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July 07, 2015
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Using GIS in Governments, whether local, State, or Federal, has become a must. It helps departments work together much faster; it improves the decision-making process, engages the community, and improves day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

Local Government incorporates a lot of different departments, that all use GIS in a different but also similar way at the same time. From Public Works, Land Administration, Planning and Development, Fire Risk and Management, Emergency Management and Response to Water Management all have following geospatial needs:

  • Data Uploading
  • Creating and collecting
  • Sharing projects
  • Collaborating inside and out of organization
  • Analyzing
  • Achieving effective and accurate results

Yet, each and every department has their own custom way of applying these needs to an actual workflow. GIS Cloud has been used for that exact purpose, by many different government agencies, organizations and companies.

Focus of GIS Cloud solutions is to bring in the Cloud component to your workflow. Cloud enables the freedom to tailor your workflow to your exact preferences as you are no longer locked to your workplace. Collaborate with your team on smartphones, tablets and iPads while being on different locations, simultaneously in real time.

Collaborative approach that GIS Cloud solutions are based on, makes an irreplaceable addition to your GIS needs. It enables all the departments to work together in a cloud environment by sharing, creating and analyzing new and existing projects. It doesn’t replace your current solution but extends it to the next level.



Land Administration Manage your land data in an accurate and interactive way. Engage communities in exploring the parcel data from a web environment accessible on multiple devices, from taxes, location to parcel value.

Public Works Get the most accurate data on parks, traffic and road infrastructure. Maintain your assets in the most collaborative way possible by working together with teammates in real time no matter the location, time zone and device.

Planning and Development Create, develop and plan new web based and field projects by involving the community in inventories, cleanup events and surveying. Make your decision making accurate and effective as possible.

Fire Risk and Management Put your fire departments in the office and in the field in sync and improve firefighter safety. Perform fire hazard, danger and risk mapping, plan and implement the fire control and fire use activities.

Watershed and Water Management Maintain water utility assets by improving their infrastructure and optimizing field operations. Enhance and create the sustainable water management that benefit you, residents and environment.

Emergency Management and Response Organize, coordinate and direct your resources by sharing your response plans in order to bring the emergency under control. Map hot spots of the locations of the emergency events and create public maps for the community.

Cloud-enable your entire Organization Bring in the Cloud to your GIS workflow by using the tools you need to make your organization collaboration easy, fast and accurate.

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