Map Editor

GIS Cloud’s Map Editor is a powerful cloud based map tool for building and sharing your maps.

GIS Cloud’s Map Editor supports a number of vector and raster formats, rich GIS symbology and it has built-in collaboration capabilities which allow real-time editing and sharing.

Developed on the latest HTML5 technologies, it is the first of its kind application with full vector-based editing and real-time updates to the geo database.

Map Authoring


Map editing

Create and edit maps, layers and features

create points, lines and polygons, edit spatial and non-spatial data

Rich GIS symbology

with customizable rules (expressions), thematic map wizards and powerful label management.

Supports multiple vector and raster formats

.shp, .kml, .gpx, .tif, .sid…

Data Sources & Management


Data Managing

upload and sync data (files, DB, API)

Supporting multiple sources

vectors, rasters, WMS, ESRI ArcMap, Basemaps (Bing, MapBox…), Mobile devices, PostgreSQL, Excel, CSV…

File and database manager

upload, arrange, edit and analyze your data

Datasource management

Sharing & Integrating


Share maps


one-click map, layers and data sharing with other GIS Cloud users

Manage permissions

share with view, edit or export capabilities

Integrate with Map Viewer and MDCP

share your private maps with Map Viewer and edit your projects and data collected from MDCP and MDC in Map Editor

Publishing & Exporting


Map publishing

easily publish your maps through the embed code, WMS and Google Maps

Map exporting and printing

Export maps to high resolution raster images and print them out

Data exporting

export vector layers to spatial vector formats (.shp, .mif, .kml…)

Map export

Analysis & Tools


Map analysis

Data analysis

hotspot, buffer, area & radius coverage analysis

Spatial selection

write spatial selection expressions using spatial selection wizard


join wizard, spatial filter, projection wizard, merge wizard

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