GIS Cloud is Launching Monthly Crash Courses! 

October 23, 2020
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Educational Crash Courses – Starting November 2020!

GIS Cloud had numerous educational workshops with clients and partners from around the globe. In our efforts to respond to such a huge interest and empower people with GIS knowledge, we are launching Monthly Crash Courses for our most popular apps
The intention is to introduce the diversity of GIS Cloud apps to new clients, GIS novices as well as to experienced users, and demonstrate the numerous beneficial workflows within the apps.
Even though  GIS Cloud apps are user friendly, these courses will greatly speed up the onboarding process for new customers and discover some neat tips to achieve an optimal workflow. 
All GIS Cloud clients that have annual or monthly active subscriptions for Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection can apply for onboarding guided crash courses.
We are starting with our Crash Courses in November 2020!
The two modules, ‘Intro to Data Collection’ and ‘Intro to Map Editor’, are both beginner courses meant to cover the basics of our most popular apps. To attend the courses, you need to have an active subscription for Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection apps.
Courses in November:

Courses in December:

If you just recently got yourself subscriptions for GIS Cloud apps and didn’t have the time to explore them, you’re in luck! Apply now and master all the basics in less than two hours!
Send us an email at:

Crash Courses: Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection Modules 

Crash courses consist of two beginner courses where our customers can learn about the fundamentals of GIS Cloud apps, most important features and functionalities, best practices, tips and tricks, troubleshooting, we got it all covered.
The goal is to power new customers with crucial knowledge about GIS Cloud apps in just a couple of hours, enabling them to have their projects up and running in no time!
These courses will also help you to:


Intro to Data Collection Course

This module consists of two parts – one is meant for the project owner, and the other for the data collection team. Clients can either attend both, or one of the courses, considering their role in the project.
Part 1: Setting Up the Project
This course is designed for project owners. You will learn how to create projects with unique custom forms to perform surveys, and share the project with your team, with the emphasis on the best project practices. Learn about the differences between various user permissions, and how to use and create user groups in GIS Cloud Manager
We will cover the Mobile Data Collection basics as well, and teach clients to review and export collected field data.
Key takeaways:

Estimated duration time is around 1 hour.
Part 2: Field Data Collection
Field workers will learn how to collect field data on the spot with the Mobile Data Collection app, online and offline, and speed up their workflow. We will cover common troubleshooting challenges that users encounter in the field. This course is designed for data collectors/field workers and does not cover creating the forms/projects themselves.
Key takeaways:

Estimated duration time is around 1 hour.

Intro to Map Editor Course

Learn the basics on how to create maps with your own data directly in GIS Cloud and make them available online. Make your maps user friendly and accessible (set a map view, add bookmarks, organize your layer list).
We will teach you how to manage your data and prepare it for editing, covering how to collaborate, share maps and data with different permissions, to different users in real-time!
Key takeaways:

Estimated duration time is around 1 hour.

Types of Education Courses 

Aside from Crash Courses, GIS Cloud expert instructors will soon provide you with 2 additional types of education courses. These are the key differences:

Intro to Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection are short courses where new Premium clients will learn about the essential online GIS Cloud setups and cut down the onboarding time. 
This course will spare you the trouble of finding basic information and give you an immeasurable starting point on GIS Cloud apps and platform.
Starts this November.

For those who want to become experts in GIS Cloud apps, we are preparing an in-depth education of GIS Cloud applications that will empower you with more enhanced, time-saving user workflows. 
You will learn the essential as well as the advanced features of our applications including how to integrate your desktop GIS solution with online GIS.
After completing the Advance Module you will receive a Certificate for Online GIS Cloud Advanced Education Program!
Coming soon.

Completely customised courses based on the individual or company workflow  
with instructor evaluation, data and materials on-demand
Learn how to change and empower your entire work process with the help of dedicated GIS Cloud expert consultants.
After completing the Enterprise Module you will receive a Certificate for Online GIS Cloud Enterprise Education Program!
Coming soon.
These courses are going to help clients utilize the potential of online GIS and GIS Cloud products, help you resolve crucial workflow issues, achieve business goals, and get the immediate measurable results
Educations are suited both for GIS experts and GIS enthusiasts, for new users and experienced ones. 


We are starting with Crash Courses in November 2020, for GIS Cloud clients that have annual or monthly active licences for Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection.

Please reach out to our Consultants for one of the aforementioned courses at:

Instructor-Led Learning Sessions


Courses are taught by an expert GIS Cloud instructor. Learning sessions emphasize best practices, encourage discussions and hands-on exercises.

Barbara Telebec

Solutions Consultant

As a GIS practitioner for over eight years and an expert in GIS Cloud technology and platform, Barbara specializes in empowering anyone to easily analyze, share and visualize spatial data for a wide range of uses.

She will help you to master any task using GIS Cloud apps to obtain optimal workflow for any short or long term project.

If you have any questions about the program, send us an email at:


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