Map Editor

Create, upload, author, publish & share your spatial data in the Cloud.

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Map Viewer

An easy way to view and access maps and data. Optimized for non-professionals.

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Mobile Data Collection

A simple and easy solution for real-time field location, multimedia and attribute data collection.

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Mobile Data Collection Portal

Create forms and manage field data from any location on any device in real time!


Map Portal

Publish interactive maps and allow your viewers to search, visualize and explore media enriched data with just one click.

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Fleet Management

Improve fleet and business efficiency with more than just a fleet tracking system

Free beta preview

Publisher for ArcMap

A single click solution to get your maps and data from the most popular desktop GIS right into GIS Cloud! The extension is free and compatible with Esri ArcMap 9.x and 10.x


Asset Data Collection and Management

Enables organizations to effortlessly collect, track and manage their assets in real time with custom forms and workflows tailored to the asset type and variety of roles.

Roadwork Management and Coordination

Enable organizations to track their current and planned roadworks projects, and coordinate across agencies to minimize re-work and the resulting traffic disruptions.

Your App

Use our enterprise geo platform to build and deploy your own GIS solutions in the Cloud. If you’re a vendor wanting to augment your apps and know-how with the Cloud contact us for an early preview of our platform for third-party developers.