GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection App Released!

May 28, 2013
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We’re happy to announce the general availability of the GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection application for Android and iOS devices. The application is free and available for immediate download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection is a tool for today’s mobile devices which enables you to collect data and conduct field surveys faster and easier than ever before. Combined with powerful new custom mobile and web forms, the new Mobile Data Collection app can also be highly tailored for your mobile workforce and a wide variety of applications in minutes without any programming.



Many GIS Cloud users have already tested the beta version of the app which helped GIS Cloud to develop a full featured mobile app that suits the need to collaborate across today’s distributed and mobile workforce.
The application has been tested across a diverse range of segments including transportation, utilities, municipal and local government, as well as other owners of geo-located assets.


The Mobile Data Collection app is a natural extension of the GIS Cloud Enterprise Location App Platform and reflects our commitment to a ‘mobile first’ priority to help enterprises leverage today’s modern computing devices. With the addition of this app, enterprises can instantly create media rich, mobile applications that manage, analyze, share and publish field data and make it instantly available to co-workers on other job sites on tablets, supervisors in the field on laptops, or managers in the office at their desk.


Everything you need in the field:

  • Offline data capture
  • Media (photos & audio) enriched location information
  • Dropdowns, lists, input boxes and comments based on custom forms
  • Review data attributes directly in the app
  • Listen to audio and view images
  • Real time GPS location
  • View and explore maps in the field

Prepare and analyze in the office:

  • Cloud based web apps
  • Custom forms editor
  • Rich GIS symbology and visualization
  • Data editing and exporting
  • One-click map and data sharing
  • Real time collaboration
  • Map publishing
  • Spatial Queries & Analysis
  • Account administration

Download the app for free and get started immediately!


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