QGIS Plugin: GIS Cloud Publisher – Why we made it and what can You do with it? (Webinar)

A few weeks ago we released the GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS, a plugin that allows you to publish your QGIS maps online, preserving your symbology. You can continue working on your maps in GIS Cloud, share maps and data with colleagues, and easily update online maps with changes made to your QGIS project – keeping everyone in sync.
Join us next week on Thursday, March 19, in a live webinar (Register below) where we will talk about the plugin development process, how we planned the plugin and what features we developed listening to your input. We’d like to get your feedback and found out what else we can improve in the future, to match your needs.
We will also give you a live demo of the Publisher for QGIS plugin and show you a couple of possible workflows.
For instance, how to upload entire maps or only a couple of layers from an extensive QGIS project. We included this feature into the plugin to speed up your daily operations, so now you can publish and share only specific layers when you need to make some quick decisions.
Imagine you published a map from QGIS to GIS Cloud, but now you need to add an extra layer into your QGIS project. No problem, go ahead, add a layer and update the entire map, or only specific layers and continue working online.
You will also learn how you can share your maps privately, inside your organization, or publicly through a branded interface representing your organization. Once you published your data online, you can add additional layers, or even link a data collection project directly into your map.


Webinar time and date:


5 pm CEST (4 pm UTC), 12 pm EDT, 9 am PDT




QGIS Plugin Key Features:


  • Transfer your QGIS data (vectors, rasters, wms, wfs) and symbology
  • Points, lines, polygons, categories, and labels are supported completely
  • Upload the entire map, or just a few layers for a fast workflow
  • Update changes made to your map or specific layers
  • Upload the same map as a new version to GIS Cloud
  • Upload as a private or public map
  • Give a name to your map
  • Share public maps instantly with an URL link
  • Share private maps with colleagues inside GIS Cloud
  • You can also publish your QGIS analysis by first saving them as rasters
  • QGIS is connected to GIS Cloud over a secure SSL connection
  • The plugin is compatible with QGIS 3 and QGIS 2.


In the meantime, create your GIS Cloud account, find the GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS among QGIS plugins, and test it out, it’s free!