Why Go GIS Cloud? Alternative for GME or Simply a Better Solution?

March 07, 2015
3 min read

Instead of saying what GIS Cloud can do for you as an alternative or how it can replace ‘certain players’, ones that shall not be named :), let’s focus on what GIS Cloud does as GIS Cloud, and does it better.

  • Better Map Performance
  • Better Pricing Structure
  • Better Collaboration and Functionality
  • Better Integration
  • Better Platform

Yes, we are the fastest
GIS Cloud team has developed the fastest mapping technology available today. Besides being able to produce raster map tiles it is able to produce vector tiles as well which means even faster performance.
Don’t believe us? Create a map with a million features (points, lines or polygons combined) and compare the performance with the same map in other player’s solutions. If they win we’ll provide you with free licenses and an apology!
Our pricing actually makes sense
You can utilize our monthly subscriptions for long and short terms projects. There are no service credits and no hidden costs. You pay for only what you need and use.
Tile generation is unlimited, storage is included in the subscription price with the possibility of upgrades. Did you know we charge $5 for 1000 Geocodes? Which is like 8 times less than certain other players charge.
We are 100% Cloud without Legacy in Desktop
GIS Cloud focuses on tools only cloud solutions can bring to the table like Collaboration, Data Sharing and Management.
This means that we count on the fact that you have projects in… oh well let’s name them after all: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Google Earth…and that’s fine. Desktop solutions have advanced options and tools GIS professionals definitely need. However you also need to share the data to others within or outside of the organization who can even be non-GIS professionals.
Don’t Replace, simply Embrace and Extend
Not replacing your desktop solutions but extending them allows you to extend your reach to the rest of the organization.
GIS Cloud enables you to publish your existing ArcGIS projects with a single click, we support multiple vector and raster formats as well as OGC standards like WMS, WFS etc. and our user interface is tailored to your needs and can be customizied for each organization department separately.
Use GIS Cloud Platform as your own
You would like to develop your own solutions on GIS Cloud Platform? Done!
You would like to integrate your existing solutions on GIS Cloud Platform? Done!
You would like to aggregate and leverage data from enterprise application siloes using GIS Cloud Platform? Done!
To sum it up…
…you want to use your existing solutions and tools but need a high quality, fast(est), cost effective and secure cloud based addition? We have it!
Success is a choice.


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