To ensure your success on your journey with GIS Cloud, our consultants and developers are at your constant disposal!

We will guide you and help with your GIS Cloud requirements, whether you need to learn, develop, build or analyze faster.

Training & Certification

Training & Certification GIS Cloud services

Opportunity for non-GIS professionals as well as proven GIS practitioners, to extend their knowledge and become certified specialists in GIS Cloud solutions and technology!

➤  Crash Courses

  • Mobile and Web application courses for beginners.

➤  Advanced Modules

  • For users who want to learn advanced and powerful features.

➤  Personalized Training Sessions

  • Training sessions for specific workflows.

➤  data conversion & visualization

  • Have data in non-GIS formats that you want to see on a map? Yup, we can do that for you!

➤  cartography

  • Need help with creating beautiful maps?
    Our experts can help!

➤  big Form Building

  • We can be your extended hand and manage forms, data and maps on a daily basis. Do you have paper or complex forms you need to digitize?  We’re on it!

➤  User & Account Setup

  • We’ll create a perfect environment for your organization as per your needs.

Map & Data Management

Map & Data Management GIS Cloud Services

You already understand how maps and spatial data help your organization but you’re simply too busy with other work. Well, we think being busy is good!

Make sure you can focus on what you do best while we take care of everything else “spatial” related.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports GIS Cloud Services

Transform your paper reports into digital ones! Enable your users to create feature reports directly in GIS Cloud.

➤  Branded Report

  • Your own report built with your template and design.

➤  Feature Report

  • Report per feature, generated directly in the map.

➤  Streamlined Process

  • Gather data, from field to document, in a matter of seconds.

➤  Mobile Data Collection & Map Viewer

  • GIS Cloud mobile apps available in App Store and Google Play under your own brand!

➤  Public Portals

  • We build and customize a browser environment so your visitors have the best possible experience.

➤  Private Applications

  • Your maps and data with a private access in a private app your users deserve.

Branded GIS Cloud Apps

Branded GIS Cloud Apps

Did you know that you can put your own name and logo on your GIS Cloud application?

Take a white label app and make it your own!

Customization & Development

Customization & Development GIS Cloud Services

Need a custom solution that 100% fits your requirements?

No worries, we’ll build it for you with the best technology out there.

➤  Custom Dashboard

  • Setup your own custom Dashboard.

➤  Build Your Own App

  • Build new applications from the ground up.

➤  Custom App Layout

  • Change the layout of the existing GIS Cloud applications.

➤  Feature Development

  • Build a completely new functionality according to your specifications.

➤  Prioritized Development

  • We can prioritize planned feature development.

➤  Analytics

  • Integrate with third-party Analytic tools (Power BI, etc.)

➤  Management IT Solutions meet spatial

  • Add a spatial dimension to your current IT solutions by integrating with GIS Cloud (CRM, ERP, etc.)

➤  Automated Scripts

  • Create backup and synchronization scripts for a more automated work.

Integration & Automation

Integration & Automation GIS Cloud Services

Whether you need to connect to your existing infrastructure, empower the solutions you’re already using, or simply make things more automatic, we got your covered!

On-Premise Deployments that Scale

GIS On-Premise Deployments that Scale

Our vast experience in building and running a scalable cloud platform is at your disposal for deploying GIS Cloud on your infrastructure.

We’ll help you architect, design and integrate our platform in your environment to provide optimal performance.

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