Management and Monitoring of Green Spaces using GIS Cloud Solutions | Nestorio, Greece

May 18, 2022
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Our partner NubiGroup from Greece, helped the Nestorio Municipality, a small mountainous Municipality in Northern Greece, acknowledge the benefits of new technologies and implemented GIS Cloud solutions into its workflow to monitor and manage the municipal green spaces.
NubiGroup is our partner and a company that creates a new generation of geo-services, research, and products by exploiting geospatial information and cloud computing. Their focus is on real-time, informed collaboration between clients and their customers.
The Challenge
The municipality is responsible for maintaining the green spaces under its responsibility (parks, playgrounds, schoolyards, sidewalks, etc.). The main challenge was improving their workflow to be more efficient and consequently reduce costs (human resources and equipment).
The issues they faced were the following:

The Solution

The first step comprised spatial data development, performed through Map Editor, a powerful application for data creation, editing, and sharing.
Management and Monitoring of Green Spaces map
With the maps and database created, a custom form was designed and integrated into the specific layers used for field data collection using the Mobile Data Collection app. The field crew then collects all the necessary information (photos, text notes, date and time of work implementation, etc.) with a smartphone.
Management and Monitoring of Green Spaces form
The field data is available in real time to the municipality’s person in charge through the Map Editor application. Finally, all the field-collected data can be tabulated in a report format with a single “click” and saved in PDF format.
Management and Monitoring of Green Spaces form map
The Benefits

Nowadays, the digital transformation of the Local / Regional authorities is of crucial importance since it provides a more efficient and “transparent” governance and consequently delivers better services to the citizens. GIS Cloud platform offers a cutting-edge technology that can be integrated into any organization, no matter the size, and is a cost-effective solution.
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