New MDC Features: Read-only Fields, Navigate to Feature and Audio Recorder

January 17, 2019
2 min read

Mobile data collection update - navigate to feature
The new Mobile Data Collection app update is up and running. We have upgraded the audio recording, added read-only fields to forms and enabled navigation links on map features. Let’s dive in.


Read-only fields

We recently added a new type of form item – a field that is read-only.
This means that the owner of the project controls which forms fields can be edited (input made by field data collectors), and which are in the form as static non-editable data.
The field value is set in the Mobile Data Collection Portal (web app – form builder), while creating your form and project, and can’t be changed from within the Mobile Data Collection app.
Mobile data collection update read only 2

This feature enables you to navigate directly to a map feature from MDC app via Google maps. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. 1. Select a map feature
  2. 2. Click on navigate to feature button (opens Google maps)
  3. 3. Select “Directions” in Google maps

Mobile data collection update - navigate to feature with google maps

Audio recording

MDC app allows creating a form item for collecting an audio recording in the field up to 5 minutes long.
Before the latest update, the MDC app would record audio with a third party voice recording app that was already installed on your smartphone. Now, the audio recorder is built in the MDC app. Resulting in a smooth recording experience and no need for a preinstalled recorder.
Note: the new audio recorder works only on devices that use Android 8.1 version and higher.
Mobile data collection update - audio recorder
If you have any questions about the new Mobile Data Collection features, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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