Mobile Data Collection Portal

GIS Cloud’s Mobile Data Collection Portal gives you the possibility of creating custom forms within the app itself, making the data collection process faster and easier than ever before.


GIS Cloud’s Mobile Data Collection Portal enables data collection process faster and easier than ever before. You are simply creating data collection projects and custom forms that are accessible through the Mobile Data Collection app. Share projects with other users, and create reports that contain all of the data and media collected in one place.

Create Custom Forms and Projects

Add as many fields as you want

radio buttons, hidden fields, barcode, latitude, longitude…

Multiple projects

create as many projects as you need

Preview form

see how your custom form will look in the MDC app once you define all of the fields

Collect Data

Access projects and custom forms via the MDC app

projects you create are automatically accessed in Mobile Data Collection

Collect media enriched location information

take photos, record audio, scan barcodes…

Review data directly in the app

review the data from any device, from any place in real time

Edit and Display Collected Data

Edit custom forms

review your forms at any time, add additional fields and collect

Display data in real time

all the data collected and reviews made are displayed on the map in real time

Export vector layers to spatial vector formats

.shp, .mif, .kml, …

Share Projects and Create Reports

Share projects with other users

manage the permissions by giving users collect and update privileges

Create reports from all data and media collected

create an overview of your data collecting efforts with a single click

Save reports to your desktop

hit ctrl + s and save your collected data repository with all of the media collected