GIS Cloud Benefits: Super-fast High Definition Maps

December 06, 2022
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The GIS Cloud team takes great pride in having accurate and detailed super fast high definition maps. Aside from providing remarkable map visuals where every pixel is rendered at high definition, our map engine significantly improves the speed at which a large number of map features are generated.
Working on our high-resolution maps, which can be displayed in 3D, can drastically improve the user experience for both beginners and experts. GIS Cloud’s platform presents a new level of advantages when it comes to spatial analysis and field data collection. The high-definition maps implement highly detailed data that can be used for more precise data collection and an overall better organizational workflow.
The high amount of details doesn’t pose a threat, our map engine maintains the same smooth performance when rendering a map, regardless of the quantity of data. The reason these enhanced digital maps are better at visualizing data and the overall performance is vector tile files.
Conventional maps use fully rendered image files as a base for the user to work on. Whereas super high-definition maps are based on vector tiles where all the data is stored in a compact, structured format. They make large maps run faster while granting full design flexibility.
Our map engine raises the bar on performance and visualization because the vector tiles are rendered at high definition while using all screen pixels. Rendering the vector tiles significantly improves map visualization quality on high-pixel density screens on desktop and mobile devices. The map engine automatically detects screen capabilities and adjusts itself to utilize maximum resolution.
Additionally, GIS Cloud’s platform offers other benefits other than the fastest map engine:

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