exploring maps with your Map Viewer account.

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Classification by Attributes – managing classes

    25. Jan 2013

    In the previous spotlight video we showed you how to automatically classify your layers by its attributes with the classification wizard in the Map Editor app. Today we would like to show you how to manually add new or remove existing classes, manage symbology for each of the classes separately, write expressions, define legend labels…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Classification by Attributes

    22. Jan 2013

    There are two classification options available: Classification based on distinct values and classification based on continuous values…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Importing Data into PostGIS database

    17. Jan 2013

    In this spotlight we would like to focus more on how to use Database Manager for importing data into your PostGIS database.

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Database Manager

    15. Jan 2013

    The Database Manager which can be found under the tools tab allows you to connect to an outside postGIS database, organize data and import layers from the file system source into the database.

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Adding Layers and Data Sources

    09. Jan 2013

    In this spotlight we would like to show you more about adding layers and data sources in the Map Editor application. To add layers, first you have to open the Source Browser by selecting Add Layer option that can be found…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Attribute Settings and Pop-ups

    27. Dec 2012

    Today we would like to show you more about attribute pop up windows and tweaking attribute settings. We believe that it’s extremely important for a map author to have good tools and options for presenting relevant attribute information to his audience. Attribute pop ups present one of those tools which allows you to communicate information…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Labels

    20. Dec 2012

    In this spotlight We would like to show you how to add descriptive text to features on your map. Map Editor allows you to set labels for each of your layers separately and in that way create a different label depending on your needs. In addition to that, you can set different labels for each…

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Share and Publish Overview

    28. Nov 2012

    In this spotlight We’d like to highlight the Map Editor’s feature for sharing and publishing your maps and data.
    Every map you create is private by default but can be published to public or privately shared with other GIS Cloud users.

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  • GIS Cloud Spotlight: Drag & Drop and Web to Cloud Upload

    21. Nov 2012

    In this spotlight We would like to point up the Drag and Drop and the Web to Cloud upload features.
    Perhaps you have already discovered that there are various ways of uploading data from your file system to your GIS Cloud storage…

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  • The GIS Cloud Geocoder Released!

    05. Sep 2012

    From now on you can easily enrich non-spatial location data with its matching spatial representation. The GIS Cloud Geocoder is a fast and simple but effective tool that enables you to easily translate an address into coordinates and in that way improve your decision making by visualizing your non-spatial information on a map.

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  • Introducing Drag & Drop and Web to Cloud upload methods!

    04. Sep 2012

    With the latest GIS Cloud update we’ve introduced new features that enables you to upload and prepare your data faster & easier than ever!

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  • GIS Cloud Adds Support for MapBox

    29. May 2012

    In our efforts to make GIS more open, we’ve been working hard on adding multiple ways of integrating GIS Cloud not only with traditional GIS, but also with other modern web mapping services out there. One of those is definitely MapBox. The latest GIS Cloud update brings you an easy way of adding basemap layers…

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  • Release of the free GIS Cloud Publisher extension for Esri ArcMap

    21. May 2012

    A single click solution to get your maps from Desktop to the Cloud. The GIS Cloud Publisher for ArcMap extension enables you to publish your maps from ArcMap to GIS Cloud with only one click. It automatically uploads your data, symbology, layer structure and spatial references. The idea is that what you see in your desktop GIS is instantly replicated on your GIS Cloud account. Once your maps and data are on GIS Cloud, they are easily published to the public or embedded into your website/blog without a need for having your own servers.

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  • Connect GIS Cloud Directly to an Outside Database

    29. Mar 2012

    We’ve enabled direct connections to outside PostgreSQL databases. You can use your data directly in GIS Cloud, without need to previously upload or import data. Allow external connections to the database, create a new connection, set database settings to establish the connection, and you’re ready to create maps. It is simple as that.

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  • Improve Off-site Workforce Using GIS Cloud on iPad

    07. Mar 2012

    The fast pace of today’s business requires more flexibility and the ability to reach your data at any time. GIS Cloud, as always, steps up to the pain and we deliver iPad optimized GIS Cloud to our users. Users can just use their browsers to view their maps and data, all that without the need for a native app.

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  • GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection Available for Beta Testing

    24. Nov 2011

    Following the GIS Cloud release we have made last week, our little developers workshop has prepared yet another treat for GIS Cloud fans. After the announcement for beta testing made over a month ago, a mobile data collection application is now available for download from Android Market to all with Android 1.6+ smartphones.

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  • Press Release: GIS Cloud Exits Beta: Free And Commercial Services Available

    14. Nov 2011

    GIS Cloud announced on their blog that they have exited beta on Thursday, November 10th. The cloud based geographic information system (GIS) for visualization, sharing, collaboration and publishing of geo data on-line starts offering commercial services although the free service will be kept available as well.

