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July 08, 2021
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To ensure your success while using GIS Cloud platform, we are launching GIS Cloud Services!
Having an abundant portfolio of diverse GIS apps that are easily customizable, as well as a rich API allowing you to integrate or develop your own solutions within GIS Cloud, we decided it is time to put our consultants and developers at your constant disposal and show you everything this platform can do!
They will help and guide you along your journey and set your organization up for success with the GIS Cloud technology and solutions. 
Let us assist you and onboard you with confidence, whether you need to learn, develop, build or analyze your data faster with GIS Cloud.  We will help you build customized solutions that will inspire your clients and users to implement online GIS (or on-premises) into their everyday workflows.
Find out how what type of services do we offer and how our team can help you accelerate your workflow and save valuable time and budget costs! 

Training and Certification

This is an opportunity for non-GIS professionals, as well as proven GIS practitioners, to extend their knowledge and become certified specialists in GIS Cloud solutions and technology!


Map & Data Management

Maybe you already understand how maps and spatial data help your organization but you’re simply too busy with other work. Well, we think being busy is good! 

You just make sure to focus on what you do best and let us take care of everything else “spatial” related by helping you set up the right GIS Cloud workflow!


GIS Cloud Services Team will handle all the heavy grinding and optimize your training to ensure a smooth transition and easy launch of your team’s future workflow success!


Custom Reports

Transform your paper reports into digital and enable your users to create feature reports directly in GIS Cloud.


Branded GIS Cloud Applications

Did you know that you can put your name and logo on GIS Cloud applications?
Some of our biggest partners, like Asterra, a company that revolutionized the water industry with satellite leakage water detection, and SmartAqua, a water management and consulting company chose to white label mobile and web GIS Cloud applications.
This helped them grow their personal brand reputation in the market
without investing in hardware, software, or coding!


Customization & Development

Do you wish to build a completely custom solution that 100% fits your requirements? 
Don’t worry, we’ll build and set it up for you with the best technology in the business.

With GIS Cloud API integration you can create analytic animated graphs within your dashboards to understand the data even better.

Unlock the power of geolocation to identify and solve complex operational problems!


Integration & Automation

Whether you need to connect to your existing infrastructure, empower the solutions you’re already using, or simply make things more automatic, we got you covered!


With GIS Cloud Services you will address everyday challenges more effectively, get trustworthy results and discover the real potential of Online GIS!


On-Premise Deployments that Scale

Our vast experience in building and running a scalable cloud platform is at your disposal for deploying GIS Cloud on your infrastructure. We’ll help you architect, design, and integrate our platform into your environment to provide optimal performance.

GIS Cloud technology and solutions help numerous organizations around the world to unfold their true geo-potential and strategically benefit from utilizing our apps and services!

Request for a Quote by filling in the form at the end of our page and enjoy the benefits of GIS Cloud Services!

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