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Dino Ravnić

Co-Founder and CEO

Dino is the CEO of GIS Cloud. Together with Marko Šantić, he was a pioneer in building what we know today as a modern cloud GIS, which had its roots in late 2007 when the two founded the company. It was his vision of GIS Cloud as “software as a service” that was disruptive for the market at the time, opening many opportunities in GIS for individuals and organizations across the world. He is a co-architect of the initial GIS Cloud map engine based on vector tiles, years before the industry discovered the potential of that approach. Dino also created and implemented HTLM5 map engine, its design, innovation and unparalleled speed to this day. It is one of the main GIS Cloud’s differentiators.

Dino started with software development and business activities while he was still in high school when he created and commercialized his first app. Throughout the years, Dino grew his expertise in various aspects of business development. His vision and determination, paired with a friendly approach to the team resulted in creating an unmatched environment for growth that positioned GIS Cloud as one of the leaders in the industry. Although mostly focused on leading the business, he can’t resist giving an occasional contribution to software development, his first passion.

Dino is the face of GIS Cloud at various events, presentations, and conferences. He is also an active member of the startup community where he mentors and helps start-ups to develop their businesses. He is occasionally seen hanging out with the GIS Cloud team outside of working hours, initiating gatherings and setting the bar high when it comes to playing pool.

Dino’s optimism and energy drive the company forward uniting teams, providing harmonious diversity and an atmosphere of collaboration and excellence. When he wants to clear his mind and relax, he enjoys hiking and roaming through the woods with Henri, the dog.

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