GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing Solution Released

June 07, 2017
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Dear GIS Cloud Community,

We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution has been officially released. The Crowdsourcing solution will enable cities, local governments, and other organizations to easily and quickly get anonymous feedback and problem reports from their citizens.

Anonymously collect spatial data


The application will be fully branded and personalized, which means that you will be able to add your custom logo, colors, and design as well as the specific interface options.

Unlike many other similar solutions, GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution will be deployed faster than any other custom solution on the market, with a competitive pricing model.

Cities, local governments, and organizations around the world will be able to offer a simple app for reporting problems, give their feedback or map the areas of interest using mobile devices or a web browser. Citizens can select different options, add photos, write comments and mark locations. City or organization administrators will be able to approve or decline submissions, view statistics and create reports.


GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution includes:


The organizations will get a chance to test the solution to ensure that everything is working before releasing applications to the wider public.

The key benefit is full integration of GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing with the GIS Cloud platform which enables that collected data is used it the Map Editor for further customizations, reporting and data management as well as in Mobile Data Collection that enables easy inspections and other follow-on in-field activities once the data has been crowdsourced.


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