Mini School: Data Analysis

March 02, 2022
1 min read

There is more to GIS than just visualizing the data you are working with. The real power lies in the ability to perform analysis and how to interpret the results for better planning and work optimization.
In the past, that kind of analysis was better off left to the specialists to work on. But, with GIS Cloud we wanted to show you how simple it is to get started with this and that you don’t need to be a GIS expert to manage your spatial data. The only important thing is understanding your data and what you want to achieve with it.
In this video, we put ourselves in the position of the analyst that was trying to optimize the data required by field workers to have better operational visibility. For that reason, we had to reduce the clutter of information residing on a map and only keep the relevant ones so that the field crew could manage their daily activities more efficiently.

For step-by-step guides, make sure to visit our manual here. 
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