Attend GIS Cloud Workshop at FOSS4G 2017 in Boston

Recently, we announced our participation and sponsorship at FOSS4G 2017, the largest annual geospatial open source event in the world. Among other activities such as conference presentation and exhibiting, we will also take part in the workshop program.

GIS Cloud at OSGEo FOSS4G event in boston


Dino, our CEO, will hold a workshop “Real-time Collaborative Mapping with GIS Cloud,” scheduled for Monday, August 14th at the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis in Cambridge, MA.

This workshop will highlight the importance of team collaboration using a map as a base for any workflow. You will be guided through all the steps, from creating an online mapping project, integrating your current desktop and client/server systems with the cloud, sharing map projects with your internal team, outside stakeholders or with the public using crowdsourcing capabilities. Emphasis will be put on innovative cloud-based collaboration streams that capture your daily activities on a map, from organizing your data to real-time team communication and messages. The goal is to enable complete map-centric workflows from start to finish that can be applied to any organization dealing with spatial data.


The workshop is an excellent opportunity to not only master workflow in cloud apps, but also to see an exclusive preview of GIS Cloud collaboration streams as well as other exciting novelties.


Workshop Takeaways

  • You will learn how to create a map in the cloud by collecting or importing data, how to style and edit your data and make reports, from the field and the office
  • Every participant will set up a data collection project and learn to create custom forms easily
  • You will learn how to collaborate on a map and speed up your workflow by

          – Making comments and discussing live directly on a map

          – Working simultaneously on shared data with your colleagues

          – Sharing and publishing your data

          – Integrating easily between desktop and cloud

  • You will learn how to create your custom Branded App


Also, you will get:

  • Practical insight into value and use of cloud technology for your business or organization
  • An exclusive preview of GIS Cloud Collaboration Streams technology
  • Crowdsourcing Solution Overview
  • To meet GIS Cloud core team
  • You will be able to further develop your mapping projects on your own after the workshop
  • GIS Cloud Premium license(s), T-shirt, and GIS Cloud materials


The number of seats at the workshop is limited, so hurry up and sign up here.