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March 28, 2024
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In a time when water utilities are grappling with the dual challenges of climate change and growing demands for water services, the urgency for effective asset management is at an all-time high. Water utility operators, consultants, and managers face a wide range of problems, from old infrastructure to increasing water losses that don’t bring in revenue.
So, why should water utilities make their assets and operations digital? The answer is to improve productivity, service delivery, and cost efficiency while ensuring continuous service and the best use of resources. However, moving towards digital transformation comes with its own set of challenges.
During our webinar, we’ll look into the specific problems water utilities face when trying to digitize and maintain critical infrastructure. From outdated legacy systems to resistance to change and budget limits, we’ll go over the obstacles that slow down the widespread use of digital solutions.
GIS Cloud offers solutions that are focused on business and can be adjusted, designed to make asset management, team coordination, and business intelligence easier for water organizations. By addressing specific issues and providing quick, clear results, GIS Cloud makes moving to digital ways smoother.
Let’s talk about the benefits of this approach during the webinar, including:

Learn how using location intelligence can help your organization tackle challenges, use resources wisely, and set the stage for a sustainable water future.


TUESDAY, April 16th at

5 pm CEST, 11 am EDT, 8 am PDT


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