Oil and Gas Case Study: Providing Client Mapping Data Online

March 16, 2015
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With the upcoming webinar, where we will show you some of the GIS Cloud user success stories, we wanted to present you a Consulting success story from the Oil and Gas industry. We did a short interview with CORE Geomatics, asking them to describe what their projects are about and how has GIS Cloud helped them in achieving their goals.


CORE Geomatics is a service company that inventively delivers Geomatics Solutions; leveraging a virtual structure to reduce costs, access the best people, and minimize our environmental impact. In the oil and gas industry of Western Canada, mapping is a vital tool in the planning and implementation of industry projects.


GC: What was the biggest challenge when it came to achieving your projects?

CORE: A request was made by one of our clients to provide access to their mapping data for planning and visualization purposes and as a company that works entirely in a cloud environment we needed a web based GIS solution that did not require the implementation of in‐office servers. We chose GIS Cloud as it allowed us to host our GIS system and the mapping data entirely on the cloud.

2015-03-08 09_44_54-CORE Geomatics Map Portal - Map 'Brion Web Map - Desktop'

An overview of the project area in GIS Cloud.


GC: Can you describe us your project workflow once you deployed GC apps:

CORE: Maps are typically data rich with many layers in different formats so one of the prerequisites was to find an app that will support large data sets in formats like geotiff and shapefile. Our clients can also provide custom datasets to us that we can upload and style for their specific use using Map Editor‘s powerful simbology tool set.

2015-03-08 10_08_12-CORE Geomatics Map Portal - Map 'Brion Web Map - Desktop'

One of the most important features a good map should have, when displaying vast amount of data is fast performance

Next stage of our workflow was to have a way to deliver the data to our clients based on their requests. Given the volume of the data we use on a daily basis, GIS Cloud developed a custom search tool for us to help us perform search queries. With Map Viewer app we managed to deliver our results to our clients, while having the full control of privacy settings and time that users are being able to access the results.

2015-03-08 09_57_59-CORE Geomatics Map Portal - Map 'Brion Web Map - Desktop'

Working together with CORE Geomatics, a custom search application was developed for their maps


GC: Can you sum in one sentence, how had GIS Cloud specifically helped your company?

Core: As a company that works in a “virtual office” environment, GIS Cloud has helped us to successfully provide an online mapping application to our client without the need of servers.

GC: What would be 3 key features in your opinion that you would recommend GIS Cloud for?

  • Cloud based system
  • Customizable environment
  • Support from GIS Cloud staff is exceptional

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