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Ivan Mandić

Backend Developer

As a backend developer, Ivan is using his engineering skills to further develop and maintain the GIS Cloud platform. This includes implementing new features across multiple apps, finding and fixing bugs, and assisting other departments when in need of developer support.
He previously worked in CARNET where he was maintaining the national e-Class Register application for teachers, students, and parents. After that, he moved to a small digital agency where he spent a short amount of time building custom web applications for clients and maintaining internal VPS’s and other collaboration tools.
Ivan graduated from Zagreb University of Applied Sciences and obtained a Master’s degree in Information technologies. While still at the university, he attended a lecture held by GIS Cloud where he learned about GIS. This inspired him to write his Bachelor’s thesis about Spatial databases where he got the opportunity to work with maps and spatial data. 
Ivan loves developing and maintaining large-scale systems, optimizing and making code more efficient and organized. Also, he is a big fan of automating tasks and processes. Besides the backend, he is very interested in mobile development, especially hybrid mobile development.
Even though he seemed quiet at first, his humorous remarks and witty comebacks quickly gained appreciation amongst his GIS Cloud colleagues. In his spare time he enjoys cycling and playing football two times a week, participating in pub quizzes, and playing board or online games with friends.

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