GIS Cloud Solutions for Electric Utilities: Webinar Recording

November 06, 2017
1 min read

Learn how to harness the power of real-time insight into your electricity network infrastructure, distribution lines, and daily maintenance and management.

Electric Utilities


On October 26th, we held a webinar on how to create a more efficient workflow, make better decisions, and save time and money using GIS Cloud solutions for electric utilities. To access the webinar recording, please fill in the form below.

GIS Cloud solution for electric utilities combines various steps that make your daily workflow in Electric Utilities, from asset data collection to data visualization, analysis, sharing, and collaboration with your colleagues on a map. For example, you can use maps to communicate your ideas and prioritize tasks and create forms to collect the real-time status of your infrastructure, energy consumption in an area, regular maintenance and reporting from the field or potential threats to your grid such as vegetation or birds. Moreover, with GIS Cloud you can include citizens’ input to get more information about the needs and problems in energy distribution, transmission or electric bills in the area.

In the “GIS Cloud for Electric Utilities” webinar, you will learn how to set up the most efficient workflow you can have with smart solutions built on cutting-edge technology. The webinar includes a demo of GIS Cloud solutions, an overview of its benefits, as well as a real-life success story from our clients, and a Q&A session.



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