Webinar Recording: GIS in the Railroad Industry

What are the uses of GIS in the Railroad Industry?

The answer to this and many more questions can be found in a recording of last week’s webinar, held by Tomy Brown, the owner of Geomobiliti Inc.

GIS for Railroad Industry

Tomy Brown, who has worked with numerous clients from the Railroad and Real Estate Industry, presented a several topics relevant for discussing the role of GIS in the sector, with a focus on railroad property rights and real estate (right of way, county parcel data, different types of land encroachments, monetization possibilities, reducing risks…).

The recording also includes a live demo showing real data displayed on a map, showcasing how to use GIS Cloud effectively for the purpose of increasing workflow efficiency and getting more accurate railroad data in real time.

After the presentation and a live demo, there was a discussion, answering different questions about:

  • The purpose and verification of the audit
  • Monetization of land encroachments
  • Integrating video and media into existing datasets


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