Offline Maps for Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer Released

August 31, 2016
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Mobile Offline Mapping

We have released latest versions of our mobile applications, Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer, with one big addition: access to Offline Maps feature that is now available to all GIS Cloud users.

When collecting data in the field, there is always a risk that you will have a spotty Internet connection in some areas. To avoid compromising your work, we have implemented Offline Maps feature to all GIS Cloud users. You can simply download multiple maps, including all layers and basemap to your mobile device and use it even in areas with no Internet connection. The number of maps you can download to your mobile device is limited only by its storage capacity. You will find Offline Maps option in the “Settings” section in MDC and you’ll find special “Offline” tab to access Offline Maps in the Map Viewer app.

Once you download the Offline Map on your device, your layers in the map will be displayed with full precision and possibility of infinite zoom. You can view and search your data in offline mode both in MDC and Map Viewer app as well as collect and update features on the map with Mobile Data Collection app. Once you have Internet access again, your data will be automatically synchronized and all the map updates will be sent.

If you haven’t already done this, you can download the new version of MDC app for Android or iOS devices as well as the new version of Map Viewer app for Android and iOS devices.

If the apps are already installed on your device, you should update them to the latest version in order to get Offline Maps access.

Besides Offline Maps access for all users, we would like to present you another great option available now for Map Viewer app, the Search option. It makes it easier to locate features on the map by using any attribute data value as a search word. The map is automatically zoomed to the selected feature and the info window opens with all the attribute data of selected feature.

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