Mobile Data Collection

GIS Cloud’s Mobile Data Collection is a simple and easy solution for real-time field location, multimedia and attribute data collection.

limited to 1 device and public map
user / month

GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection enables you to have media enriched location information from any place, any time and on any device. With only a few taps of your finger you are populating data into a map layer in real time. Analyze, share and publish your newly collected data or review and update your previous data.
Make your workflow and decision making effective by creating accurate and timely information in a fast and user friendly way.

Collect Location

Real-time GPS location

collect data from the field in real time

Collect accurate data

precision depending on the mobile/tablet device

Offline data capture

collect data in areas with low or no internet connectivity

View and explore maps and projects in the field

access your maps and projects instantly from the field

Collect Multimedia

Media (image & audio) enriched location information

collect multiple photos and audio files associated to your data from the field

Review data attributes directly in the app

make edits of your collected data instantly from the field

Listen to audio and view images in the field

make edits of your collected data instantly from the field

Custom Forms

Choose your fields

Dropdowns & Lists, location info, media, device and user info

Input boxes

define your fields as persistent or required


write comments directly from the field

Info tool

populate attribute information and access it within the app