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Collect data in the field  ▸  See it instantly on a map   Edit data and coordinate teams
Share maps and data   Control data access    Collaborate!

GIS Cloud City Map for collaborative mapping.

Fast and simple online GIS for your field and office workflow

Work ONLINE, OFFLINE or install the platform ON-PREMISES

GIS Cloud is a Collaborative Mapping Solution for :

Field Data Collection

Data and Team Management

Map Editing and Sharing

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GIS Cloud platform for data collection, mapping and data sharing

With Mobile Data Collection app collect points, lines and polygons directly in the field

GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS


Publish your QGIS maps online in a matter of minutes and share them with anyone!

Preserve your symbology, update project as you go and control access to maps and layers.

Use WFS and WMS to collect data directly into QGIS using our Mobile Data Collection app!

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QGIS Plugin for map publishing
MapViewer is a GIS Cloud Application that decision makers can use to collaborate with colleagues and view maps and data even offline maps to make important decisions.

Organizations around the globe are happy to work with us

Many organizations work with GIS Cloud and collaborate using maps.

"Every day, we learn more and are increasingly happy with the results!
GIS Cloud has provided a business opportunity that we hadn’t realized before. Our minds are blown away with the potential!"

Opus International Consultants LTD

"Mobile Data Collection has changed my entire work process. The ease of use, and the power of real time results, even off the cell or internet networks, is so powerful. The ROI an organization receives from this type of technology more than pays for itself.”

International Director for Sawyer

I am a user of ArcGIS and I have achieved more in 5 minutes with GIS Cloud than I did in about 1.5 years before.

User from Bournemouth, UK

You guys are amazing!
Being able to spin up a GIS portal so quickly is fantastic!

                       TOM SOMMERS
Old Bridge Township

"GIS Cloud has done all the heavy lifting of coding and made a very user friendly solution for me, and it is affordable. I believe there are huge opportunities for other nonprofits to embrace this technology as part of their workflow.
The ease of use, and the power of real time results, even off the cell or internet networks, is so powerful!"

International Director for Sawyer

Many of our map layers have over 500,000 vectors/features, the largest being over 11,000,000. The ability to upload, store and display very large datasets was key to our selection of GIS Cloud as a hosting company.

Technologies Management Inc.

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