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November 29, 2018
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Many pool maintenance companies are still tracking their daily jobs, workers in the field and data on pool equipment status on paper.
We are providing an online pool service software which allows fieldworkers to fill out simple survey forms on their mobile phones about the daily tasks on each pool. Managers in the office can instantly view changes on the map, track jobs and manage tasks and teams in the field, through a simple app interface.
Pool service app
According to our clients from pool maintenance companies, the crew in the field has to inspect a couple of hundreds pool sight each day. Divided into teams they are driving to the location, maintaining pools and making sure that everything works as it should.


Among many services, pool maintenance companies take care of:

In a month there can be more than 10 000 visits to many different objects, which generates a large amount of data, and requires team and jobs coordination.
Here you can see a video from one of our clients using the Mobile Data Collection for pool maintenance:

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Inspecting pools with mobile phones, even without the internet connection

Previously, fieldworkers had to take notes on jobs done on paper, and transfer everything to the computer in the office. This caused great time loss, and managers couldn’t review the jobs done that day or act to provide needed services in time.
With GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection app, fieldworkers simply fill in a form, previously made by their project manager, with all the data they have to report on. This form is linked to each object, and when fulfilled and sent, object location is instantly visible as a point on the map. When clicked, it opens a window showing all data and photos entered by fieldworkers.

Mobile pool service app
If there is no internet connection, the data is stored on the workers’ phone and sent when the device is online again. This allows for an unobstructed and fast workflow.
Most importantly, fieldworkers can take photos from the job site linked to each object, which later serves as the proof about a job they did, shoving for instance whether the nozzles have been opened or not. This can be very useful to easily put to rest any reclamations pool owners may have, and ultimately save time and money.
Fieldworkers and managers can access the same map and easily coordinate jobs around a specific object. Fieldworker gets an address and an ID of the object he has to inspect, everything else is already in the survey form.

Pool service app tracks workers in the field

Apart from visualizing pool objects on the map, it is also necessary to know which area fieldworkers covered until a certain time of the day.
To be able to have an overview of the workers in the field, our apps provide project managers with a simple map-based interface, which also shows the location of every technician on the map and the route he has taken so far, tracking technicians’ vehicles.
This way the manager can see which objects have been covered until this moment and go through the submissions made by fieldworkers. The manager can learn in real-time if there are any problems he has to deal with, or if some objects haven’t been inspected yet, having total control of the inventory he is in charge of.
Pool service online app
The project manager can access the map at any time and from any device, which allows him to get some office work done while he is out in the field. He can also generate reports on jobs done in a day, or in a specific time frame.
The additional benefit of using pool service apps is a complete database of all the objects and the owners, created on the go, inspecting objects in the field. The database also includes the type of pool or the whirlpool, the date when it was built, the technique used to build it and so on.
If you want to try out our solution for pool maintenance or talk to our consultants, contact us.

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