Field Data Collection and Inspection

Collect, inspect and manage field data from any location on any device in real time!

Create a project!

  • create custom forms
  • create custom basemaps
  • unlimited number of projects

Collect Data!

  • offline data capture
  • update tool
  • real time GPS location

Share projects and reports!

  • review collections in real time
  • hotspot, buffer, spatial analysis
  • export in Shapefile, csv, Mapinfo

You need

Workflow description

Start by creating a custom form in Mobile Data Collection Portal with all the necessary items like photo & audio fields, dropdowns & lists with predefined values and more. Share the project with your crew in the field and enable them to collect new data or simply inspect & update already existing data about your assets in the field.

If you have spatial data and want to create custom basemaps simply log in to Map Editor, upload the data and create that map you’ve always wanted.

After you set up a project, download Mobile Data Collection – a simple and easy solution tool for iOS and Android mobile devices which allows you to collect data in real time, work in offline mode, pinpoint the location, review data in the field and more.

All collected/updated data is immediately available in Mobile Data Collection Portal and in Map Editor where you can generate reports, analyse data, create spatial queries or simply export your project in various data formats like PDF, CSV, Shapefile, Mapinfo, DBF and more.