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Junior Cat Consultant

Milan is the youngest member of the team, a tiger-like cat called Mackerel Tabby. Being very outgoing and skilled in climbing and jumping, he can often offer a new viewpoint to other teammates, always with a playful attitude.
Milan likes to write interesting emails when no one is watching and browse the internet for new ideas to improve our daily routine in the office. Cuddly in nature, he is also making sure that all the plants in the office are cuddled and taken care of. That is why he makes his priority to jump into flowerpots and nibble on leaves each day.
He also loves to jump on tables and see what others are working on, and sometimes make his own suggestions on how to do it better. In the office, he is known as someone who knows how to live his life fully, as he always finds time to relax on the balcony and look at the birds, but more than anything, he loves to take long naps.

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