Map Editor

GIS Cloud’s Map Editor is a powerful cloud based map editor that enables you to easily build and share your maps. It supports number of vector and raster formats, rich GIS symbology and it has built-in collaboration capabilities.

Map Portal

Map Portal is a simple and easy application that gives you an overview of your mapping effort, and is a friendly way of displaying data to the public. It is an affordable solution as it reduces time, effort, paperwork and support costs.
Publish interactive maps and allow your viewers to search, visualize and explore media enriched data with just one click.

Map Viewer

GIS Cloud Map Viewer provides a simple and easy access maps. The application is optimized for non-professionals who just need to access the information.

Mobile Data Collection Portal

GIS Cloud’s Mobile Data Collection Portal gives you the possibility of creating custom forms within the app itself, making the data collection process faster and easier than ever before.

Mobile Data Collection

Collecting field data or completing field surveys has never been easier. With GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection, all you need is a few taps of the finger and you have media enriched location information available from anywhere.

Publisher for ArcMap

A single click solution to get your maps and data from the most popular desktop GIS right into GIS Cloud! The extension is free and compatible with Esri ArcMap 9.x and 10.x versions.


GIS Cloud Geocoder is a fast and simple, but effective tool that enables you to easily translate an address into coordinates and represent data on the map. GIS Cloud Geocoder is in beta faze and available only for Beta customers.


Maplim is the easiest way to collaborate on a map. Goal is to simplify collaboration and enable organization data on the map using any device. Organize your team and data with cards, redline and comment, attach and share your documents with Maplim.