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GIS Cloud is a next generation platform for apps that manage location information.

Cloud Solutions

Data Publishing for Web and Mobile

Publish interactive maps and allow your viewers to search, visualize and explore media enriched data in 3 simple steps.

Field Data Collection and Inspection

Collect, inspect and manage field data from any location on any device in real time!

Data Hosting

Share private maps and data directly with your clients anywhere anytime!

Fleet and Workforce Management

Improve fleet and business efficiency with more than just a fleet tracking system!

We have chosen the GIS Cloud platform for its unparalleled speed and performance. The variety of tools, mobile and online data publishing possibilities makes it a standout among GIS solutions and again with an unparalleled pricing and customer support.
Peter Hagesø - Road Engineer and Budget Officer, Odsherred Kommune, Denmark

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May 11, 2015

Supporting raster data in .ECW, .IMG, .SID, .JP2 formats

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May 7, 2015

Rasters With No Black Edge?

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