Mobile Data Collection

Transform your workflow from paper to digital.

Transform your workflow from paper to digital with a complete solution for field data collection.

Collect and inspect POINTS, LINES and POLYGONS with a single app.

Carry out your entire project from start to finish and report to stakeholders using one solution, without worrying about piles of paperwork.

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Build custom collection forms in minutes
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Collect and inspect points, lines and polygons
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Track the entire project and manage your team
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Report to stakeholders
Mobile data collection for vegetation management (form in mobile) nd a Roadworks map

Real time data collection, visualization and monitoring.

Fast and easy deploy of surveys to field crew

Fast and easy deploy

Most of our users set-up their surveys and train the staff in less than a day.
Simply share your form to deploy projects to teams.
Collect different types of assets with Mobile Data Collection

Collect different types of assets

Choose between point, line or polygon project to collect different geometry in the field.
Enrich data with multimedia.
Work offline and online with Mobile Data Collection

Work online or offline

Download offline maps to access data even without network coverage.
Offline collections are stored on your phone and synced automatically when online.
Use GPDS or manual location pinpoint to collect data with Mobile Data Collection

Automatic (GPS) or manual collection

Capture data location with GPS, or use a pinpoint tool to manually add points and draw lines.
Connect external GPS to achieve high precision.
To collect quality data, us Mobile Data Collection form item options like required fields, radio buttons etc.

Data quality control

Use form item options like dependencies, required fields, radio buttons and others, to capture complete and accurate data. No coding required.
With GIS Cloud apps, pay as you go, scale up and down according to project needs

Cost effective

Scale up and down according to your project size and timeframe.
Easy to learn tools eliminate time and money usually spent on training.

"Mobile Data Collection has changed my entire work process. The ease of use, and the power of real time results, even off the cell or internet networks, is so powerful. The ROI an organization receives from this type of technology more than pays for itself.”

From 2008 to 2020 Darell and his team used Mobile Data Collection to collect data on water quality in Liberia and bring clean water to every household who didn't have access to it.

Darrel Larson
International director for Sawyer products & Founder of Give Clean Water, Inc.

Field and office workflow

Electric power lines data collectio form and map, Custom form builder for data collection

Create custom survey forms

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Create a survey directly in your browser and access it on your phone
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Choose point, line, or polygon project and customize your form fields (text, number, select list, photo, electronic signature…)
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Make your fields required, dependent, persistent or use other form field options to enable fast and accurate data collection
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Include photos, audio, QR codes, barcodes, electronic signature and more

Share and deploy projects to your field crew

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Deploy survey to mobile users by sharing a form
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Share with a team member or a whole group
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You control who can collect or update data
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Manage team roles (project manager, field crew, analyst, stakeholder…) using permissions
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Update form changes on the go (automatic sync across devices and users)
Field data collection workflow and office data management
Collect polygons and lines in the field using Mobile Data Collection ustom forms

Collect data in the field

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Collect, inspect or update data in the field using Android or iOS mobile app
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Fill in your survey, walk or drive while data is collected automatically - drawing points, lines and polygons
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Work in offline mode - data is stored on your device and synced to cloud when online again
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Use "Navigate to feature" option to find assets in the field
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Review and edit data attributes directly from the field
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Use Mapbox, Open Street Map, Bing or custom basemaps

Track projects in real time and manage teams

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Review collected data in real time and monitor projects
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Update form changes on the go (Automatic Sync across devices and users)
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Manage teams and jobs, assign tasks and make decisions
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Generate reports and export data for stakeholders and funds
GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection lets you access and manage all your data and maps on your phone

Extend to other GIS Cloud apps and do more with data

Once you collected the data, analyze the project status, decide on further actions and assign tasks, or share with others and calculate budgets.
Open your project in Map Editor to style and classify data for easy analysis in real time.

Map Editor

Open your project in Map Editor to style and classify data for easy analysis in real time.

Add collaborators to help you with data editing, assign them different permissions to control access.

Overlay with many layers of data for comprehensive analysis and overview.
Stakeholders can access your project privately through Map Viewer

Map Viewer

Stakeholders can access your project privately through Map Viewer.

It is a simple app for project overview, or to track the job progress and make decisions.

Data can be accessed online, or offline once the map is stored on the device.

Stakeholders can access your project privately through Map Viewer

Map Portal

To share data and maps with the public, convert your project into a branded Map Portal in less than 30 minutes.

This allows your community or organization  to see which projects are underway, which are planed or completed, and to assess results.

Mobile Data Collection - User Stories

Our solution for data collection can be applied in any industry and to any workflow.
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