Using GIS for Vegetation Management in Electric Utility

March 30, 2023
1 min read

electric utilities
Managing vegetation around power lines is a significant challenge for electric utilities worldwide. Overgrown vegetation can cause power outages, fires and even endanger public safety. Traditional vegetation management methods, such as pen and paper inspections, are often time-consuming and costly.
However, GIS technology can help electric utilities efficiently manage vegetation, allowing for a more proactive approach to maintenance. Furthermore, an online GIS can streamline vegetation management efforts, ensuring optimal results and minimizing the risk of outages due to vegetation-related issues.
In this webinar, we discussed the common challenges electric utilities face in vegetation management and how GIS can provide solutions to these problems through developing effective vegetation management plans, tracking and reporting vegetation growth, and monitoring weather events’ impact as storms and wildfires.
Check out this webinar recording and see how GIS technology can help electric utilities efficiently manage vegetation around power lines, minimizing the risk of outages and ensuring optimal results.

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