Webinar Recording: Fighting Electricity Theft with GIS Cloud

We bring you a success story about fighting electricity theft. Our guest is Uche Anyalewechi, Manager for GIS projects at Enugu Electricity Distribution Company. He explaines how he utilized GIS Cloud to fight electricity theft in Nigeria. Learn all you need to know about GIS and
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Fighting electricity theft in Nigeria with gis cloud (webinar recording)


The webinar is based on a user story from the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) based in Nigeria, who started a large project to prevent the electricity theft. They utilized GIS Cloud to map the entire electrical network system, index the customers and update the billing database.
The webinar also brings the QA with Uche Anyalewechi where you can learn more about all the technicalities regarding the mapping workflow and GIS set-up.


We Have Covered These Topics:

Electricity theft project overview

A short introduction about the ‘Assets Registration & Customer Enumeration’ project.

Mapping the entire electrical network

They used the Mobile Data Collection app to collect data on substations, transformers, and electric poles, as well for the customer indexing purposes.

The data collection workflow

Learn more about the complete field workflow – from data collection and visualization to sharing data with stakeholders.

GIS solutions utilized

EEDC subscribed for several GIS Cloud applications. Learn more about the specific features for every app.

Project cost optimization

Each application can be purchased separately, for any number of users, which was necessary for the optimal cost management because there were many sides included in the process.


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