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  • GIS Cloud Exits Beta!

    10. Nov 2011

    “It’s alive!” were the ecstatic words of Dr. Frankenstein as his creation twitched for the very first time, and we shout  with the same excitement “It’s out of beta!” After two and a half years of hard work and heavy development, ups and downs, the day of the release of GIS Cloud has finally come….

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  • GIS Cloud Starts HTML5 Mapping Revolution!

    20. Sep 2011

    The biggest issue in GIS throughout the years has been bad user experience. If you were not a professional user using such a system was often not easy. Finally with HTML5 and the next generation of visualization technologies we are going to deliver a new level of GIS user experience. By making GIS attractive and easy to use it can become a much more valuable tool in organizations than it has been until now.

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  • GIS Cloud Speaks at Geomob London

    17. Sep 2011

    On Thursday September 15, GIS Cloud attended Geomob London where Dino Ravnic, GIS Cloud’s CEO, was invited to speak to a group of professionals and students at UCL. Dino held a 15 minute presentation of the GIS Cloud application and new HTML5 viewer that we are introducing in the next few days. Geomob LDN is a quarterly meetup for geo and mobile developers organized by Lokku.

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  • GIS Cloud Mobile App for Data Collection Enables Real Time Access to Data from Anywhere

    15. Aug 2011

    Important benefit GIS Cloud provides is the web publishing of data collected with smartphones. When the map needs to be updated with collected data it requires no additional work. The published map is updated with data as it’s being collected.

    This kind of data manipulation can find various applications; road survey is one of them. We will present a use case, and benefits of mobile GIS data collection experienced in road service company in the city of Zagreb, a metropolitan area with a population of over 1 million.

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  • Geotrag Fleet Management Shines With New, Simple Interface Design

    10. Aug 2011

    A new major update to the Geotrag Fleet Management system has come out with a new interface design, after over two years of being used across different industries. The design is now fully aligned with GIS Cloud, the platform on which the product is based.

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  • GIS Cloud @ AWS Summit in London

    17. Jun 2011

    GIS Cloud attended the Amazon AWS summit on cloud computing held in London on June 14th. Organized to raise awareness and present the possibilities and Amazon AWS Cloud Computingbenefits the cloud offers, the summit answered many questions. Sessions covered a wide array of important cloud computing questions like benefits, best practices, security, development and cloud architecture, migration to AWS, etc.

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  • GIS Cloud All-day Training with Google and Facebook

    21. Apr 2011

    GIS Cloud visited Google on Thursday, April 21. for an AdWords session held at their London office. Later that day the education sessions continued with presentations from Facebook and Distilled. The idea of these events, organized by Seedcamp, was to give in-depth insight into how startups should use these services to advance their business.

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  • GIS Cloud Hires VP of Technology and VP of GIS

    18. Mar 2011

    GIS Cloud has hired two industry seasoned developers; Ranko Radonic as the new VP of Technology and Nenad Filipovic as VP of GIS to keep high development pace. They will have to face with a lot of challenges improving GIS Cloud development process and complete permanent growth demands set before us.

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  • GIS Cloud Meets With Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Valley Companies, Investors Among Many On A Two Week Trip Across US

    28. Feb 2011

    GIS Cloud CEO Dino Ravnic will present GIS Cloud in the leading companies of today, and meet with leading entrepreneurs, experts and investors. Taking a two week trip organized by Seedcamp he will travel first to New York meeting with AOL, New York Stock Exchange, Foursquare, Google and Boston meeting Atlas Ventures, MassChallenge, HubSpot, and visit MIT. Following week action moves to the West Coast starting with Facebook, Google and Silicon Valley companies and VCs.

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  • GIS Cloud presenting at Investor Day in Paris

    06. Dec 2010

    GIS Cloud was invited to attend Investor Day held on 7th December in Paris organized by Seedcamp and present their business.

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  • GIS Cloud in London with Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Investors

    23. Nov 2010

    GIS Cloud was among few invited to London to attend Silicon Valley entrepeneur forum in UK on 18th November and Global Entrepreneur Program workshop organized by UK Trade & Investment on 23rd November. World’s leading entrepeneurs, from business giants such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, came to NESTA to discuss how to emulate success from the Silicon Valley in UK.

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  • Serving Map Tiles in Realtime from Edge Locations through Amazon CloudFront

    09. Nov 2010

    Yesterday Amazon released one new and very interesting feature on their CloudFront service (one of the Amazon Web Services). This service has been providing a way to serve static content from their edge locations, so you could deliver your content anywhere at very low latencies. The downside was that you first had to upload your content to Amazon S3. That worked quite well, but the problem was that you had to create and store your data in advance and then make it available over Amazon S3 and CloudFront.

