New Member Joins GIS Cloud Team: Welcome Mario

September 18, 2017
2 min read

We are happy to announce that a new team member, Mario Brkić, has joined GIS Cloud.

GIS Cloud Backend Developer


Mario has been excited about computers and technology since childhood, working in BASIC on an old Schneider CPC 464 while he was still in elementary school. Mario’s passion for computers and software development followed him throughout his education, so it wasn’t a surprise when he chose a career in software development, mainly focusing on backend systems. He started his career in the telecommunications industry, where he worked on the development and maintenance of in-house apps and services. There he gained significant experience in automating processes, building tools and implementing new systems.

The skillset he built while working in telecom will be put to excellent use within the GIS Cloud platform. As a backend developer at GIS Cloud, his primary task will be to keep all the vehicles in check because in a fleet management system the main focus is data precision, keeping the data up to date and delivering real-time vehicle reports.

Mario likes to spend his free time reading both fiction and non-fiction, playing badminton and working with electronics and microcontrollers (Arduino), always testing the endurance of circuit breakers. Besides that, he enjoys concerts, music festivals, socializing, playing board games, and cooking.


We are excited to have Mario on our team and wish him a warm welcome on behalf of the whole GIS Cloud team.

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