GIS Cloud Online In-Depth Certificate Program – Apply for new round of learning sessions!


Last month we launched the first in a series of GIS Cloud online education programs, and we received more than 1300 applications from across the globe!
We thank you for all the kind words and praises about our online education program! 
In our efforts to respond to such a huge interest and empower with GIS knowledge as many people as possible, we decided to extend the special offer. Our active monthly or annual Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection subscribers have a chance to apply for this online course for free
Our lecturers Antonija and Barbara will create 2 additional groups of 7 users each who will participate in a two-day in-depth online education program starting on 28th and 29th of May.The luckiest and fastest of users will get the opportunity to extend their knowledge and become certified specialists in GIS Cloud solutions and technology!
This is a great opportunity for non-GIS professionals as well as proven GIS practitioners, so do not hesitate to apply.  
Our contribution to this new global situation where people are working remotely, GIS Cloud customers registering for the two courses will benefit from the advanced hands-on online learning sessions completely free.
Our educational programs are a part of GIS Cloud Services with a regular price of 300$ per user. Our programs ensure even better workflow efficiency, minimize fixed costs and enhance work results to all clients and users.


Read this article and learn about:

  • The power of GIS
  • GIS Cloud Advanced Learning Program
  • Materials And Certificates
  • Who Should Apply And Why
  • Courses Timetable
  • Instructor-Led Learning Sessions


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The Power of GIS


Since the beginning of the company, we’ve been helping thousands of users get acquainted with the benefits of the cloud approach. Introducing them to the power of GIS and GIS Cloud products aimed to help them achieve their business goals, resolve crucial workflow issues, and get the immediate measurable results. What we’ve learned is that our products are being used not only by GIS professionals but also by people who are not necessarily skilled in mapping or GIS –  people who understand the value of knowing the “where” and “when” of their data
With that in mind, we’ve built GIS Cloud applications to be user-friendly, for both GIS and non-GIS experts alike, who can quickly grasp all the basic functions, but also master advanced functionalities in a couple of expert-led sessions. Additionally, we have created a substantial User Manual with online tutorials, available for fast learning, that we update and improve on a daily basis according to your feedback.
To ensure your success, our acclaimed premium support team and expert consultants are at your constant disposal, to help and guide you along your journey with GIS Cloud. With all that combined, it usually takes around 30 days for users to get to the advanced level of expertise in GIS Cloud products.

 Sometimes you don’t have the 30 days to learn a new product,
even though you know you need it.

 To help you quickly master GIS Cloud apps and get to the advanced level in no time, our consultants have designed an in-depth education programme that can cut down that one month to only a few days of intensive learning.



GIS Cloud Advanced Learning Program


The program is held online and led by our expert instructors, to follow from the safety of your home. It lasts for 2 days, 4 hours per day.  Learning sessions include the following modules:


Map Editor Course

  • How to prepare and manage your data
  • Build a custom survey form – to collect and inspect data in the field
  • Create, edit and visualize your data
  • How to use the Spatial Selection tool
  • Share your data and collaborate with others online


Mobile Data Collection Course

  • Create your project for data collection or inspection
  • Visualize collected data
  • Report to managers and stakeholders


Map Viewer Course

  • Customize your app interface and branding
  • Access private maps or allow users from your organization a private access
  • How to access maps offline



Materials and Certificates


To help you easily follow our instructions and go through product features, we prepared learning materials in PDF and PPT format.
Upon completion of the two-day learning session, you will be granted access to:

  • Certificate Exam in coordination with your instructors
  • Certification of expertise after passing the exam



Who should apply and why


Companies and individuals that need to:

  • perform data collection and have to start now
  • create maps and analyze data
  • share their maps and data to collaborate with others as soon as possible


Existing GIS Cloud users who:

  • already achieved an advanced level but want to be certified in GIS Cloud products
  • want to get to the advanced level faster
  • don’t use our Editor app but want to get more value out of the data they collected
  • want to know more about the data collection app



Courses Timetable


Courses for the first two groups of up to 5 people will be held on the 28th and 39th of May 2020. The exact start time will be coordinated with the attendees and the educator depending on the overall availability.
The course is held live, completely online and done remotely, from the safety of your home.


Pricing Model

Our regular price for the advanced program is $300 per user. 

As we mentioned in the beginning, this extended offer of our program is available completely FREE for two groups of 7 users each. The only requirement is that each attendee has an active monthly or annual subscription to Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection, purchased before the 28th of May 2020.
Learn how to use GIS Cloud products to lead and organize your business, teams and projects, reducing workload and paperwork – your essential strategy for success!

 Apply now!



Instructor-Led Learning Sessions


Courses are taught by expert GIS Cloud instructors. Learning sessions emphasize best practices, discussion, activities, and hands-on exercises.


Antonija Netolicki

Senior Solutions Consultant 

With more than 14 years of experience in GIS technology and 7 years of working as a GIS Cloud solutions expert, Antonija will provide a detailed insight into the inner workings of GIS Cloud apps and platform.

She will help you discover an array of powerful possibilities and teach you how to maximize efficiency when using GIS Cloud solutions for your custom workflow.

Barbara Telebec

Solutions Consultant

As a GIS practitioner for over eight years and an expert in GIS Cloud technology and platform, Barbara specializes in empowering anyone to easily analyze, share and visualize spatial data for a wide range of uses.

She will help you to master any task using GIS Cloud apps to obtain optimal workflow for any short or long term project.


If you have any questions about the programme, send us an email at: