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Our vector tiles technology was developed back in 2008, and the GIS Cloud platform was launched in 2010 as a solution for creating, editing and publishing maps online. This app is today called Map Editor.

In 2013 we launched the first GIS-based Mobile Data Collection app in the GIS market, which enabled fast and simple real-time mapping.

Today, GIS Cloud platform is a data management and data collection system, consisting of web and mobile apps that seamlessly work together.

Web apps are used to edit, manage and share data, or create surveys to collect data on specific assets.
Mobile apps allow to gather data in the field and inspect assets, and offer a real-time data overview from the field. Users consume data through a map interface that can be private, shared with collaborators, or made accessible to the public.

The system enables collaboration throughout an organization, and effective data management, controlled with different levels of access to projects and data.

It runs in the cloud, but it can also be installed on-premises behind a firewall.


GIS Cloud is a European company, working in more than 50 countries worldwide with partners around the globe.

Our team is dedicated to building a collaborative mapping platform for users of all profiles.

We strive to deliver a cutting-edge mapping technology accessible to a wide variety of users and companies, regardless of their expertise, position, industry or size. Our vision is to create advanced technologies that are simple to use, bringing the benefits of GIS to every corner of the world.

GIS Cloud offers a complete location-based solution for different workflows in a wide range of industries: utilities such as water and pipeline management or electric utilities, telecommunications, roadworks, tree inventory and inspection, retail, smart cities, natural resources, public city maps and many more.

At the same time, GIS Cloud is a platform that allows you to build your own web and mobile apps on top of one of the fastest vector map engine technology available today.

Our team is guided by a collaborative approach, building a friendly user experience, allowing multiple integrations and working on all devices in real-time.

Our mission is to help in creating more sustainable, smart and efficient environments by making latest technology accessible to people all around the world. We aim to bring together the passion for innovation with a user-oriented approach, based on collaboration.

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