Webinar Recording – GIS Cloud Solution for Vegetation Management

Dear Vegetation Management Specialists, we are happy to announce that the recording of our highly anticipated webinar on Online Solution for Vegetation Management is here!

In this webinar, our Growth Department team touched upon some of the critical pain points in everyday vegetation management workflow like:

  • Work scheduling, prioritization and coordination
  • Tree maintenance, disease and growth monitoring
  • Survey creation and field data collection 
  • Site identification, navigation and orientation
  • Permits, work orders and work progress
  • Analysis of the collected data
  • Future planning and job assessment
  • Custom reporting and budgeting
  • Damage reduction and risk assessment

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    Through the course of this recording, you will learn that GIS Cloud has been involved in the workflow of Vegetation Management for over a decade, and you’ll get to see all the key value propositions and workflow examples from our own Vegetation Management users.

    In the recording, you will find out answers to work programs like:

    • Tree Registration, condition assessment and maintenance
    • Field workforce visibility and coordination
    • Greenspace analysis
    • Budgeting and custom reporting
    • Ordering, reviewing and reporting

    In the Live Demo, our team covered some crucial vegetation management workflows, so you will learn how to:
    Create and set up custom forms to eliminate paper, achieve fast project deployment with real-time insight into your field data

    • Share the project with clients and stakeholders
    • Plan and budget your project in real-time
    • Organise and prioritize jobs
    • Create a custom branded application and custom reports
    • Build a cloud-based vegetation inventory accessible from anywhere
    • Visualise and analyse data with color coding and custom symbology
    • Share project with your crew for data collection and collaboration

    GIS Cloud is a versatile platform that will help you get a clear overview of your project issues, save time and money with unique features, fast onboarding, excellent services and tailored support.

    Let us guide you through your workflow and help you win tenders in the future!

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