Data Hosting

Share private maps and data directly with your clients anywhere anytime!

Set up your organization!

  • branded app with domain and logo
  • license and cost management
  • full accounts administration

Bring in your data!

  • vector and raster support
  • attach media files
  • publish from Arcmap

Share the project!

  • private access
  • various permission levels
  • access anywhere anytime

You need

Workflow description

Set up your organization in the manager app where you can add new clients, administer licenses, manage invoicing and even create custom apps. Upload your custom logo and domain and enable your clients to log in to your branded app and view your maps and data in private environment. After you setup your organization start preparing projects by uploading data. You can easily start by publishing your Arcmap projects to cloud with the ArcMap Publisher Extension which allows you to upload data, symbology, layer structure and spatial references with a single click. Of course, you can manually upload your vector and raster data directly to your GIS Cloud account in various formats like Mapinfo, kml, csv, geotiff and many more. Make changes in your existing data, create new, author and share your data and maps in Map Editor. Our proprietary fastest map engine along with thematic map wizards and powerful label management enable you to create visually attractive, fast and responsive maps. Once you finish with the preparation, you’re to share projects and data with your clients, other departments or colleagues and allow them to edit or simply access your data anywhere and anytime. For that purpose you can utilize Map Viewer, app optimized for non-professionals, that gives your users an easy and intuitive access to projects you’ve privately shared with them. You can define various export and sharing permissions for each client separately, allow access to specific users, keep track of their activity and more.