Reinvent your workflow: GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine

November 03, 2015
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It’s old news that Google Maps Engine will shut down its services on January 29, 2016. Soon after the announcement, a question about the alternatives was set in motion within and beyond the GIS community.

Google Maps Engine was mainly a platform which provided businesses cloud based services for editing and storing their geographic data built on Google base map. Google base map remained a standard for most users who wanted to visualize and process any kind of information associated to a location, but it wasn’t the same with Google Maps Engine as a cloud service. Many users who decided to work in cloud environment choose other services for manipulating the data often built on Google Maps base layer.

By all means, GIS Cloud is considered as one of the possible Google Maps Engine alternatives. Operating on the fastest map engine in the world, GIS Cloud’s platform offers a range of applications suitable for different working environments and users with different levels of experience. Most of the features are easy to master without any special training, which makes GIS Cloud a great option for improving the performance in all segments of an organization.


What are the key benefits of using GIS Cloud?


Google Maps Engine Replacement

GIS Cloud Replacing Google Maps Engine from A – Z

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