Where can I sign up?

You can sign up here: Sign up.

What is the free account for?

Free account is for personal, academic use and non-commercial/non-profit purposes only. With free accounts we want to encourage our users to learn about GIS in the Cloud, help their community with the projects they might have etc. For educational purposes we offer a 50% discount on our apps. In that case, please contact sales@giscloud.com for more info.

Why should I sign up for a Premium license?

With premium license you can have private maps, bigger storage limit for vectors, rasters and media files and also premium support. You can share your maps with other Premium users. Here you can find comparison table for the Map Editor: Comparison table.

Can I sign up to all of the applications with just one account?

Yes, with just one account you can sign up to all of the GIS Cloud applications.

How to change password?

Open Manager app and under the Users tab double click on your username. Under the Login information change your password.

Where can I recover my forgotten password?

You can recover your forgotten password here: Recover password.