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September 22, 2022
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Imagine a world where small and medium-scale businesses can get a taste of the megacorp technological resources for a fraction of the price. Is a low-cost approach even possible in the GIS market?
The answer is Yes!
Consequently, these reasonably-priced GIS products have been recognized as convenient solutions for small businesses across different working environments due to the uncertain global financial situation.
GIS Cloud is proud to be a part of the solution!

GIS Cloud prices are flexible and can be adjusted to anyone’s requirements. Whether you need a single Mobile Data Collection license, or a complete set of apps to cover the whole team, GIS Cloud has a solution. GIS Cloud pricing system is transparent so that you can plan your budget. Companies with a large number of users can benefit from extensive volume discounts. You can try out the pricing calculator to estimate higher volume purchases quickly.
Our flexibility also allows users to purchase the rights of our apps whenever they need them. For example, if you’re doing your fieldwork in spring and autumn, you can buy the app for those periods and unsubscribe when you’re not using them. This applies to all of our apps.
Our vector storage allows you to use up to 200.000 features and 1 GB of free space for other types of data. With other GIS platforms, where data storage is managed by buying credits, you usually need to calculate the number of credits for specific transactions. This results in unnecessary distractions that can complicate budget planning and ultimately prevent the company’s efficiency.
Working with GIS Cloud can save up to 50% of your budget and improve effective work time. However, while GIS platforms such as ESRI or similar, you might have additional costs over time, which could be hard to fathom. Check out our cost-effective solution, save yourself from unreasonable software expenses, and reap the benefits with your team.
In the meantime, register to GIS Cloud and get a 14-day free trial. Of course, if you have any questions or feedback about GIS Cloud, you can contact our consultants at

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