Powerful cloud based tool, for easily translating the addresses into coordinates and displaying them on a map.

GIS Cloud Geocoder is a fast and simple, but effective tool that enables you to easily translate the addresses into coordinates and represent them on a map. Download your geocoding results in various formats or simply continue using the data in your further analysis.

Define and prepare the data

Prepare data

Add data to columns

First row needs to have column titles and all other columns need to contain data.

Separate the addresses

Each of your address field needs to have a special column.

Export format

Export your table either in XLS (1997-2003) or CSV format prior to upload.

Geocode in 3 steps


Drag and drop file or select file from the File Manager.

Match the fields

Match the address fields from the file and in the App.


Click geocoding button and get results instantly.

Instant geocode

Geocoding results

Get geocoding results

Export results

Export the geocoded data in formats like .shp, .csv, .kml, MapInfo, .dxf…

Open the results in Map Editor

Open it directly in Map Editor and continue using it in further analysis

Use the results even further

Use the geocoding results in your desktop solution

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