Publisher for ArcMap

A single click solution to get your maps and data from the most popular desktop GIS right into GIS Cloud! The extension is free and compatible with Esri ArcMap 9.x and 10.x

GIS Cloud Publisher for ArcMap extension enables you to publish your maps from ArcMap to GIS Cloud with only one click. It automatically uploads your data, symbology, layer structure and spatial references.
The idea is that what you see in your desktop GIS is instantly replicated on your GIS Cloud account. Once your maps and data are on GIS Cloud, they are easily published to the public or embedded into your website/blog without a need for having your own servers.

One click connect, export & upload…

One click export from ArcMap

Connect to GIS Cloud

with a secure SSL connection

Manage your export from ArcMap

choose exactly which layers you want to export from ArcMap

Manage your upload to GIS Cloud

vector data can be uploaded, regardless of the data source

…to GIS Cloud – supporting symbology & Labels


support almost at 100%


simple line symbols – only solid lines


simple fill symbols – only single color fills

Categories & Labels

unique values categories or graduated color symbology and labels

ArcMap on GIS Cloud

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