Webinar: Crowdsourcing Solution for NGO and Non-profits

February 07, 2018
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Register for a free webinar for nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations on Wednesday, February 21 and learn how to use Crowdsourcing technology for different projects around the world.

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Crowdsourcing can be a perfect tool for obtaining real-time data and engaging your community in various initiatives at the same time. For example, you can collect data on bike infrastructure directly from cyclists, get direct feedback from citizens about illegal landfills and other ecological problems, or track different initiatives such as cleanups, charity events or facilities. People can also vote on various issues, actively participating in the decision-making process related to anything from housing and their local park infrastructure, to locations for schools, playgrounds or community gardens.


At the same time, Crowdsourcing data is a great tool for supporting microvolunteering practices and bettering your own organization and coordination of field teams in different cities or locations around the world. It is also a very efficient disaster relief tool that can help in saving lives by decreasing response time. Another side of this is cultivating not only new potential volunteers, but also donors, and reporting your project’s results while spreading the word to the rest of the world.


With GIS Cloud, Crowdsourcing data is visualized on fully customizable interactive maps. Data is collected directly on a map and/or through fully customizable mobile apps. The best thing is – everything is set up very quickly.


Join us for a webinar and learn how you can utilize Crowdsourcing solution for your projects and see how it is done by listening to first-hand experiences from successful projects. The webinar includes a Q&A session, so you can also get answers to any questions you might have in a live discussion.


Webinar time and date:

Wednesday, February 21 at

8 am PT   11 am ET   5 pm CET (4 pm UTC)



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