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  • Realtime Map Tile Rendering Benchmark: Vector tiles vs. Raster tiles

    31. Oct 2010

    When working with maps in a system like GIS user usually needs to create maps and see results fast. Most of desktop GIS engines do this quite good, but today we can see that there is great need of such experience in web browsers too. GIS Cloud with it’s mission of moving GIS from desktop to web through a cloud environment focuses on visualizing maps faster.

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  • GIS Cloud has a potential as higher level planning application concluded in Santa Fe

    13. Oct 2010

    After GeoCloud conference in Washington DC, GIS Cloud team has visited Santa Fe and held a couple of presentations with conclusion that it can be used as an application for the assessment of the impact on urban communities, for traffic management and on the environment of land use and development plans. .

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  • GIS Cloud Attending Location Intelligence: GeoCloud Conference Today In Washington D.C.

    22. Sep 2010

    Spatial SaaS provider GIS Cloud brings its “GIS For The Masses’ message to Location Intelligence 2010. where will present its noteworthy business model which promises to open the benefits of GIS to anyone anywhere.

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  • GIS Cloud presenting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston

    20. Sep 2010

    Omnisdata has been honored an invitation to present GIS Cloud at MIT institute in Boston on Tuesday September 21st. After meeting with Dr. Fabio Carrera, a professor at MIT, who thoroughly explored GIS Cloud and its possibilities, we were handed an invitation to present GIS Cloud and hold a lecture on related subjects.

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  • GIS Cloud Won Seedcamp Week 2010.

    17. Sep 2010

    GIS Cloud, start-up project from Croatian geoinformatic company Omnisdata, has won Seedcamp Week in London.

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  • Meet Us in London and Washington DC.

    13. Sep 2010

    Our team will present GIS Cloud project at Seedcamp Week in London. We will be in London from September 13th till September 17th and in Washington DC from September 21st till September 24th.  On September 22nd we are attending Location Intelligence : GeoCloud conference in Washington DC. We are interested in creating new partnerships, meet…

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  • GIS Cloud Has Been Selected as Seedcamp Week Finalist for 2010.

    09. Sep 2010

    GIS Cloud start-up project from young Croatan geoinformatic company Omnisdata, has been selected from Seedcamp investors and entrepreneurs as one of the best start-up projects this year. The selection interviews have been held in London in the end of July where projects have been presented to the IT experts, investors and entrepreneurs and GIS Cloud was selected among 60 projects for the final event Seedcamp Week in London, starting September 13.

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  • New Feature: Embed Maps with Toolbar, Layer List (Legend) and Attribute Info

    06. Jul 2010

    One of the features requested by the community was embedding maps with additional functionality like toolbar, layer list, attribute information, etc. Recently we made an update to GIS Cloud that enables this. Now it is very easy to have a GIS Cloud map embedded together with toolbar, layer list and attribute information in any website or web application in matter of seconds. It only takes to copy&paste a small amount of HTML code.

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  • New GIS Cloud Features Update

    20. Apr 2010

    GIS Cloud has been updated to the new version of the application. See what is new and try it.

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  • Alternative Method for Storage Access: FTP and SFTP

    13. Apr 2010

    Access to GIS Cloud storage until now was available only through the application. From today alternative method is available. Every user can access and maintain their data by connecting to GIS Cloud with FTP and SFTP clients.

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  • Introducing GIS Cloud Platform: White Label GIS

    22. Mar 2010

    We got inquiries regarding our commercial services so considering that we are introducing one of the first services: White Label GIS – provide GIS Cloud under your own brand. You don’t need to invest into hardware, software, configuration, tuning, patching, etc. You can do GIS more cost effectively and focus on the client.

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  • New GIS Cloud Features

    16. Mar 2010

    GIS Cloud has been updated to the new version.

    See what is new.

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  • GIS Cloud Update

    03. Mar 2010

    GIS Cloud has now been updated to the new version.

    See what is new and try the application.

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  • GIS Cloud New Version Update

    01. Mar 2010

    GIS Cloud has been automatically updated to the new version.

    See what is new.

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  • Opening of the GIS Cloud Blog

    26. Feb 2010

    Dear visitor welcome to the GIS Cloud Blog! From now on this will be the central place where you will be able to find news, information, updates, tutorials, articles and videos about GIS Cloud and generally GIS.

    Our mission is to bring GIS on the next level. To make it easy for people that aren’t primarily from GIS industry, but also to keep it enough powerful for true GIS experts.

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