Mobile Data Collection

A simple and easy solution for real-time field location, multimedia and attribute data collection.

limited to 1 device and public map
device / month

Collecting field data or completing field surveys has never been easier. With GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection, all you need is a few taps of the finger and you have media enriched location information available from anywhere. You are simply populating data into a map layer created in GIS Cloud in real time and data can immediately be analyzed, shared and published. It makes accurate, timely information available to the enterprise faster and easier than ever before, increasing productivity and reducing response times.

Collect points and assign images and audio to them as attributes – it is as simple as that. Cloud based solution for data management enables an up-to-date database available to off-site workers, in the office or to the management at the same time making day to day tasks more fluid and organized.

Collect Location

  • Real-time GPS location
  • Precision¬†depending on the mobile/tablet device
  • Offline data capture
  • View and explore maps in the field

Collect Multimedia

  • Media (image & audio) enriched location information
  • Review data attributes directly in the app
  • Listen to audio and view images in the field

Custom Forms

  • Dropdowns & Lists
  • Input boxes
  • Comments
  • Populating attribute¬†information


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