New Release: Collect Lines & Polygons with Mobile Data Collection!

We are happy to inform you that as of today, you can collect lines and polygons, as well as points with your Mobile Data Collection app!
We know this is great news for all of you working in utilities collecting data on electric power lines or water and sewer infrastructure, for urban planners, for people working with natural resources inspecting forests or reservoirs, crews surveying farm fields in agriculture, as well as for anyone working with line and polygon data in the field.
Collect Lines and Polygons with Mobile Data Collection (feature released)
With the help of online geospatial technology, many industries are gradually solving some of their greatest challenges when it comes to collecting data in the field: removing paper-based surveys and achieving real-time access to collected GIS information.

Big and complex utility systems, as well as city planning institutions demand a solution with an efficient and accurate data collection process as well as ability to record and inspect different types of assets with only one mobile application.

With this new Mobile Data Collection update, it is now possible to collect line and polygon features for any workflow!

Key capabilities of line and polygon collection


  • Collect data using Start Tracking option which automatically records your location using the GPS on your mobile device
  • Fill in your survey / form with additional information, while at the same time collecting location data with GPS
  • Record data using Manual input to draw lines and polygons by adding points to a map
  • Combine Automatic (GPS) and Manual collection (add points) to achieve higher precision
  • Edit geometry by deleting the last or all lines, before and after the data is sent
  • Edit information collected in a survey, linked to a specific line or polygon


To get you started, read our user manual on Mobile Data Collection and how to set up your Line and Polygon projects. We are certain you will be ready to begin your collection shortly, and set up your projects in just a couple of clicks.
Join our live demo webinar and learn how to set up your line and polygon projects, as well as how to use key features to boost your daily data collection and inspection. Register here.
To recap all the essential options GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection offers helping you to be more efficient in your work; we created a list of top features making MDC your go-to app for all data collection purposes.

Benefits of Mobile Data Collection for any Workflow


  • Collect points, lines and polygons, all in one app
  • Create custom forms with as many fields as you want
  • Control data quality by making some fields required or dependant on other answers
  • Link your surveys / questionnaires (custom forms) to point, line or polygon features automatically when sending your submissions
  • Connect external GPS devices to achieve high precision


  • Rapid setup and deploy to collaborate with others faster
  • Assign and manage collect, update and view permissions to groups of users, depending on their role (Project Owner, Fieldworker, Surveyor, Analyst, Stakeholder…)
  • No need for additional training (most of our users say they need less than one day to learn Mobile Data Collection)
  • Cost effective – no extra equipment required, pay per project duration, no time loss on training staff


  • Collect even in offline mode, using offline maps (set up bounds for high resolution)
  • Enrich data with different media – collect photos, audio or QR codes
  • Auto-sync keeps all your projects and information up-to-date at any moment, across all devices in real time, and among multiple users simultaneously


  • Include your collecting projects in other maps as layers, to have a clear overview of all performed surveys in one place
  • Use custom basemaps, or choose basemaps offered within GIS Cloud
  • Generate Reports on the go


  • No need for integration with other platforms, extend to GIS Cloud apps: Map Editor, Map Viewer or Map Portal
  • Easily access all collected data with Map Editor where you can further style, analyze and edit data, share maps with stakeholders and include more data layers to better understand and track your projects


Advances in GIS data collection and GIS online tools for data management are heading toward a successful geospatial transformation of many industries and government organizations, making their everyday jobs easier and more efficient.


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