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June 08, 2023
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GIS custom reporting
Imagine it is that time of year again. Your quarterly reports to the government are due.
Your field biologists have been working hard to collect the necessary field data all season. Rain or shine, they were out there inventorying nesting bird data.
But now it’s time to organize the data for reporting. At the moment, it looks like a bird’s nest.
The data is in your GIS, but how will you get a year’s worth of records into the state’s reports?
Don’t waste more time manually copying the information from your GIS into the report. With GIS Cloud Services’ Custom Reports, you can automate the process. 

What’s the problem? 

Collecting field data becomes easy when you need to organize and present your data.
The data looks excellent in your attribute tables in your GIS system. All the fields are organized and can easily be analyzed.
But you need to take all those months of data collection and bring them into a standardized report. The agency you are reporting wants this information but not that information.
The agency requesting the data needs the data entered into their report per their expectations.
Organizing your reports can be a trial-and-error experience. Other workflows make it challenging to get it correct quickly.
Other GIS systems charge for exporting data into custom reports. If they don’t charge cash, they will charge you in their own software currency.
You need to export all the data in bulk; you can’t afford to mess up and try again for the hundreds of records you need to process.
map editor pdf report
Manually transferring the data is out of the question. The deadline is two days, and you want to maintain accurate data.

GIS Cloud Services Solution

The solution you need is brought to you by GIS Cloud Services. We can work with you to create the custom report you need.
We will charge you a flat fee to develop the tool. The fee depends on the report’s complexity.

Our custom reports can bring in your date, time, location on a map, numbers, text fields, and photos.
Working with one of our talented developers, we will ensure your data populates the correct entry box on the page you need.

Design Workflow 

Starting a conversation with our team is step #1. From there, our team will work with you to develop the right reports.
After establishing the custom report design-build, our skilled developers will modify the reports to incorporate your data into the “Report” tool.
Finally, in your company’s custom GIS Cloud portal, you will have your “Report” tool. Here is an example of a sample report for tree inspections around the city.
custom design
This report consolidates the information for an easy-to-read work order report. The information is clearly presented to all the parties. The report can include the photos the Mobile Data Collection app captured in the field.  
GIS Cloud Portal


Reach out to us before it’s too late. Your deadline for that report is coming up quickly. Our team will do the heavy lifting while you point out where you want your data to go.
Simple as that.
To begin, please get in touch with our team of experts by contacting us, and we will promptly get back to you.
Let’s streamline your reporting process and get you back into the field.

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