GIS Cloud Will be Showcased at Geomapplica in Greece

September 25, 2017
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GIS Cloud solutions will be showcased on the Geomapplica Workshops | Drones & UAVs – Scientific applications & social implications event in Piraeus, Greece. The event will be held from September 29th to October 1st.

NubiGroup GIS Cloud Partner for Greece


Geomapplica is an event organized by the Laboratory of Computer Science Applications in Spatial Planning, that is a part of  Department of Planning and Regional Development at the University of Thessaly, School of Engineering.

Geomapplica Workshops are organized under the framework of the International Conference “Geomapplica” (Geomatics Applications), focusing on Geoinformatic applications in different thematic areas such as agriculture, urban and rural environment, spatial planning, civil protection, cultural heritage, cadastral, construction, and others. The main goal of the event is to bring together the scientific community and professionals from the field of Geoinformatics as well as to promote these contemporary technologies to the new professionals coming into the field.

The language of the event is Greek. It will be held in the Ralleio Lyceum Convention Center in Piraeus, Greece.

GIS Cloud solutions will be showcased by NubiGroup, official GIS Cloud partner for Greece, in the exhibition space of the event.

Also, there will be a presentation “Collaborative Mapping: GIS Cloud solutions for real-time data sharing, collaboration and decision making”, held by Konstantinos Ntourus, NubiGroup.


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