Map Engine: Super-fast High Definition Maps!

October 01, 2021
2 min read

High Definition Map Engine
We are excited to announce a major update on our map engine technology!
Maps are now rendered at high quality utilizing every pixel on screen to deliver crisp rendering of geometry and labels.
Besides providing stunning map visuals, this update significantly improves speed in rendering large amounts of map features and provides support for an unlimited number of layers without affecting the performance.
As pioneer and inventor of vector tiles, GIS Cloud is now delivering the next generation map engine which again raises the bar in performance and visualization with a goal to deliver the best possible online GIS user experience!
More on the technical side of this update:

This significantly improves map visualization quality on high pixel density screens on desktop and mobile devices such as Retina screens e.g., on iPhone each map tile is rendered at 3x resolution of current resolution i.e. at 768 x 768, instead of 256 x 256 pixels. The map engine automatically detects screen capabilities and adjusts itself to utilize maximum resolution.

This optimization reduces memory requirements and significantly increases performance.

This update is available in all our web applications. Support for our mobile applications will come with their next updates.
Create your account and try out high definition maps, or log in now and check your maps in a new shine!

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